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CARDIFF 36 NEWPORT 28 Cardiff: J Loxton, E Wyn Benham, L Ford, W Rees-Hole (S Powell 79), O Smyth, J Thomas, C Williams (T Slater 71), L Smout (C Lewis 50), J Tomlinson (M Breeze 38), C Spring (J Jones 50), J Murphy, J Goode (J Viggers 40), N White, J Edwards (c) (S Driscoll 78), B Thomas.

Scorers: Tries: W Rees-Hole (2), M Breeze, L Ford, T Slater; Cons: C Williams (2), Ford Newport: E Howley (B Nightingale 52), W Cunliffe, H Palmer, A King (J Mogg 80+2), E Frewen, A Robson, O Davies (A Bidgood 80+5), J Lavender (J Greenfield 59), H Palmer (E Whitson 73), A Jeffries (T Piper 59), D Partridge, R L Jones, B Lampitt (B Morgan 58), C Attwell (J Davies 64), S Cross.

Scorers: Tries: S Cross (2) A Robson (2); Cons: Arwel Robson (2).

Referee: Craig Evans (WRU). Principality man of the match: William Rees-Hole (Cardiff).

ABERAVON 44 LLANELLI 22 Aberavon: J Gage (J Phillips 10); J Baker, Joe Thomas, D Evans (M Jenkins 73), S Andrews; J Garland, D Davies (D Pritchard 61); R Jenkins (R Forse 74), G Harvey (I Davies 58), J Thomas (A Clatworthy 58), B Jones, B Davies (S Williams 70), L Purnell (R Dudley-Jones 40), C Davies (capt), J Tomalin-Reeves. Scorers: Tries: J Phillips, J Thomas, G Harvey, S Andrews, S Williams, J Garland; Cons: Garland (3), J Phillips. Llanelli: D Jones; S Pearce (G Walters 68), P Davies (M Pearce 53), B McBryde, J Williams; J Lewis, J Guy (J James 59); R Thomas (B Leung 47), T Myhill (G George 53), G Havard (R Fawcett 65), A Powell (capt) (C Long 23), M Paulino, T Phillips (E Rees 73), T Lloyd, O Morgan. Scorers: Tries; J Williams (2), M Paulino; Cons: J Lewis, J Williams. Referee: Tim Spurrier (Barry). Principality man of the match: Chris Davies (Aberavon).

PONTYPRIDD 18 EBBW VALE 26 Pontypridd: G Williams (Lewis I Williams 65); A Webber, H Millard (Lewis K Williams 60), D Lockyer (capt), C Clayton; C Sweeney, L Williams (J Raikes 38); C Phillips (C Domachowski 73), H Dowden (A Court 80), K Jenkins (A James 56), O Sheppeard (H Barnes 40), J Sieniawski (S O'Rourke 78), W O'Connor, R Shellard D Godfrey. Scorers: Tries: A Webber, C Sweeney; Pen: Sweeney; Cons: C Sweeney (2) Ebbw Vale: C Levesley; D Williams, D Franchi (N Preece 22), A Jones, R Gardner; D Langdon (I Smerdon 80), C Thomas (T Edwards 48); R Jones, M Williams (capt), G Robinson, R Clarke, A Sweet, L Crocker, R Kynes (C Regan 60), H Keddie (E Doyle 60).

Scorers: Tries: L Crocker, penalty try, D Williams; Pens: D Langdon, I Smerdon; Con: Langdon. Referee: Ian Davies (WRU). Principality man of the match: Rhys Clarke (Ebbw Vale).

CARM QUINS 8 CROSS KEYS 20 Carmarthen Quins: C Banfield (D Ford 45); K Jones (K Hardy 75), D Morgans, M Griffiths (R Williams 61), I Evans; C Evans (capt), K Hardy (C Lloyd 68); N Williams (G Robinson 51), R Elias (R Clancy 53, I Phillips 72), S Thomas (C Rumbelow 79), B Thompson (O Hitchings 25), J Helps, H Pugh, L Taylor, S Evans.

Scorers: Carmarthen Quins: Try: K Hardy; Con: C Evans.

Cross Keys: E Davies; P Uhi, L Andrews (capt), P Williams (N Williams 64), N Trowbridge; J Prosser, J Leadbeater (O Leonard 79); R Cornock, D Hughes (E Shipp 75), A Lott (L Garrett 56), S Andrews, T Lampard (S Williams 56), J Skinner (I Jones 64), A Powell, S Matthews.

Scorers: Tries: P Uhi, J Leadbeater; Cons: E Davies (2); Pens: Davies (2) Referee: Gwyn Morris (Cardiff) Principality man of the match: Ethan Davies (Cross Keys).

BRIDGEND RAVENS 16 BEDWAS 14 Bridgend: M Bennett, D Evans (A Fenton 78), M Jones (J Gatt 67), R Evans, R Griffiths, J Scrivens, G Watkin (W Baird 62); N Boyce (L Francis 62), D Rogers (I Merriman 50), C Lewis, A Evans, G Bilton, A O'Driscoll, Z O'Driscoll, S Hicks (D Parry 24). Scorers: Tries: J Scrivens, A Evans; Conversions: J Scrivens (2).

Bedwas: K Clabby, R Budina, C Edwards, A Williams, M John, R Powell, T Rowlands (L Crane 57); B Toms (R Wilkes 30, B Toms 35, J Williams 53), A Rees (J Haines 57), M Pettit (R Wilkes 40), G Williams (R Blake 51), C Tucker, J Sawyer, G Lee (S Feehan 39), A Waite. Scorers: Tries: K Clabby, R Blake; Conversion: R Powell.

Referee: Sean Brickell (WRU) Principality man of the match: Ashton Evans (Bridgend Ravens)


Cardiff's James Loxton on the run during his side's win over Newport <B
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 2, 2015
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