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PR Newswire California Summary, Thursday, April 5, 2001 up to 10:00 a.m. PT.

LATH013 04/05/2001 05:00 r f bc-CA-MediaX-amuZnet (LOS ANGELES) MediaX Sets Date for Launch of amuZnet 3.0, Provides Unprecedented User Customization & Comprehensive Market Research

SFTH005 04/05/2001 05:00 r f bc-CA-SoftCoin-Bost-Mkt (SAN FRANCISCO) Boston Market(R) Selects SoftCoin's PSP System to Power Unique, Value-Add Mother's Day Promotion

CLTHFNS1 04/05/2001 05:20 r f (CLEVELAND) Serving the Military

DATHFNS2 04/05/2001 05:20 r l bc-CA-TILIA-FoodSaver (SAN FRANCISCO) Saving Money on Groceries: FoodSaver(R) Vacuum Packaging Systems Help You Stop Throwing Away Food

LATHFNS2 04/05/2001 05:20 r f bc-CA-Hubbard-Drug-Trmt (LOS ANGELES) Drug Treatment May Be the Best Investment on the Street

SFTH006 04/05/2001 05:30 r f bc-CA-Bell-Microproducts (SAN JOSE) Bell Microproducts Added to Fortune 1000 List

SFTH037 04/05/2001 05:30 r f bc-CA-Epoch-Comm. (SAN FRANCISCO) Epoch Partners Previews Earnings for the Communications Equipment Industry

SFTH056 04/05/2001 05:30 r f bc-CA-Epoch-Akamai (SAN FRANCISCO) Epoch Partners Issues Research Note on Akamai Technologies

LATH014 04/05/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-Epimmune-PADRE (SAN DIEGO) Epimmune Licenses PADRE(R) Technology to Elan for Evaluation In Treating Alzheimer's Disease

LATH016 04/05/2001 06:00 r f bc-NY-Kennedy-Wilson (NEW YORK) Kennedy-Wilson Arranges First Mortgage and Mezzanine Financing for Manhattan Multi-Family Project

LATH029 04/05/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-CSC-Softlab-Auto (EL SEGUNDO) CSC Acquires Softlab's UK Automotive Software and Services Business; Will Provide IT Services for BMW, Ford (Land Rover) and MG Rover

LATH046 04/05/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-Glovia-Internat'l Fujitsu and Glovia International Announce glovia.e Global Collaborative E-Commerce Framework

SFTH010 04/05/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-Backplane-Selected (EMERYVILLE) inServ Selects Backplane's Hosted Billing and Customer Care Solution

SFTH020 04/05/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-InterMune-phase-II (BURLINGAME) InterMune Completes Enrollment in Phase II Trial for Fungal Infections And Initiates Clinical Programs in Japan

SFTH039A 04/05/2001 06:01 r f (SAN FRANCISCO) Acquires

LATH040 04/05/2001 06:15 r f bc-CA-CLCT-TOPP-Join (NEWPORT BEACH) Collectors Universe and Topps Join Forces to Market New Line of Graded Sports Cards

NETH006 04/05/2001 06:15 r f bc-CA-Aradigm-payment (HAYWARD) Aradigm Corporation Receives Milestone Payment From Novo Nordisk for Development of AERx(R) Diabetes Management System

SFTH053 04/05/2001 06:15 r f bc-CA-iManage-Arnld-Prtr (SAN MATEO) Leading Global Law Firm Arnold & Porter Selects iManage for Content Management

LATH027 04/05/2001 06:30 r e (SAN DIEGO) Artists on Continue to Infiltrate Hollywood Soundtracks; '15 Minutes,' 'Bar Hopping' and CBS Among Those Utilizing Online Talent Pool

SFTH031 04/05/2001 06:45 r f bc-CA-iManage-Estimates (SAN MATEO) iManage Expects to Meet Analyst Estimates for First Quarter 2001

LATH061 04/05/2001 06:55 r f bc-CA-NCEN-Legal-Matters (IRVINE) New Century Clarifies Two Legal Matters

LATH062 04/05/2001 06:55 r f bc-CA-NCEN-Debt-Mod (IRVINE) New Century Announces Completion of Debt Modifications

HSTH013 04/05/2001 07:00 r f bc-MN-Chronimed-acquires (MINNEAPOLIS) Chronimed Announces Acquisition of The Transplant Pharmacy(R)

LATH032 04/05/2001 07:00 r f bc-CA-Leap-Schedules-ern (SAN DIEGO) Leap Schedules First Quarter Earnings Release for April 19, 2001

SFTH013 04/05/2001 07:00 r f bc-CA-Echo-Networks (SAN FRANCISCO) Echo Dramatically Expands Music Community Through Adoption of Jabber(TM) Instant Messaging Standard

SFTH022 04/05/2001 07:00 r f bc-CA-Sunrise-Technologi (FREMONT) Sunrise Technologies International, Inc. to Provide 1Q, 2001 Guidance And Release Year 2000 Results April 6th

LATH049 04/05/2001 07:01 r s bc-CA-Mazda-Nort-America (IRVINE) Mazda Inks Title Sponsorship Deal With Racing Venue to Form Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca

SFTH035 04/05/2001 07:25 r f bc-CA-AskJeeves-UK-lead (EMERYVILLE) Marking Its One Year Anniversary, Ask Jeeves UK Emerges as Leading Search And Navigation Service in the UK and Ireland

NYTH030 04/05/2001 07:30 r f bc-CA-Arriva-Baxter-pat (ALAMEDA) European Patent Ruling

SFTH026 04/05/2001 07:30 r f bc-CA-Cohesion-Tucker (PALO ALTO) Cohesion Presenting Today at Tucker Anthony Sutro Healthcare Conference

DCTH008 04/05/2001 07:31 r f bc-NJ-Wire-One-Glowpoint (HILLSIDE) Wire One Technologies Signs on First Resellers for Glowpoint(TM) Network

LATH038 04/05/2001 07:31 r f bc-CA-NQL-IDC-ContentAny (SANTA ANA) IDC Unveils White Paper Featuring NQL ContentAnywhere Platform

LATH051 04/05/2001 07:31 r f bc-CA-ENDO-1Q-Earnings (IRVINE) Endocare Reports Record Revenues of $2.8 Million for First Quarter, Strong Growth in System Sales and Procedures

CGTH005 04/05/2001 07:50 r l bc-CA-American-Pharmaceu (LOS ANGELES) American Pharmaceutical Partners Announces ANDA Approval for Hydralazine Hydrochloride Injection, USP

SFTH055 04/05/2001 07:50 r f bc-CA-Rain-Kick-Seminar (SAN JOSE) Rainfinity, Check Point, Compaq, NetIQ and Trend Micro Kick Off "Mastering the Art of Networked Security" Seminar Series

HSTH008A 04/05/2001 07:55 r f bc-CA-GA-Crescent-Q2-sls (OAKLAND) Crescent Jewelers Announces Second Quarter Sales Results

SFTH021 04/05/2001 07:55 r f bc-CA-Creative-Group (MENLO PARK) Putting Out Fires

DATH007 04/05/2001 08:00 r f bc-TX-Preferred-Voice (DALLAS) Golden State Cellular to Accelerate Rollout of 'Safety Talk' Services Through Special Arrangement With Preferred Voice

LATH026 04/05/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-SURE-WW-Johnson (SAN DIEGO) WW Johnson Meat Company to Use SureBeam(R) Electronic Pasteurization System on Fresh Ground Beef Products

LATH034 04/05/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-PacifiCare-Earning (SANTA ANA) PacifiCare Reaffirms Guidance for 2001 First Quarter and Full Year

LATH036 04/05/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-Entropin-Conf-Call (INDIO) Entropin, Inc. Announces Conference Call to Provide Clinical Update And Year-End 2000 Financial Results

LATH048 04/05/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-eUniverse-&-Listen eUniverse Strikes a Chord With

SFTH001B 04/05/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-Invivo-Premier (PLEASANTON) Invivo Announces MRI Patient Monitoring Agreement With Premier, Inc.

SFTH040 04/05/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-Super-Tech-Q1-Rev (SANTA BARBARA) Superconductor Technologies Inc. First Quarter 2001 Gross Commerical Revenues Increase Approximately 150% Versus First Quarter Year Ago

NYTH019 04/05/2001 08:02 r f bc-NY-Wolf-Popper-CA-Amp (NEW YORK) California Amplifier Charged by Wolf Popper LLP With Violations of The Federal Securities Laws

CGTH002 04/05/2001 08:03 r f bc-CA-Decathlon-UGS (CYPRESS) France's Decathlon Selects UGS as its Exclusive Supplier of Product Content Management Software with Contract for 125 Licenses of i-Man

SFTH007 04/05/2001 08:03 r f bc-CA-Qualsys-RSA-Confer (SAN FRANCISCO) Qualys Hosts Briefing on Future of Proactive Network Security Solutions At RSA Conference, San Francisco

SFTH034 04/05/2001 08:03 r f bc-CA-Jamcracker-ASPnews (CUPERTINO) Jamcracker Named Among ASPnews Top 20 for 2001

NYTH039 04/05/2001 08:04 r f bc-CA-DSP-Group-Cellphne (SANTA CLARA) DSP Group Named the 'Clear Leader' In the Licensed-Core DSP Cellphone Market

SFTH018 04/05/2001 08:04 r f bc-CA-Schwab-Foundation (SAN MATEO) LD Leader Rick Lavoie to Head Schwab Learning

LATH010 04/05/2001 08:15 r f bc-CA-ImageWare-Systems (SAN DIEGO) ImageWare Systems Completes Acquisition of G&A Imaging

LATH021 04/05/2001 08:15 r f bc-CA-Genetronics-data (SAN DIEGO) Genetronics Announces the Completion of Phase II Clinical Data Review

LATH042 04/05/2001 08:15 r e bc-CA-Indie-Film-Amazon (LOS ANGELES) 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon' Top Selling Video On

SFTH050 04/05/2001 08:22 r f bc-CA-Brocade-Asia (SAN JOSE) Brocade Expands Its Global Presence in Asia Pacific

SFTH041 04/05/2001 08:30 r f bc-CA-Thoratec-HeartMate (PLEASANTON) Thoratec Announces First European HeartMate(R) II Implant in Germany

SFTH047 04/05/2001 08:30 r f bc-CA-VeriSign-eONE (MOUNTAIN VIEW) VeriSign and eONE Global Partner to Deliver Integrated B2B and B2C Internet Payment Solutions

NYTH009 04/05/2001 08:31 r f bc-CA-Tyco-Earth-Tech (LONG BEACH) Earth Tech Wins Long-Term Water/Wastewater Project in New York

NYTH018 04/05/2001 08:31 r f bc-CA-TriZetto-Potomac (NEWPORT BEACH) TriZetto Announces ASP Agreement with Potomac Physicians Group

SFTH032A 04/05/2001 08:31 r f bc-CA-Sangamo-Bioscienc (RICHMOND) Sangamo BioSciences and Onyx Pharmaceuticals Announce Strategic Alliance To Develop Novel Cancer Therapeutics

SFTH051 04/05/2001 08:45 r f bc-CA-Novadigm-Radia (EMERYVILLE) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Selects Novadigm's Radia to Manage Productivity and Security Applications on 20,000 Devices

CGTH021 04/05/2001 08:47 r f bc-CA-Critical-Path-FY (SAN FRANCISCO) Critical Path Reports Revised 2000 Financial Results

LATH064 04/05/2001 08:49 r f bc-CA-Myrient-Product (ALISO VIEJO) Myrient(TM) Announces New On-Line Managed Storage Product Suite; ZIPBackup(TM) Product Suite Enhances Myrient's Managed Service Portfolio

FLTH007 04/05/2001 08:51 r f bc-FL-Precision-Response (FORT LAUDERDALE) Precision Response Corporation Receives Prestigious Ranking As the Nation's Second Largest Inbound Teleservices Agency

NYTH042 04/05/2001 08:52 r f bc-NJ-SGP-Skolar-Educat (KENILWORTH) Schering Laboratories and SKOLAR Announce Online Continuing Medical Education for Physicians

DETH008 04/05/2001 08:55 r f bc-MI-Delphi-battery (FLINT) Delphi's AGM Battery Chosen for Future Vehicle Program

NYTH027 04/05/2001 09:00 r f bc-CA-Structural-GenomiX (SAN DIEGO) Structural GenomiX Acquires Prospect Genomics

SFTH002 04/05/2001 09:00 r f bc-CA-Oracle-Asia-Ebiz (REDWOOD SHORES) The E-Business Network's 'Wireless Wild East' Show Profiles Asia's Booming Wireless Market

SFTH025 04/05/2001 09:00 r f bc-CA-Oracle-WebSphere (REDWOOD SHORES) Oracle's Portal Software Can Help WebSphere Customers

SFTH033 04/05/2001 09:00 r f bc-CA-Oracle-bridge-gap (REDWOOD SHORES) Tying the Knot With the Web

SFTH038 04/05/2001 09:00 r f bc-CA-Oracle-Success (REDWOOD SHORES) Oracle9i Database Feature Is Instant Success

LATH030 04/05/2001 09:01 r f bc-VA-TASC-NOC-Contract (CHANTILLY) TASC Wins Life-Cycle Management Contract From Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

SFTH036 04/05/2001 09:01 r f bc-CA-Adaptec-Nishan (MILPITAS) Adaptec and Nishan Systems Confirm IP Storage Interoperability With Existing SCSI and Fibre Channel Infrastructure

DCTH004 04/05/2001 09:02 r a bc-MD-HIV-Dental-Care (MINNEAPOLIS) Dental Problems Go Unresolved in Many HIV Patients

LATH018 04/05/2001 09:02 r f bc-CA-Dot-Hill-Israel (CARLSBAD) Dot Hill Opens New Office in Israel

NYTH038 04/05/2001 09:02 r f bc-CA-Autoweb-restructur (SANTA CLARA) Autoweb Completes Marketing Partnership Restructuring

SFTH001A 04/05/2001 09:02 r f bc-CA-CMP-software-expo (SAN JOSE) SD 2001 Catches Industry Pulse With New Web Services World Conference

SFTH004 04/05/2001 09:02 r f bc-CA-ZANTAZ-Netstock (PLEASANTON) ZANTAZ Selected by Netstock for Smart Storage(TM) E-Archiving and Rapid Retrieval Solutions

LATH005 04/05/2001 09:30 r n bc-CA-Amer-Assoc-Single (LOS ANGELES) Shelter for Homeless Single Women Closes Its Doors Today; National Singles Organization Comes to the Rescue

LATH008 04/05/2001 09:30 r e bc-CA-Interplay-Tops-Cht (IRVINE) Interplay's Fallout Tactics Tops Retail Charts; Latest Fallout Title a Hit With Action, Strategy and RPG Gamers

LATH066 04/05/2001 09:30 r f bc-CA-BIOLASE-Q1-Sales (SAN CLEMENTE) BIOLASE First Quarter Sales Increase 102 Percent

SFTH011 04/05/2001 09:30 r f bc-NV-Hadro-Resources (RENO) Hadro Resources Inc. Announces California Buttonwillow Oil and Gas Lease Acquisition

NYTH048 04/05/2001 09:38 r f bc-CA-Forestweb-pulp (SAN FRANCISCO) Falling Pulp Prices Prove Merit of PriceBeat Online Price Service

SFTH045 04/05/2001 09:47 r f bc-CA-NetLedger-30-Mill (SAN MATEO) NetLedger Secures $30 Million in Financing

DCTH023 04/05/2001 09:50 r f bc-CA-RobStephens-Update (SAN FRANCISCO) Robertson Stephens Daily Growth Stock Update on GLW, AKAM, CDN, NAUT, NENG, MLNM

LATH063 04/05/2001 09:52 r f bc-CA-SCE-Webcast-Call (ROSEMEAD) SCE to Webcast Financial Conference Call

LATH004 04/05/2001 10:00 r f bc-MN-Toyota-Motor (AUBURN) Toyota Celebrates 500,000 Certified Used Vehicle Sales

SFTH017 04/05/2001 10:00 r f bc-CA-Schwab-1000-Fund (SAN FRANCISCO) Schwab 1000 Fund(R) Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary

SFTH049A 04/05/2001 10:00 r f bc-CA-Brocade-strage-TDS (PORTLAND) Brocade to Host Live Webcast of Press and Analyst Briefing at Storage Networking World

LATH052 04/05/2001 10:01 r f bc-CA-NY-Styleclick-Oxy Styleclick and Oxygen Media Join Forces for 'Monday Night Auction(TM)' TV Show on April 9

PHTH007 04/05/2001 10:30 r f bc-PA-Keystone-Prop-acq (WEST CONSHOHOCKEN) Keystone Property Trust Completes First Joint Venture Acquisition; Distribution Center in Cranbury, New Jersey Is Leased to Home Depot

CHTH007 04/05/2001 10:31 r f bc-SF-FirstUnion-person (SAN FRANCISCO) First Union Securities Adds Senior Semiconductor Analyst to Equity Research Department

SFTH058 04/05/2001 10:40 r v bc-CA-Dept-Alcohol-Bev ABC to Revoke Vallejo Store's Liquor License

SFTH061 04/05/2001 10:46 r f bc-CA-VeriSign-RSA-Conf VeriSign CEO to Keynote at RSA 2001 Conference

SFTH059 04/05/2001 11:02 r e (REDWOOD CITY) Announces Letter of Intent for Acquisition of the Company

SFTH062 04/05/2001 11:27 r f bc-CA-eStellarNet-Launch (WALNUT CREEK) eStellarNet Launches First Universal Payer Internet Access Service Targeting Property & Casualty Medical Bills

LATH003 04/05/2001 11:30 r f bc-CA-Isis-Pharmaceut. (CARLSBAD) Isis Pharmaceuticals Confirms Favorable Drug Properties Of Its Second Generation Antisense Drugs in Humans

SFTH065A 04/05/2001 11:54 r f bc-CA-MoodLogic-datafeed (SAN FRANCISCO) MoodLogic Launches Datafeed Services

SFTH063 04/05/2001 11:57 r f bc-CA-BofA-Digital-Home (SAN FRANCISCO) Broadband Infrastructure and Consumer Demand Open Door to Digital Home Era

LATH019 04/05/2001 12:00 r f bc-CA-Verizon-Wireless (SAN RAMON) Verizon Wireless Opens New Retail Locations in Bay Area

NETH016 04/05/2001 12:01 r l bc-CA-Odwalla-KaBOOM! (HALF MOON BAY) Great Garden Adventure Teaches Earth's Littlest Sprouts About 'Soil to Soul' Philosophy

SFTH022A 04/05/2001 12:07 r f bc-CA-Sunrise-Technologi /C O R R E C T I O N -- Sunrise Technologies International, Inc./

DCTH044 04/05/2001 12:09 r f bc-CA-WITI-Hall-of-Fame (ENCINO) Three New Members Named to WITI Women in Science and Technology Hall of Fame

LATH073 04/05/2001 12:17 r f bc-CA-Fidelity-Natl-conf (IRVINE) Fidelity National Financial, Inc. Announces 1st Quarter Earnings Release and Conference Call

SFTH064 04/05/2001 12:19 r f bc-CA-Documentm-Abortext (PLEASANTON) Documentum and Arbortext Target Global 2000 With Robust Catalog Management Solution

LATH076 04/05/2001 12:37 r f bc-CA-Stater-Bros-Grand (COLTON) Stater Bros. Markets Announces Grand Opening Of Its New Supermarket in San Bernardino, California

SFTH071 04/05/2001 12:45 r f bc-CA-MarketWatch-board (SAN FRANCISCO) Elects Financial Times Group Executive to Board of Directors

SFTH066 04/05/2001 12:48 r f bc-CA-Sybase-iAnywhere (EMERYVILLE) Sybase e-Business Leadership: iAnywhere Solutions Hits the Road With Wireless Development Seminar Series for E-Business

LATH078 04/05/2001 12:49 r e bc-CA-Hollywood-Pictures The Honour of Your Presence is Hereby Requested at the Jousting Event To Kick Off the Opening of Hollywood Pictures' JUST VISITING, Friday, 6 April 2001 AD,

LATH077 04/05/2001 12:50 r f bc-CA-SPF-conf.-call (IRVINE) Standard Pacific Corp. Conference Call and Webcast for March Quarter Results Scheduled for April 25, 2001

LATH075 04/05/2001 12:52 r f bc-CA-Toyota-Skid-Contrl (TORRANCE) Toyota Expands Installation of Vehicle Skid Control Technology

SFTH070 04/05/2001 12:52 r f bc-CA-CBS-MarketWatch (CHICAGO) and Pearson PLC's Learning Network Team Up to Offer Online Personal Finance Courses

DATH028 04/05/2001 12:56 r f bc-NY-Greka-Energy (NEW YORK) Greka Announces First Deep Cretaceous Gas Test on Its 9,000 Acre Lease Block In Fresno County, California

SFTH060 04/05/2001 13:00 r n bc-CA-Dept-Alcoholic-Bev (OAKLAND) ABC Revokes Vallejo Liquor License
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