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This issue begins with the Dorothy Prescott Prize winner from our 2018 conference in Wellington, Anton Thomas, who describes the genesis and creation of his hand-drawn pictorial map of North America, a detail from which is shown on our cover. The map is going to press as I write this, and will be available shortly for purchase from Anton's website.

We then have three papers on early modern cartography. In the first, John Hewitt uses three early Portuguese maps to answer a question posed by Helen Wallis in 1984: Why was there no sign of a landmass similar to Java la Grande on surviving Portuguese maps of the period 1540-70, when the Dieppe school was active?

Robert King then return to Franciscus Monachus, arguing that the Paris Gilt globe may be the lost globe made for John Carondelet, and described and explained by Monachus in his De Orbis Situ. As the latter work has never before been translated into English, King also presents us with a parallel translation from the Latin of the entire tract.

After such heavy historical prose, we turn to a light-hearted look at recent map news: a poem by Bruce Ryan, written in response to Geoscience Australia's announcement in October to cease the printing of topographic maps.

This year's Society conference, 'Mapping in Action' held at the National Library of Australia in September was shorter and more informal than usual, partly because it was sandwiched between our international 2018 conference in Wellington, and the extensive Cook festivities planned for 2020. Focusing on mapping work by students from any discipline, and offering a $1000 prize for best student presentation, the conference was a resounding success. Sarah Ryan gives us a brief summary, and I reprint the programme for the record.

We end with the seven book reviews covering cartographic topics from Canada to Cathay.

Brendan Whyte, Canberra, November 2019

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Author:Whyte, Brendan
Publication:The Globe
Date:Nov 1, 2019
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