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The future of cardiac health is prevention.

When 46-year-old Andrew Peterson started feeling run-down, he opted for a new heart test called an EBCT (electron beam computerized tomography). This high-tech X-ray is available in only two Florida cities--Sarasota and Orlando. The test showed that Peterson had the arteries of an 80-year-old. But other tests seemed normal, so he ignored a recommendation for a cardiac catheterization. That was a near-fatal mistake. While climbing a hill, Peterson almost had a heart attack.

In the cath lab, Dr. Gene Myers checked the artery the EBCT had indicated--it was 99 percent blocked. He inserted a stent to reopen the artery immediately.

Acting as a medical Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Myers pieced together clues to find the cause of Peterson's blockage and a long-term solution. He enrolled Peterson in his Prevention Heart Labs, Inc., located in Sarasota and the only center of its kind in the nation. Dr. Myers ran specialized blood tests to check cholesterol, antioxidants, homocysteine, vitamins, minerals and more. These tests helped him unravel the mystery.

"Andrew had several problems," Dr. Myers says. "His cholesterol was terrible--sky-high at 326. His homocysteine was three times above normal, and his antioxidants and triglycerides were bad." But strangely, Peterson's B6, B12, folate and genetic homocysteine enzymes were fine--information Myers obtained through the unique tests he ordered. For Peterson, the "typical" treatment wouldn't work.

Similar to a recent study published 12/20/99 in the New York Times, "Using Gene Therapy to Decide a Patient's Treatment," Dr. Myers devised a Prevention Heart Labs program customized to Peterson's individual genetic and environmental factors. Now they're seeing tremendous results just one year later.

"The story's in the numbers," says a smiling Dr. Myers. "Andrew has lost 50 pounds. His blood pressure has dropped dramatically. We've cut his bad cholesterol in half, increased the good cholesterol and his triglycerides are down." Dr. Myers expects the progress to continue.

For Peterson, Dr. Gene Myers and Prevention Heart Labs, Inc. provided the answers and the program to turn his numbers, his heart and his life around.
 Before After
Weight 230 180
Pressure 160/110 110/60
Total 326 206
 "Bad" LDL 247 164
 "Good" HDL 32 41
Triglycerides 190 53
Andrew Peterson's numbers after eight months of treatment.
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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