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PRAM RAGE; Bad tempered shoppers make mothers suffer.

FIRST came road rage then air rage on planes - but now pram rage has hit the streets.

Mothers say they are victimised by other shoppers angry that push-chairs are blocking their way.

One pram-pusher said cigarette ash was flicked on her baby because she was deemed to be going slowly.

Another mother was grabbed from behind by a man who shook her.

The findings came in a survey which found two-thirds of parents with push- chairs reckoned people were intolerant of them.

Other mothers said they had been verbally abused while trying to get into shop doorways or on to buses.

Zebra crossings were cited as major hazards because of unsympathetic motorists unwilling to stop for mothers with prams.

And one mother said she was forced to drink tea outside a cafe which refused to allow her push-chair inside.

Shopping chain Mothercare, who commissioned the survey of 700 parents, said they were "disappointed" by the findings.

More than a third of parents thought other shoppers were the least likely to help someone with a pram. Public transport operators fared little better - a quarter thought they were most intolerant. But cab drivers emerged as the most willing to lend a hand.

Mothercare asked ex-tennis ace and mother Annabel Croft to help publicise the problem. Holding five- month-old daughter Lily and speaking in London yesterday, she admitted having "absolute nightmares" while out shopping with her trio of toddlers.

Annabel said: "It's particularly difficult trying to negotiate narrow shop doorways or trying to get into lifts. It's also terrible when people park too close as you're trying to get a push-chair in or out of your car.

"Today's young parents aren't looking for special treatment, just a little more patience."

Experts reckon pram rage stems from a stressful society. Dr Geoff Scobie, senior lecturer in psychology at Glasgow University, said: "That results in individuals being more intolerant about the most simple of things."
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Author:Hannah, Roger
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 6, 1998
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