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PR Newswire Summary of High Tech Copy, Wednesday, March 12, 2003.

-- Following is a summary of high technology news releases transmitted today by PR Newswire. The full text of these releases is available at the PR Newswire for Journalists,
 SFW061 03/12/2003 01:00 r f bc-Samsung-intrduces-PMG
 Samsung Introduces the World's First PMG (Personal Mobile
 Gateway) Phone at CeBIT
 LNW001 03/12/2003 03:00 r f bc-Baan-launch-CeBIT-03
 (HANNOVER) Baan to Launch Major New iBaan Diagnostic
 Analyzer Solution at CeBIT 2003
 SFW017 03/12/2003 03:00 r f bc-Veraz-softswitch
 (HAMBURG) Veraz Delivers Unprecedented Flexibility to Global
 Carriers with New Softswitch Release
 NEW005 03/12/2003 04:00 r f bc-MA-NetScout-alliance
 (WESTFORD) NetScout Systems Expands European Sales Alliances
 LAW009 03/12/2003 05:00 r f bc-New-ARM-RealView-Tool
 (CAMBRIDGE) New ARM RealView Compilation Tools First to
 Support ARM C/C++ EABI Standard
 LAW010 03/12/2003 05:00 r f bc-ARM-EEMBC-Scores
 (CAMBRIDGE) ARM Announces Certified EEMBC Benchmarking Scores For
 ARM10(TM) Family Core on All Five EEMBC Suites
 LAW011 03/12/2003 05:00 r f bc-CA-Kelly-Blue-Diesel
 (IRVINE) Gasoline Prices Reach All Time High: Kelley Blue Book
 Reports Most Fuel Efficient Gas/Diesel Vehicles
 PHW003 03/12/2003 05:00 r f bc-PA-Agere-Systm-Ubicom
 (ALLENTOWN) Agere Systems and Ubicom, Inc. Announce Collaboration Aimed
 at Delivering Cost-Effective Wireless Networking Solutions
 SFW026 03/12/2003 05:00 r f bc-CA-LSI-Logic-Dazzle
 (MILPITAS) LSI Logic DoMiNo(TM) DMN-8100 Codec Selected For
 The Dazzle(TM) Hollywood USB 2.0
 SFW050 03/12/2003 05:05 r f bc-CA-Fujitsu-Previews
 (SUNNYVALE) Fujitsu Previews Further Advances to PRIMEPOWER Server
 LNW009 03/12/2003 05:17 r f bc-NV-Stratus-System
 (LAS VEGAS) Stratus ftServer 3300 System Sets New
 Price/Performance Bar For Industry-Standard Fault Tolerance
 LNW010 03/12/2003 05:22 r f bc-Visa-Grows-Chip
 (SINGAPORE) Visa Grows Leadership Position in Chip Migration
 LNW011 03/12/2003 05:58 r f bc-NV-Stratus-System
 (TAIPEI) MAXON Launches Its Leading GPRS Java Handset with
 Adoption of iaSolution's Java Technology
 NEW008 03/12/2003 06:00 r f bc-iAnywhere-ProspectSft
 (HANNOVER) iAnywhere Solutions and ProspectSoft Demonstrate the Power of
 Intel(R) Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology With Wireless CRM Application
 SFW018 03/12/2003 06:00 r f bc-CA-BEA-WACKER-Sites
 (SAN JOSE) WACKER Consolidates 60 Web Sites Globally on BEA WebLogic
 CGW014 03/12/2003 06:01 r f bc-WI-Firstlogic-DRS
 (LA CROSSE) Firstlogic Directory Retrieval Software (DRS) and Video Coding
 System (VCS) Selected by Lockheed Martin for U.S. Postal Service Project
 CGW027 03/12/2003 06:01 r f bc-KS-Sprint-Hitachi
 (OVERLAND PARK) Hitachi Data Systems Selects Sprint for
 Global Communications Services
 LAW039 03/12/2003 06:01 r f bc-CA-FNIS-Paragon-MLS
 (SANTA BARBARA) FNIS Announces Paragon(TM) 2.2 MLS Product and
 Results From National MLS User Group Meeting
 NEW007 03/12/2003 06:01 r f bc-NY-iAnywhere-Joins
 (NEW YORK) iAnywhere Solutions and Intel Drive Market for Always
 Available Mobile Enterprise Applications
 SFW065 03/12/2003 06:01 r f bc-CA-SEZ-in-Taiwan
 (SHANGHAI) SEZ Moves Forward with Single-Wafer Focused Strategy and
 Secures Multiple Tool Order From Leading Taiwanese Foundry
 SFW003 03/12/2003 06:02 r f bc-CA-SAP-mySAP
 (HANOVER) SAP Launches New Industry-Specific Solution:
 mySAP(TM) Professional Services
 LNW012 03/12/2003 06:05 r f bc-HK-Computer-Assoc
 (HONG KONG) CA Urges Hong Kong Enterprises to Get Control Over Storage
 LNW007 03/12/2003 06:15 r f bc-Top-Image-Systems-4Q
 (TEL AVIV) Top Image Systems Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2002
 TO064 03/12/2003 06:30 r f bc-Certicom-Q3-FY03-rslt
 (MISSISSAUGA) Certicom Announces Q3 FY03 Results
 LNW015 03/12/2003 06:51 r f bc-CDC-HRP-Unilever
 (HONG KONG) CDC Software HRP Product Selected by Unilever in China
 LAW029 03/12/2003 07:00 r f bc-CO-Qwest-Crate-Barrel
 (DENVER) Crate and Barrel Chooses Qwest for Advanced Communications
 NYW022 03/12/2003 07:00 r f bc-UT-CirTran-Expands
 (SALT LAKE CITY) CirTran Further Expands Domestic Sales
 Capacity to Over 40 Representatives
 NYW040 03/12/2003 07:00 r i bc-IL-Motorola-MTV-alli
 (HANNOVER) MTV and Motorola Rock The Mobile World With
 Three-Year $75 Million Alliance
 SFW034 03/12/2003 07:00 r f bc-WA-MSFT-Smart-Display
 (HANOVER) Microsoft Announces European Smart Display Retail Availability
 SFW035 03/12/2003 07:00 r f bc-WA-MSFT-PC-OEM
 (HANOVER) Microsoft Announces That Industry-Leading PC OEM Packard
 Bell Will Develop Windows Powered Smart Displays
 SFW068 03/12/2003 07:00 r f bc-CA-Loudeye-Elects
 (SEATTLE) Loudeye Appoints Jeff Cavins President and Chief Executive
 CHW001 03/12/2003 07:01 r f bc-NC-Bandwidth-Web
 (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK) An E-Commerce Milestone: Businesses Can Now
 Purchase High-Speed Internet Connections 'On-Line and in Real-Time'
 SFW043 03/12/2003 07:01 r f bc-Germany-Novell,-Inc.
 (HANNOVER) Novell Ships GroupWise 6.5 - the Most Trusted,
 Secure Messaging Platform Available
 LAW055 03/12/2003 07:02 r f bc-CO-EXBT-Tech-Award
 (BOULDER) Exabyte Magnum20 Named Finalist for Best New
 Technology Award at FOSE 2003
 SFW014 03/12/2003 07:02 r f bc-CA-SLIMP3-MacWorld
 (MOUNTAIN VIEW) Slim Devices' SLIMP3 Awarded '5 Mouse' Rating by MacWorld
 SFW077 03/12/2003 07:05 r f bc-CA-Westbridge-XML
 (MOUNTAIN VIEW) Top Investors Recognize Westbridge Technology
 as Leading XML Firewall Vendor
 NYW026 03/12/2003 07:15 r f bc-NY-CA-Supports-EMC
 (ISLANDIA) CA Delivers First-Day Support for EMC's New
 CLARiiON with ATA Storage Solution
 LAW054 03/12/2003 07:17 r e bc-CA-ADAM-Ascent-Media
 (SAN JOSE) ADAM Systems Takes Center Stage at Ascent Media's
 Digital Media Management Facility
 CGW005 03/12/2003 07:31 r f bc-MN-Prime-Thera-cost
 (SAINT PAUL) Prime Therapeutics Helps Health Plan Members Learn
 About the True Cost Of Prescription Drugs
 CGW008 03/12/2003 07:31 r f bc-MN-Prime-Therapeutics
 (SAINT PAUL) Prime Therapeutics' Drug Cost Calculator Helps Blue Cross and
 Blue Shield Of Nebraska Members Learn the True Cost of Prescription Drugs
 LAW035 03/12/2003 07:31 r f bc-CO-SLNK-Wireless
 (BOULDER) Westcon Group to Distribute SpectraLink Wireless Telephones
 LAW045 03/12/2003 07:31 r f bc-CA-WebSideStory-Inc
 (SAN DIEGO) Search Engine Referrals Nearly Double Worldwide,
 According to WebSideStory
 SFW080 03/12/2003 07:31 r f bc-CA-Xilinx-World-2003
 (SAN JOSE) Xilinx Announces Programmable World 2003 With IBM,
 Agilent, Cadence And 26 Other Industry Leaders
 NYM159 03/12/2003 07:45 r f bc-CT-Gerber-Scientific
 (SOUTH WINDSOR) Gerber Scientific, Inc. Announces Notification of Webcast
 NYW003 03/12/2003 07:45 r f bc-CT-Gerber-Scientific
 (SOUTH WINDSOR) Gerber Scientific, Inc. Announces Notification of Webcast
 PHW006 03/12/2003 07:45 r f bc-CA-Online-Processing
 (ANAHEIM) Online Processing Inc. Acquires Communication Field Services
 PHW007 03/12/2003 07:45 r f bc-WA-GeKL-Tech-EzThin
 (SPOKANE) EzThin Platform Lowers Cost of Technology for Businesses;
 Computer Recycling Programs Bolstered Through Release of New Product
 SFW046 03/12/2003 07:58 r f bc-CA-Sony-My-Street(TM)
 (FOSTER CITY) My Street (TM) Delivers Highly Competitive Online
 and Offline Competition for Gamers of All Ages
 LAW047 03/12/2003 08:00 r f bc-CO-McDATA-CeBIT-2003
 (HANNOVER) McDATA Increases Performance and Security of Storage Networks
 With Worldwide Availability of OpenTrunking and SANtegrity Zoning
 SFW036 03/12/2003 08:00 r f bc-CA-DSS-Tape-Top-Honor
 (MILPITAS) Quantum SDLT 320 Tape Drive and ATL SuperLoader Both Grab
 Top Honors From PC Magazine in Competitive Product Face-Offs
 CGW016 03/12/2003 08:01 r f bc-ICG-Commerce-UK-BOC
 (LONDON) ICG Commerce Helps The BOC Group Identify Significant Savings
 NEW004 03/12/2003 08:01 r f bc-MA-Cognos-earns-date
 Cognos to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Fiscal 2003 Results on
 April 2
 DCW009 03/12/2003 08:02 r f bc-VA-Ntl-Guard-SRA-Con
 (FAIRFAX) National Guard Bureau Awards $115 Million Information
 Technology Services Contract to SRA
 NYW032 03/12/2003 08:02 r f bc-NY-Siemens-to-develop
 (NEW YORK) Scott & White Taps Siemens to Develop
 All-Digital Healthcare Facility
 SFW033 03/12/2003 08:02 r f bc-CA-Neoforma-SG-Cowen
 (SAN JOSE) Neoforma to Present at SG Cowen Health Care Conference
 SFW058 03/12/2003 08:02 r f bc-CA-SPRT-Best-Solution
 (REDWOOD CITY) SupportSoft Awarded 'Best Help Desk Solution' in
 ContactCenterWorld's First Annual Members' Choice Awards
 SFW069 03/12/2003 08:02 r f bc-CA-ORCL-Top-Offering
 (REDWOOD SHORES) Oracle Receives Top Scores for its
 Business Intelligence Offering
 TO066 03/12/2003 08:02 r f bc-API-U.S-Navy-contract
 (NEW YORK) API Electronics announces $2.1-million contract for
 systems destined for U.S. Navy Ships
 LAW060 03/12/2003 08:03 r f bc-CA-BRCM-Dell-Latitude
 (IRVINE) Broadcom Equips Dell Latitude(R) Notebooks With Advanced
 Connectivity Enabling Maximum Investment Protection
 NEW002 03/12/2003 08:03 r f bc-MA-Cognos-BI-Sized
 (BURLINGTON) American Eagle Outfitters Sizes up Business with Cognos BI
 NEW009 03/12/2003 08:03 r f bc-MA-Vertices-Now-Logs
 (NEEDHAM) Vertices Now Logs Media from BrightStor CA-1
 NEW010 03/12/2003 08:03 r f bc-MA-LCD-Revenues
 (FRAMINGHAM) Worldwide LCD Revenues Will Surpass Traditional
 CRT Monitor Revenues in 2003, IDC Says
 NYW059 03/12/2003 08:03 r f bc-Spediant-ethernet
 (HANOVER) Spediant, at CeBIT, Demonstrates EML 8000 - Long-Reach
 Ethernet 'Fiber-Like' Symmetric Transmission Over Copper
 SFW057 03/12/2003 08:03 r f bc-CA-ORCL-Enhanced-Tool
 (REDWOOD SHORES) Oracle Delivers Enhanced Data Integration Tool
 For Enterprise-Level Business Intelligence
 DAW002 03/12/2003 08:04 r f bc-TX-TI-Momentum-Sys
 Momentum Data Systems Slashes Time to Market With Next-Generation TI
 DSP-Based Digital Audio Engine for A/V Receivers
 DAW008 03/12/2003 08:04 r f bc-TX-Avaya-IP-service
 (DALLAS) SOURCE, Inc. Provides Leading IP Service as an
 Avaya Gold Business Partner
 DEW009 03/12/2003 08:04 r f bc-NY-Delphi-Aavid-team
 (LOCKPORT) Delphi Corporation and Aavid Thermal Technologies, Inc.
 Team Synergies to Focus on Electronics Industry
 NEW006 03/12/2003 08:04 r f bc-MA-Kubi-appoints-VPs
 (LINCOLN) Kubi Software Appoints Vice Presidents of Business
 Development and Engineering
 NYW037 03/12/2003 08:04 r f bc-CT-Gerber-Scient-ern
 (SOUTH WINDSOR) Gerber Scientific Reports Fiscal 2003 Third-Quarter
 Earnings Of 7 Cents a Share Vs. Year-Ago Loss of 17 Cents a Share
 SFW010 03/12/2003 08:04 r f bc-FL-Varian-VnmrJ
 (ORLANDO) Varian, Inc.'s Integrated VnmrJ(TM) Software
 Enhances NMR System Productivity
 SFW021 03/12/2003 08:04 r f bc-CA-Genesys-Gplus
 (SAN FRANCISCO) Genesys Announces Availability of Gplus
 Adapter 6.5.1 for Siebel 7.5
 NEW011 03/12/2003 08:05 r f bc-MA-Cognos-award-final
 (BURLINGTON) Cognos(R) Metrics Manager Named Finalist for
 2003 eWEEK Excellence Award
 SFW037 03/12/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-AnchorSoft-patent
 (SUNNYVALE) Crack This! Security Enhanced on Newly Patented
 Anti-Piracy Software
 SFW038 03/12/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-Kabira-Visa-svcs
 (SAN FRANCISCO) Kabira Technologies and Visa Sign Software
 and Services Agreement
 SFW052 03/12/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-PRISMIQ-Elect
 (SAN MATEO) PRISMIQ Names Brady O. Bruce as Vice President, Sales and
 SFW064 03/12/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-Canopus-Unveils
 Canopus Unveils EDIUS Professional Editing Software
 SFW071 03/12/2003 08:05 r v bc-CA-Fujitsu-Exhibit
 Fujitsu Computer Products of America to Exhibit at Systems Builder Summit
 LAW001 03/12/2003 08:06 r f bc-CA-FWE-San-Diego
 (SAN DIEGO) FWE San Diego Announces Second-Annual Progressive Venture
 LAW019 03/12/2003 08:06 r f bc-CA-American-Arium
 (TUSTIN) American Arium Announces Support for Intel(R)
 Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology
 LAW027 03/12/2003 08:06 r f bc-AZ-In-Stat/MDR
 (SCOTTSDALE) MTU Not Dead, Just Operating Incognito
 LAW034 03/12/2003 08:06 r f bc-CO-Parascript-CDS-sft
 (BOULDER) Parascript Selected by Communications Data Services to Automate
 Processing, Improve Speed and Data Quality for Address Capture
 LNW016 03/12/2003 08:06 r f bc-Baan-Launches
 (HANNOVER) Baan Launches New SupportEye Knowledge-Based
 Diagnostic Expert System
 LAW030 03/12/2003 08:09 r f bc-CA-Cardiff-Software
 (SAN DIEGO) Cardiff Announces Integrated Document Technologies
 as Channel Partner for LiquidOffice(TM)
 DAW001 03/12/2003 08:15 r f bc-TX-ACS-PBM-program
 (DALLAS) ACS Helps States Achieve Significant Savings in
 Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Management Programs
 LNW013 03/12/2003 08:25 r f bc-CA-Jungo-STMicro
 (SAN JOSE) Jungo USB Driver Development Solutions Selected
 by STMicroelectronics
 DCW011 03/12/2003 08:30 r f bc-VA-Hudsn-Bay-McroStrt
 (MCLEAN) Canada's Largest Retailer Hudson's Bay Company Selects
 MicroStrategy's Business Intelligence Platform as Enterprise-Wide Standard
 NYW017 03/12/2003 08:30 r f bc-NY-FPDI-Bayerischer
 (NEW YORK) Front Porch Digital Selected to Provide Transcoding and
 Video Archive Management to Bayerischer Rundfunk
 SFW051 03/12/2003 08:30 r f bc-CA-Versant-Asia-Pac
 (FREMONT) Versant Expands Presence with New Distributor in Asia Pacific
 SFW063 03/12/2003 08:30 r f bc-NY-Nielsn/NetR-Webby
 (NEW YORK) Nielsen//Netratings and the International Academy of Digital
 Arts and Sciences Honor the Internet's Rising Star
 CGW026 03/12/2003 08:31 r f bc-CA-Corio-Sierra-Atla
 (SAN CARLOS) Corio and Sierra Atlantic Extend Strategic Alliance
 SFW076 03/12/2003 08:31 r f bc-CA-INFA-Seminar-Home
 (REDWOOD CITY) Informatica Seminar Highlights Data Integration
 Imperative for E-Government And Homeland Security
 DCW007 03/12/2003 08:32 r f bc-VA-Hospital-eSecurity
 (VIENNA) The Methodist Hospital Selects e-Security to Support
 Compliance with Federal HIPAA Regulations
 NYW007 03/12/2003 08:32 r f bc-NY-ThruPoint-Vodafone
 (LONDON) ThruPoint Helps Vodafone Pursue New Market 'Firsts'
 NYW025 03/12/2003 08:32 r f bc-NJ-Lucent-Cingular
 (MURRAY HILL) Cingular Wireless Selects Equipment from Lucent
 Technologies To Increase Network Capacity and Cut Costs
 NYW052 03/12/2003 08:32 r f bc-VA-NYK-webMethods
 NYK Strengthens Global Logistics Business Using webMethods
 SFW032 03/12/2003 08:32 r f bc-CA-Polycom-globl-conf
 (PLEASANTON) Polycom Announces Successful Global Partner
 Conference; Awards Top Channel Partners
 SFW081 03/12/2003 08:32 r f bc-CA-BRIO-Teradata-Ware
 (SANTA CLARA) Brio Performance Suite 8 Certified on Teradata Warehouse 7.0
 LAW031 03/12/2003 08:33 r f bc-CO-RentPort-Ver-4.0
 (GREENWOOD VILLAGE) Improved Applicant Screening Tools Available to the
 Multi-Housing Industry
 NYW028 03/12/2003 08:33 r f bc-Maxell-MLA-at-OFC2003
 (TOKYO) Maxell Micro Lens Array (MLA) Technology Introduced at
 OFC 2003 Atlanta, GA, USA (Booth #2309)
 PHW008 03/12/2003 08:33 r f bc-GA-OuterBounds-CTO
 (ATLANTA) Newly Appointed CTO for OuterBounds Technologies, Fritz Hibbler
 Ph.D., Commits to Radically Changing Global Market Strategies for Advanced
 DCW013 03/12/2003 08:34 r f bc-VA-webMethods-e-Gov
 (FAIRFAX) President of webMethods Government to Testify Tomorrow to House
 Government Reform Subcommittee Regarding Administration's e-Gov Plan
 NEW014 03/12/2003 08:37 r f bc-MA-AMR-reports
 (BOSTON) AMP Management Technologies Considered Essential In Light of
 Recent Retail Trade Funds Accounting Issues, According to AMR Research
 CGW030 03/12/2003 08:43 r f bc-IL-Motorola-Webcast
 (SCHAUMBURG) Motorola Tom Lynch and Adrian Nemcek Presentation
 to Financial Analysts to Be Webcast
 NYW019 03/12/2003 08:43 r f bc-NJ-Multilink-SerDes
 (SOMERSET) Multilink Introduces PHYreSTORM(TM) Product Family with
 the Introduction Of XAUI to 10G Serial Transceiver
 CHW009 03/12/2003 08:48 r f bc-NC-USLEC-Contracts
 (CHARLOTTE) US LEC Wins Contracts With Financial Institutions in
 Tennessee and Kentucky; Carrier Continues Strong Growth in Sector
 LAW056 03/12/2003 08:55 r f bc-CA-Dot-Hill-stock
 (CARLSBAD) Dot Hill Announces $17.8 Million Private Placement of Common
 NYW063 03/12/2003 08:58 r f bc-NJ-AT&T-servcs-troops
 (MORRISTOWN) AT&T to Expand Phone Service for America's Forward-Deployed
 ATW004 03/12/2003 09:00 r f bc-GA-Glenayre-unveils
 (ATLANTA) Glenayre Unveils Versera(TM) High Density Messaging (HDMu)
 DCW012 03/12/2003 09:00 r f bc-MD-DIRECWAY-Music
 (GERMANTOWN) DIRECWAY Enables Virtual Music Stores to
 Revolutionize Retail Music Industry
 LAW006 03/12/2003 09:00 r f bc-CA-MNS-BA-New-Agreemt
 (SANTA ANA) MSC.Software Announces New Corporate VPD Software
 Agreement With The Boeing Company
 SFW007 03/12/2003 09:00 r f bc-CA-iManage-iDevelop
 (FOSTER CITY) iManage iDevelop Partner InfiniSys Launches
 Add-ons for WorkSite MP
 SFW045 03/12/2003 09:00 r f bc-CA-SGI-Linux-leader
 (MOUNTAIN VIEW) SGI Technologies Enable First-Place Win in
 Protein-Folding Competition
 SFW047 03/12/2003 09:00 r f bc-ND-MSFT-Conference
 (FARGO) Microsoft Business Solutions to Host Seventh Annual
 Customer Conference Record-Breaking Attendance Expected
 SFW054 03/12/2003 09:00 r f bc-CA-NVIDIA-AMD-mobile
 (MOUNTAIN VIEW) NVIDIA and AMD Deliver Ultimate Mobile Computing Platform
 SFW070 03/12/2003 09:00 r f bc-WA-MSFT-iSCSI-Broader
 (REDMOND) Microsoft Embraces iSCSI to Foster Broader Storage
 LAW014C 03/12/2003 09:01 r f bc-CA-CSC-Appoints-COO
 (EL SEGUNDO) CSC Appoints Mike Laphen President and Chief Operating
 LAW020 03/12/2003 09:01 r f bc-CO-KFX-Schlesinger
 (DENVER) KFx Appoints Dr. James R. Schlesinger to Board of Directors
 SFW042 03/12/2003 09:01 r f bc-CA-Sybase-China
 (DUBLIN) Sybase Reinforces Its Leadership Position in China
 CGW012 03/12/2003 09:02 r f bc-TX-Zenith-Electronics
 (DALLAS) Starpower to Showcase First High-Definition Digital Recorder in
 DAW011 03/12/2003 09:02 r f bc-TX-Vignette-portals
 (AUSTIN) Vignette Makes It Easier Than Ever to Build and
 Deploy Enterprise Portals
 DCW006 03/12/2003 09:02 r f bc-VA-NACHA-Ad-Campaign
 (HERNDON) NACHA, ACH Operators to Launch Advertising Campaign to
 Promote Direct Deposit and Direct Payment
 NYW029 03/12/2003 09:02 r f
 (CHICAGO) AGENCY.COM and Hart Schaffner Marx Launch
 SFW053 03/12/2003 09:02 r f bc-CA-FaceTime-LEGATO
 (FOSTER CITY) LEGATO Partners With FaceTime to Deliver
 Enterprise-Class Instant Messaging Management Solution
 LAW026 03/12/2003 09:03 r f bc-CA-Sony-VAIO-Notebook
 (SAN DIEGO) Slim, Sexy and Unattached: Sony's New Ultralight Notebook
 PC Packages Powerful Mobility in Jaw-Dropping Design
 LAW036 03/12/2003 09:03 r f bc-CA-CMPD-Shareholders
 (LOS ANGELES) CompuMed, Inc. Releases Letter to Shareholders
 LAW046 03/12/2003 09:03 r f bc-CA-HiEnergy-patent
 (IRVINE) U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Removes Secrecy Orders From
 HiEnergy Technologies' Patent Applications for Supersenzor
 LAW058 03/12/2003 09:03 r f bc-CA-Gateway-notebook
 (POWAY) Gateway 450 Notebook With Intel Centrino Mobile
 Technology Provides All-Day Mobile Computing
 PHW010 03/12/2003 09:03 r f bc-PA-Comcast-solicitatn
 (PHILADELPHIA) Comcast Announces Successful Completion of
 Continental Cablevision Bondholder Consent Solicitation
 SFW025 03/12/2003 09:03 r f bc-CA-iPass-WiFi-Verify
 (REDWOOD SHORES) iPass Wi-Fi Network Uses 100% Verified on
 Intel(R) Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology Providers
 SFW072 03/12/2003 09:03 r f bc-CA-Globalstar-Service
 (SAN JOSE) Globalstar Introduces Data Monitoring Service in North America
 SFW040 03/12/2003 09:05 r f bc-CA-Acer-TravelMate
 (SAN JOSE) Packed with the Latest Mobile Technology, the TravelMate(TM)
 From Acer America Sets New Standards in Mobility, Performance and Wireless
 LAW002 03/12/2003 09:10 r f bc-AZ-Duraswitch-Paris
 (PHOENIX) Tastitalia to Promote Duraswitch Technologies at INTERTRONIC
 CGW020 03/12/2003 09:15 r f bc-NY-Allscripts-Intel
 TouchWorks mEMR(TM) Featured in Intel(R) Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology
 CGW024 03/12/2003 09:15 r n bc-IL-Circle-Group
 (MUNDELEIN) The Brave Way Training Systems Announces the Signing
 of Contracts With Several Area High Schools
 LAW051 03/12/2003 09:15 r f bc-NV-Ed-McMahon-EMT
 (LAS VEGAS) Ed McMahon to Join BestBet Media Group in New Entertainment
 NYW027 03/12/2003 09:15 r f bc-NY-CA-helps-Centrino
 (ISLANDIA) CA Delivers Management, Security and Backup Solutions
 For New Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
 PHW009 03/12/2003 09:20 r f bc-TN-Celerity-video
 (KNOXVILLE) Celerity Systems Selected for `Education City' Set to
 Provide Interactive Video System for Its Students
 SFW084 03/12/2003 09:21 r f bc-CA-Newell-ProcurePnt
 (SAUSALITO) Newell Rubbermaid Uses ProcurePoint Travel Solutions to
 Help Drive Savings In $45 Million Annual Travel Spend
 CGW034 03/12/2003 09:24 r f bc-IL-CDW-Business-Trend
 (VERNON HILLS) CDW Provides Update on Business Trends
 PHW013 03/12/2003 09:25 r f bc-PA-Herley-elect-board
 (LANCASTER) Herley Industries Elects Dr. Edward A. Bogucz, Syracuse
 University's Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, to Its Board
 NEW017 03/12/2003 09:27 r f bc-MA-TowerGroup-rsearch
 (NEEDHAM) Wall Street Places Big Bets on Offshore IT / Operations
 DAW004 03/12/2003 09:30 r f bc-TX-EDS-PLM-awards
 (PLANO) EDS' Solid Edge Software Beats the Competition With Two Major
 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Industry Awards
 LAW018 03/12/2003 09:30 r f bc-CO-INOW-WB-voice-resp
 (DENVER) Increased Search Functionality and Access Options
 Help Serve End Customers
 SFW023 03/12/2003 09:30 r f bc-CA-VerticalResponse
 (SAN FRANCISCO) VerticalResponse Simplifies Campaign Creation
 for Email Marketers With iBuilder 4.0
 NYW067 03/12/2003 09:32 r f bc-NY-AT&T-Sony-mMode
 (NEW YORK) Sony Music Mobile Debuts on AT&T Wireless mMode Service
 DCW016 03/12/2003 09:35 r f bc-VA-Cigital-Software
 (DULLES) Cigital Addresses Potential $59 Billion Exposure in
 Software Infrastructure
 LAW008 03/12/2003 09:35 r v bc-MT-TX-RightNow-Tech
 (BOZEMAN) RightNow Technologies' Community Giving Program Yields
 Substantial Donations of Time and Personal Service
 DCW018 03/12/2003 09:44 r f bc-VA-BNX-New-Platform
 (VIENNA) BNX Systems Enhances Identity Management Platform with
 Offline Authentication and Redesigned Policy Engine
 DEW005 03/12/2003 09:45 r f bc-MI-Small-Times-Top-10
 (ANN ARBOR) Small Times Magazine Names Top 10 Small Tech Hot Spots
 FLW001 03/12/2003 09:45 r e bc-FL-America's-Numbers
 (GAINESVILLE) Lottery America Helps Players Increase Their
 Opportunities of Winning
 CGW035 03/12/2003 09:46 r f bc-MN-HighJump-upgrades
 (EDEN PRAIRIE) HighJump Software(R) Continues to Lead Supply Chain
 Execution Industry With Fast, Low-Cost System Upgrades
 CGW001 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-NV-MAXRAD-New-GPS
 (LAS VEGAS) MAXRAD's New GPS/Mobile Combination Antennas Ideal for
 CGW002 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-IL-MAXRAD-Security
 (HANOVER PARK) MAXRAD Addresses Security Requirements With New
 Antennas for 300 MHz TETRA And 700 MHz Guard Bands
 CGW003 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-IL-MAXRAD-Antenna
 (HANOVER PARK) MAXRAD Showcases New High Gain, Dual Band
 Mobile Antenna at the IWCE
 CGW004 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-IL-MAXRAD-ISOMAX
 DCW001 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-NY-Telispark-Intel
 (NEW YORK) Telispark Mobile Field Works(TM) To Be Showcased at the
 Intel(R) Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology Launch
 LAW007 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-CO-Global-Med-system
 (DENVER) Global Med Technologies(R), Inc. Announces St. Luke's Episcopal
 Health System One of First in U.S. to Go Live With New ISBT 128
 LAW025 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-WA-Seaweed-selection
 (SEATTLE) Seaweed Systems Announces the Selection of Its DO-178B
 Certifiable 3D OpenGL Subset API by Rockwell Collins
 LNW004 03/12/2003 10:00 r l bc-Dutch-queen-auction
 (MAASTRICHT) Drawing by the Dutch Queen For Sale; Album With
 Drawings and Pictures by the Dutch Queen in Auction
 NYW061 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-CT-Accu-Time-license
 (ELLINGTON) Accu-Time Systems Announces Decision to License
 Its Patented Biometric Technology
 SFW067 03/12/2003 10:00 r f bc-CA-Netflix-CFO
 (LOS GATOS) Netflix CFO to Speak at Roth Capital Partners
 Growth Stock Conference
 ATW007 03/12/2003 10:01 r f bc-GA-Sanswire-opts-out
 (ATLANTA) Sanswire Technologies Opts Out of Deal With InDigiNet
 DEW014 03/12/2003 10:05 r f bc-MI-IT-Summit-noms
 (LANSING) 2003 Michigan IT Summit Invites Nominations for Annual Awards
 DCWV002 03/12/2003 10:14 r f bc-VA-TrueCareers-Seminr
 (RESTON) Free TrueCareers Seminar Helps New York Corporations
 Improve Their Recruiting Efforts Via the Web
 NYW074 03/12/2003 10:15 r f bc-NY-CeBIT-America
 (NEW YORK) Enterprise Technology Leaders to Convene at CeBIT America;
 3Com, HP, Sun Microsystems, WorldCom and Xerox Among Exhibitors
 CHW013 03/12/2003 10:17 r f bc-NC-ProgressEnergy
 (RALEIGH) Progress Energy Launches Redesigned Customer-Focused Web Site
 CGW036 03/12/2003 10:23 r f bc-CA-Magnetek-1500-Watt
 (LOS ANGELES) 1500-Watt Magnetek Power Inverters Combine Most-Wanted
 CHW014 03/12/2003 10:27 r f bc-NC-HRXML-Meeting
 (RALEIGH) HR-XML Unveils Cutting-Edge Implementations of HR-XML
 Standards at Upcoming Boston Meeting
 CGW038 03/12/2003 10:31 r f bc-MN-US-Bancrp-HB&G-sal
 (MINNEAPOLIS) U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Represents HB&G Building
 Products, Inc. In Exclusive Sale to Graham Partners
 LAW063 03/12/2003 10:31 r f bc-KY-FullCircle-Regstry
 (LOUISVILLE) FullCircle Testifies to $100 Million in Potential
 Savings for Commonwealth of Kentucky
 LAW064 03/12/2003 10:38 r n bc-MD-Bid4Assets-Charity
 (SILVER SPRING) Bid4Assets Joins Forces With The Leukemia &
 Lymphoma Society to Kick Off Online Charity Auctions
 DAW016 03/12/2003 10:45 r f bc-TX-WebLink-Wireless
 (DALLAS) WebLink Wireless Introduces Cell Text Messaging
 PHW026 03/12/2003 10:47 r f bc-PA-Adv-Concepts-USP
 (PHILADELPHIA) Aetna, Advanced Concepts USP, University of Pennsylvania
 Health System's Primary Care Physician Network Form Relationship
 NYW076 03/12/2003 10:49 r f bc-Platform-new-study
 (TORONTO) New Study Points to Organizational Politics as Key Barrier
 to Commercial Acceptance of Grid and Shared Computing
 FLW005 03/12/2003 10:51 r f bc-FL-Worldwide-Record
 (CLEARWATER) High-Tech Song Promotion and Rating Service Uses Internet and
 Encrypted MP3 to Push Select Pre-release Cuts to 8,000
 LAW065 03/12/2003 10:58 r f bc-CO-McDATA-eWEEK-Awrd
 (BROOMFIELD) Sphereon(TM) 4500 Fabric Switch Named Finalist
 in eWEEK Excellence Awards
 ATW005 03/12/2003 11:00 r f bc-NV-Mobile-Satellite
 (LAS VEGAS) Mobile Satellite Ventures Offers New SpaceCom
 Antenna For Land Mobile, Marine Users
 CGW041 03/12/2003 11:00 r f bc-IL-Bank-One-e-pay
 (CHICAGO) Bank One Launches Electronic Payments Solutions
 LAW015 03/12/2003 11:00 r f bc-CA-McQuerter-Inc
 (SAN DIEGO) McQUERTER and Neil Mackintosh Join Forces
 LNW002 03/12/2003 11:00 r s bc-SPORTSBET.COM-contest
 SFW002 03/12/2003 11:00 r f bc-CA-Plantronics-CeBIT
 (HANNOVER) Plantronics to Enhance Wireless Freedom With Suite of New
 SFW008 03/12/2003 11:00 r f bc-CA-Empire-Interactive
 (SAN FRANCISCO) Empire Interactive Puts the Chips on the
 Table With Vega$: Make It Big
 SFW022 03/12/2003 11:00 r f bc-CA-Sun-Microsystems
 (HANNOVER) Sun Microsystems Extends Java Technology Leadership With
 Creation of Sun And SAP Joint Java Technology Center
 SFW079 03/12/2003 11:00 r f bc-CA-SYNA-Samsung-Touch
 (SAN JOSE) Synaptics and Samsung Introduce Fingerprint TouchPad
 Security Solution On Samsung X10 Notebook
 SFW060 03/12/2003 11:01 r f bc-CA-NVIDIA-GeForce
 (PITTSBURGH) NVIDIA GeForce Go Products Fully Support New
 Intel(R) Centrino Mobile Technology
 LAW066 03/12/2003 11:04 r f bc-CO-AppliedFilm-Conf
 (LONGMONT) Applied Films Corporation to Present at the USDC
 Display Industry Investment Conference
 NYW084 03/12/2003 11:18 r f bc-Oce-NV-lower-revenues
 (VENLO) Oce N.V. Pre-Announces Lower Revenues in First Quarter 2003
 LNW022 03/12/2003 11:20 r f bc-CA-Cape-Clear-webcast
 (SAN MATEO) Webcast Alert: Cape Clear Software, Red Hat Software, and
 EDS Showcase Web Services and The New Economics of Integration
 SFW085 03/12/2003 11:20 r f bc-CA-LSI-Logic-Corp.
 (MILPITAS) LSI Logic and JMR Demo Innovative Serial ATA
 Storage Solution at CeBIT
 CLW010 03/12/2003 11:25 r f bc-OH-MA-Datavantage
 (CLEVELAND) Datavantage Corp. Leadership Grows
 DAW020 03/12/2003 11:29 r f bc-TX-Motive-Comm-Telus
 (AUSTIN) TELUS Selects Motive for End-to-End DSL Service Solution
 CGW044 03/12/2003 11:30 r f bc-IL-Cabot-Micro-conf
 (AURORA) Cabot Microelectronics to Present at Commerce Capital
 Market's Specialty Chemical and Materials Conference
 PHW033 03/12/2003 11:31 r f bc-PA-AccuWeather-Iraq
 (STATE COLLEGE) AccuWeather Emerges as Complete Source for
 Middle East Weather as Iraq Conflict Nears
 LAW067 03/12/2003 11:38 r f bc-CA-SDTC-Free-WIFI
 (SAN DIEGO) The San Diego Telecom Council Announces Free Public WiFi
 DAW021 03/12/2003 11:41 r f bc-TX-Akuratus-AkuTrust
 (DALLAS) Akuratus Launches AkuTrust; Provides Secure Document
 Management & Retention Services
 SFW087 03/12/2003 11:41 r f bc-CA-PC-Guardian
 (SAN RAFAEL) PC Guardian Introduces New Desktop Computer Security Products
 DCW029 03/12/2003 12:00 r f bc-MD-Digex-Ford-Fellows
 (LAUREL) Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Selects
 Digex To Host and Manage Internet Initiatives
 NYW081 03/12/2003 12:00 r f bc-NJ-Lucent-New-VP
 (MURRAY HILL) Lucent Technologies Appoints Mark Gibbens Vice
 President and Treasurer
 CLW013 03/12/2003 12:13 r f bc-OH-LightGov-Teranet
 (YOUNGSTOWN) LightGov Joins Teranet to Enhance Electronic
 Services for Governments
 PHW036 03/12/2003 12:13 r f bc-PA-Vishay-FunctionPAK
 (MALVERN) Vishay Releases New FunctionPAK(TM) dc-to-dc Boost
 Converters, Power Surface-Mount LEDs, and Fusible Resistor Chip
 DEW018 03/12/2003 12:20 r f bc-MI-MEDC-small-tech
 (LANSING) Michigan Is a Small Tech Hot Spot
 SFW091 03/12/2003 12:21 r f bc-CA-Westbridge-XMS
 (MOUNTAIN VIEW) Westbridge Technology Announces Support for
 WS-Security With New XMS 2.5 Release
 CHW019 03/12/2003 12:24 r f bc-FL-MPS-SpecialCounse
 (JACKSONVILLE) Special Counsel Announces National Resource Solutions
 SFW089 03/12/2003 12:27 r f bc-CA-Documentum-Lyon
 (PLEASANTON) Documentum to Host Momentum European User Conference in Lyon
 CGW055 03/12/2003 12:41 r f bc-MN-Comtrol-Multiport
 (MINNEAPOLIS) Comtrol Leads U.S. Market for Multiport Serial
 Device Networking Appliances
 SFW094 03/12/2003 12:51 r f bc-CA-Seagate-HP
 (HANOVER) Seagate Demonstrates Industry's First Serial
 Attached SCSI Storage Solutions With HP
 SFW092 03/12/2003 12:52 r f bc-CA-Pinnacle-Systems
 (MOUNTAIN VIEW) Pinnacle Systems Expands Product Offerings for
 Audio and Video At CeBIT Tradeshow
 SFW011 03/12/2003 13:00 r f bc-FL-Varian-Inc.
 (ORLANDO) Varian, Inc. Debuts APCI Interface for LC/MS
 LAW075 03/12/2003 13:02 r f bc-CA-Wyle-Labs-Contract
 (EL SEGUNDO) Wyle Laboratories Selected by NASA for Major
 Life Sciences Contract
 LAW049 03/12/2003 13:05 r f bc-CA-ESEMS-SearchEngine
 (LOS ANGELES) Entertainment Industry Meets ESEMS: An Entertainment
 Search Engine Marketing Seminar Taking Place April 4th
 LAW074 03/12/2003 13:05 r f bc-NY-Wrenchead-Merger
 (WHITE PLAINS) Wrenchead, Inc. Today Announced the Completion of Its
 Acquisition and Subsequent Merger of MacDonald Computer Systems, Inc.
 NYW103 03/12/2003 13:06 r n bc-NJ-Nets-African-Amer
 (LIVINGSTON) VP Receives NJ Nets Award
 CHW021 03/12/2003 13:08 r f bc-NC-VoiceLog-Rule
 (CHARLOTTE) VoiceLog(R) Helps Telemarketers Meet New Telephone
 Sales Rule By March 31 Deadline
 FLW012 03/12/2003 13:08 r f bc-FL-JobsInLogistics
 (SUNNY ISLES BEACH) Launches Unique Job Board Concept
 PHW038 03/12/2003 13:09 r f bc-DE-Broom-St-new-group
 (YORKLYN) Broom Street Software Opens New Marketing Communications
 FLW006 03/12/2003 13:11 r f bc-FL-eMax-IPO-dividend
 (ORLANDO) eMax Corporation Announces Plans to Take Second Subsidiary,
 EMAXNET, Inc. Public Within the Next 90 Days
 DAW024 03/12/2003 13:19 r f bc-TX-Aviall-IDG-award
 (DALLAS) Honored as 2003 Premier 100 Best in Class By
 CGW059 03/12/2003 13:24 r f bc-IL-T-Systems-Industr
 (LISLE) T-Systems Verticalizes Toward Four Industries, Focuses on Key
 NYW106 03/12/2003 13:24 r s bc-NY-MLB-free-webcasts
 (NEW YORK) Begins Free Live Webcasts of Spring Training Games
 LAW077 03/12/2003 13:26 r f bc-CO-AirMethods-Conf
 (DENVER) Air Methods to Report Fourth Quarter Financial Results
 and 2003 Outlook on Tuesday, March 18, 2003
 MXW002 03/12/2003 13:30 r f
 (ST. JOHN'S) Bookmaker Takes Stand Against War Bets
 SFW099 03/12/2003 13:31 r f bc-OR-Tektronix-Inc.
 (BEAVERTON) Tektronix Receives ISO-14001 Certification for
 Environmental Management Systems
 SFW097 03/12/2003 13:32 r f bc-CA-NetJets-Plumtree
 (SAN FRANCISCO) NetJets Deploys Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite: Corporate
 Portal, Content Server, Collaboration Server and Search Server
 SFW098 03/12/2003 13:33 r f bc-CA-Plumtree-momentum
 (SAN FRANCISCO) Plumtree Content Server Gains Traction With
 Over 34 Customers and 230,000 Users
 ATW013 03/12/2003 13:35 r f bc-GA-EarthLink-to-AOL
 (ATLANTA) EarthLink to AOL: Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
 DEW024 03/12/2003 13:52 r f bc-MI-Kelly-Svcs-award
 (TROY) Kelly Services Awarded 'Best Employment Website'
 CGW063 03/12/2003 14:00 r f bc-SD-LodgeNet-Entertain
 (SIOUX FALLS) LodgeNet to Moderate Capital Investment Levels
 PHW024 03/12/2003 14:00 r f bc-DC-TeleGeography-srvy
 (WASHINGTON) Submarine Cable Construction Boom Finally Over, Says
 SFW101 03/12/2003 14:06 r f bc-CA-NetCentrex-CCS
 NetCentrex Announces the Release of CCS Softswitch Version 3.5
 LAW086 03/12/2003 14:11 r f bc-CA-Delta-IV-Ecliptic
 (PASADENA) Delta IV Launch Success Ushers in Record Year for
 Ecliptic's RocketCam(TM)
 LAW087 03/12/2003 14:27 r f bc-CA-ISI-ResearchSoft
 (CARLSBAD) ISI ResearchSoft and IEEE Announce a Joint
 Initiative to Seamlessly Export References
 SFW102 03/12/2003 14:27 r f bc-CA-SCEA-PlayStation2
 (FOSTER CITY) Consumer Demand Fuels Burgeoning PlayStation(R)2 Online
 CGW067 03/12/2003 14:39 r f bc-KS-Sprint-BCBS-Cntrct
 (OVERLAND PARK) Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Selects Sprint
 for Multiyear Communications Agreement
 SFW107 03/12/2003 15:08 r f bc-CA-IMSI-Robert-Falc.
 (NOVATO) IMSI(R) Board Member, Robert Falcone, Named to Radio
 Shack and Nautilus Group Boards
 CGW069 03/12/2003 15:11 r f bc-IL-Methode-Dividend
 (CHICAGO) Methode Electronics, Inc. Declares $0.05 Quarterly Dividend
 NEW030 03/12/2003 15:12 r f bc-NH-Presstek-market
 (HUDSON) Presstek Leads Market to Next Phase of Digital Offset Printing
 DAW032 03/12/2003 15:17 r n bc-FL-360-Training-Drivr
 (TALLAHASSEE) to Promote Driver Safety Education in
 Florida With State Approved Online Traffic School Course
 NYW118 03/12/2003 15:18 r f bc-NY-NYBOT-Selects-BTP
 (NEW YORK) NYBOT Selects BTP and Constantin Walsh-Lowe for Technology
 Relocation Project for New Downtown New York Headquarters
 LAW097 03/12/2003 15:42 r f bc-CA-LSPN-Roth-Cap-Conf
 (SAN DIEGO) Lightspan to Present at the 15th Annual Roth Capital
 Partners Growth Stock Conference in Dana Point, CA March 16-18, 2003

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