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PPP needs transformation.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged to death in 1979. When country was in command of a dictatorship but his party could not be wiped out from Pakistan and from the heart of Pakistani people, Although ZAB legacy has discontinued as hierarchy has fallen at the hand of Asif Ali Zardari since Benazir Bhutto was martyred in 2007 at Liaquat Bagh but her assassination brought PPP back in centre to form the government. Indeed the way PPP has emerged when the country and needy people particularly labour class , cultivator , peasant ,desperately need leadership to represent them to get their voiced heard by authorities on the helm.

Country has witnessed four tenures of PPP but Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto era's and his leadership has left the mark at the heart of common people. Party was created to address the issues of needy people instead of serving for elite class.

I have grown up in a locality where PPP has been considered the party of poverty stricken people because of its manifesto and generous funding to lift the standard of ordinary people. I would like to share my personnel experience that a number of needy people got employment in government institutions when PPP came in centre to rule the country but opposition often made hue and cry of over-staffing and demerit.

One thing need to be asked that why PPP has taken this responsibility to regularizes the employees that have been perishing in government institution why didn't PML-N why didn't PML-Q neither recruited nor regularizes the employees in key government institution. Meanwhile party manifesto to provide jobs and shelter to the citizen of Pakistan has remained intact but favoritism and nepotism have ruined the manifesto, hierarchy has to know that era has gone to garner votes on the name of Bhutto and his family as they have met the consequences of negligence in 2018 general election.

Albeit allegations made by leadership that mandate was stolen and elections were rigged but repercussion were roaming that time has come to change in centre which we have seen predictable defeat of PPP at Punjab as party has confined in Sindh. Although hidden forces have tried their best to oust PPP from Sindh through creation of Grand Democratic Alliance but went in vain.

Emergence of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to lead the party has restored the image of PPP but defeat for centre was indispensable because of party policies and negligence. As emotions aroused in 2008 to support PPP around the country in the same manner people voted to PTI for a change but PTI-led government has been struggling to win the heart of labour class as initially inflation has risen to touch the sky.

Meanwhile Bilawal needed to free him self from the clutches of his father to run the party affair he needs to follow the footstep of his mother and ZAB tow in the heart of ordinary people, he has to narrow the widening gap between voter and leadership . PPP and Lyari are correlated but stronghold was stolen by hidden forces but party has been generous to Lyari the way institution were established to facilitated the slum of Karachi, Bilawal denied the defeat at Lyari and told that he could not imagine how did voter denied to vote to their beloved party and son of BB, he expressed displeasure with his party member that I have garnered more votes in Malakand than Lyari despite not visiting Malakand.

My humble advise to him is that party lack educated people in Lyari beside funds allocated to slum's development has been incomparable , Party could not be defeated in general election if leadership had taken the interest earlier to monitor the development funds. It has been exposed that jobs were sold, funds were plundered as slums have been in precarious condition despite allocating billion rupees to lift the standard of resident.

If party wanted to restore the image then it need to be stick with it manifesto beside 65 percent populations of country's age is 25 to 30 they need employment and corruption free environment as social media was used as tool to demoralized PPP before election a number of pictures were uploaded showing that people of interior Sindh with hunger and unhygienic living conditions have not changed by PPP despite has been ruling there since the party was created. Bilawal needs to overcome above mentioned issue to become a genuine leader of Pakistan beside Jiye Bhutto slogan has become very old to this new generation , he has to know that ZAB embraced martyrdom but could not bowed his head to dictatorship.

Before creation of PPP ZAB got lavish offer from Ayub Khan but denied because field to marshal knew that he had potential to run the country. ZAB made speech in UNSC and made effort to raise the issue of Kashmir and its persecuted people, world representative had to hear the speech of charismatic leader of Pakistan.

Bilawal has a long way to emulate Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto but being man in command he has to transform the party of /to corruption ridden to corruption free party.
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Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
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Date:Apr 12, 2019
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