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PPMA Show 05: the complete production line event.

The PPMA Show, taking place 27-29 September at the NEC, Birmingham, is an ideal opportunity for those wishing to explore the latest technology in processing and packaging. This year's PPMA Show is expecting more than 300 exhibitors, many of whom have returned year after year to take part in the show. The organisers, the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) and Reed Exhibitions, are predicting that between 8000 and 11000 visitors will attend the event.

The show boasts a no-frills approach, a traditional visitor-friendly atmosphere and the chance to meet up with colleagues and associates in the industry. For further information and to pre-order tickets visit


Masterfil continues to produce machines that are flexible, efficient, easy to use and highly competitive in price. On display will be a range of filling and capping machines. The company's flowmeter range continues to be developed with key characteristics of flexibility, ease of cleaning, size changing and accuracy. Applications have already extended from personal care products through to mineral and edible oils, fruit juice, sauces and other food products, bulk chemicals and paint. Masterfil have now expanded this list to include the dairy industry. The newly developed six-head flowmeter filler is fed by a pressure vessel incorporating a spray ball for cleaning. The machine can fill at a speed of 60 bottles per minute with room for expansion as it is built to accommodate extra heads allowing a speed of up to 120 per minute to be achieved. The flexible filler can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of different styles of packaging. The Masterfil software control programme on the machine is used to set the volume, fill and nozzle rise speeds, and conveyor speeds. It has the ability to save up to 100 product profiles. The filler CIP/SIP system can be integrated with the dairy system offering a choice of joint cleaning and sterilisation with the benefits of convenience and shortened down time. There is a separate cleaning and sterilisation option which allows greater flexibility. Also on show is the Mastercap Capper already known throughout the industry for its ability to handle a wide variety of caps. This machine features accurate torque control by magnetic or servo chuck and push button height adjustment. Mastercap can handle flip or screw on caps and has a progressive new mechanism which enables line speeds to be increased by up to 50% quicker than the throughput traditionally achieved by single spindle cappers.

Stand 9531

Contact Masterfil on tel: 01296 425001 or visit


Cobalt IS Auto ID

At the PPMA Show Cobalt, specialists in Print Apply Labelling systems, will be showcasing the Cobalt Sentinel, the Inline Verification and data capture system that offers accurate and reliable product identification with full compliance to EAN and EU178 requirements. Cobalt is also launching its new nonstop Pallet Labeller performing at up to 150 pallets per hour, with full self checking and self correction routines that ensures that no pallet is ever poorly labelled.

The comprehensive range of Auto ID products include scanning, datacapture, printers, inkjet, RFID, consumables, track and trace, label design, installation and training.

Stand 9426

Contact Cobalt IS Auto ID on tel: 01606 42500 or visit


Holmes Mann

On the Holmes Mann stand there will be the new Slat Wrapping Robot. Featuring adjustable film tension, film carriage speed, and robot drive speed, it is equipped with a frontal anti-collision barrier and rear anti-deflection sensor. It gives a flashing and acoustic warning at the start of the wrapping cycle, and has a pallet height sensing photocell, a range of pre-set cycles, and a manual cycle. Also on display will be a new Slat Paklet static stretchwrapper and a Slat $2 carton sealer. Manufacturers of bespoke timber and corrugated cases, as well as plain and printed paper robes, Holmes Mann are also stockists of a wide range of packaging materials, such as tapes, film, bubble, strap, and many more.

Stand 12010

Contact Holmes Mann on tel: 01274 735881 or visit


FP Packaging Machinery

FP will be exhibiting it's latest range of tray denesting and pick & place machinery designed and manufactured at it's Guildford factory. The FP Pneufeed tray denester is capable of denesting a wide range of tray sizes and types without the need for denest features and with the ability to make fast tool free size changes.

The FP pick & place units are highly versatile and capable of many applications including tray denesting, snap on lidding, card placing including "U" and "J" cards. and placing of other stackable products. These machines have been developed to achieve very high standards of reliability and performance with quick and easy size change. The range includes a version for use in a ready meal factory environment. In addition FP also manufacture and supply conveyor work, automatic transfer units for feeding trays from plain conveyors into flighted conveyors and motor driven tamping stations for closing snap-on lids. These accessories enable full integration of the FP denesting and pick & place machinery into new or existing production lines. FP will also show for the first time a compact and highly flexible automatic sleeving machine for applying pre-made card sleeves to trays and also a labelling machine for applying "sleeve effect" labels to trays, which can result in significant savings over card equivalents. Both machines are manufactured by Ennegi of Italy.

Stand 9242

Contact FP Packaging on tel: 01483 532811 or visit


Cap Coder

It was 10 years to the day when Cap Coder received a request for change parts to run a similar product on one of the on-line capping machines. A quick sum showed that amortising the cost of the machine against the number of caps screwed on at 50/min gave a cost of 28 caps per penny. That particular machine was a CC550 and they now have the CC560, which is thought to be better. The machine can still be installed over an existing conveyor and the starwheel is still indexed by an overhead drive unit, but now the number of indexes per revolution is pre-programmed into the PLC so that one moment you can be using a 4-pocket starwheel to run a one-gallon jerry-can and the next moment a 24-pocket starwheel to run, say, a 30ml bottle (the machine is designed to take that range of bottle sizes). The heart of the machine is the swing torque heads, which are mounted on a contra-rotating beam so that whilst one head is screwing a cap onto a bottle, the other is picking up a cap. This is by far the best way to get a cap onto a bottle properly. To pick up the cap with the torque head and then screw it on works for all caps, not just some, and it is comfortable at 40/min. The choice of pneumatic or electric drive motors for the torque heads provides many options and the three cap-gripping fingers on each head are rubber-lined to ensure that there is no damage even on highly polished metallised caps.

Stand 9235

Contact Cap Coder on tel: 01865 891466 or visit


Endoline Machinery

Endoline Machinery is as ready as Shell Ready Packaging (SRP) for this year's PPMA show with its range of standard and bespoke end-of-line packaging machinery.

The Endoline 221 case erector will be working alongside the 310 Series 'pick & place' case packing machine and Endoline 602 case sealer; all of which can work together as a turnkey system or individually as stand-alone units. They handle a wide variety of outer cases--including SRP, which can be challenging to erect and seal. Endoline manufactures a range of erectors and sealers that do not damage the case and has adapted existing machines to accept certain styles of SRP cases. Other exhibits include the new Endoline 734, fully automatic, random case taping machine. Setting a new standard in high speed case sealing it incorporates the latest technology to seal, automatically close and seal a fully random size feed of cases at up to twenty cases per minute.

Stand 9330 & 9331

Contact Endoline Machinery on tel: 01767 316422 or visit



Spiroflow are promoting their powder handling capabilities with much emphasis on containment and compliance with the Atex Directive. Containment and compliance with Atex are prominent features of their comprehensive ranges of flexible screw conveyors, nero-mechanical conveyors, bulk bag (FIBC) filling machines and bulk bag (FIBC) dischargers. Exhibits from across the range are available for close inspection, with engineers on hand to discuss specific applications. Sprioflow have had much success in the food industry. Their extensive ranges of flexible screw and nero-mechanical conveyors offer simple, hygienic and easy to clean conveying solutions for a number of products. Spiroflow are specialists in the discharging and weighing of dry bulk solids and ingredients from bulk bags (FIBCs). Given the extensive use of FIBCs in the food industry, the use of a properly specified Spiroflow Discharger will ensure operator well-being, as well as a clean environment and reliable performance.

Stand 9120

Contact Spiroflow on tel: 01200 422525 or visit



Fischbein, one of the World leaders in Bag Closing Technology, will exhibit several pieces of equipment to close "open mouth" bags: By sewing; The famous Portable Model F: fast, robust, works with ease on a bagging line, requires minimum maintenance. The sewing Head Model 200: fast and powerful, the mechanical moving parts are completely sealed in oil, to ensure an excellent protection against dust and dirt. The sewing system MTR-100 equipped with an infeed system to bring the top of the bag automatically into the sewing head without any operator. It closes paper, polypropylene or polyethylene bags. By gluing; The PBC 6000 to close pre-glued multi-layer paper bags of "pinch" type for a siftproof closure. By sealing; Fischbein-Saxon's new generation of sealers: SH 1000 Hot Air Sealer represents the most advanced bag sealing technology available today. It features the latest in PID temperature-control, innovative direct drive, enhanced airflow design guaranteeing a high efficiency heat transfer system that seals thicker bags. SAXON SB 1000+ sealer, this new version benefits from increased heating performances (1 kW) and of the presence of crimp wheels procuring faster output and excellent seals. Manual sealers (CD, CP, CF) where the sealing is carried out by contact with heating capsules.

Stand 9341

Contact Fischbein on tel: 0870 160 9314 or visit


Silverson Machines

The new Silverson Sauce Plant is suitable for pilot and small scale production of sauces including mayonnaise for the ready-to-use market. With a batch size of 100-200 litres, the unit is designed to meet the need for a simple and reliable plant which overcomes the problems associated with manual production, providing the repeatability and quality of large scale systems without the considerable capital expenditure. Silverson will also be showing the latest safety interlocked mobile hydraulic floor stand for their high shear batch mixers and the new stainless steel finish laboratory mixer. Alongside these new products Silverson will be demonstrating their established range of Batch, In-Line, Bottom Entry and Ultramix mixers.

Stand 9136

Contact Silverson on tel: 01494 786331 or visit


Weyfringe Barcode & Labelling Systems

Weyfringe have booked their largest ever exhibition stand of over 17 m. long to allow a large range of label applicators and label printing equipment to be shown. New for 2005 will be the Real Time Labeller (RTL). The RTL label print and apply system is suitable for both box and pallet labelling and is available with a wide selection of options to meet all requirements. On show, and available for interactive demonstration, will be two versions; a top labelling unit and also a front and side labelling version. Bottom and wrap-round labelling, in either tamp or blow on, are also available. Apply only applicators and a sub 4000 [pounds sterling] label print and apply system will also be displayed complete with conveyors for live demonstrations. Thermal transfer and full colour ink jet reel-to-reel desktop label printers will be on the stand in both stand-alone and PC driven form. Weyfringe are the sole UK distributors for the H Series thermal transfer printer and are also MCL accredited Datamax resellers and will be showing both ranges at the show. Barcode verifiers allowing quick and simple checking of barcode integrity (to major retailer standards) will be available for demonstration in conjunction with a special promotion offering free gifts to visitors who can identify the bad code from three samples.

Stand 11306

Contact Weyfringe on tel: 01642 490121 or visit


Radix Systems

Radix Systems Limited continue their expansion of the new Autosort MC range with the launch of the MC-D model. The new Autosort MC-D72 offers double-sided inspection to detect defects that can be seen on one side of the product only. Such defects can be the green top of a sliced carrot, a mouldy peanut or a bad crisp buried in the product. Two or four cameras are positioned to give an all-round view. A new unique ejector configuration combined with very fast acting pneumatic valves ensures highly accurate removal of defects and contaminants with greatly reduced wastage of any good material. This sorter has at its heart the latest Radix purpose-designed 'Snapshot' processing engine, capable of inspecting up to 100,000 items per minute. Higher speed line-scan cameras allow detection of defects as small as 0.5mm. Utilising four specific wavelengths for illumination gives a wealth of information, including high speed analysis of spectral signature. This enables detection of subtle colour differences and even contaminants with same colour as the product. In addition to colour, the Autosort MC-D can also detect size or shape defects in snacks, nuts, biscuits, rice cakes, vegetables etc. and remove these individually. The MC-D range is available in three standard sizes, to cater for small, medium and large capacity lines. As for some other Autosorts, they take up as little as one metre line length and are equally capable of being incorporated into new lines or fitted into existing ones. Radix Systems manufacture a range of electronic sorters for the food industry. Their biscuit, dehydrated vegetable, herb and potato flake sorters are established throughout Europe as leading machines for these applications. Their Qualisizer M is a visual analysis system, providing information on the appearance of a product and giving detailed reports for use by Quality Control and Production management. It is available for on-line, near-line and off-line installations.

Stand 12164

Contact Radix on tel: 01794 830240 or visit


Quin Systems

An automated case-packing solution which offers previously unseen speeds is the central focus of Quin Systems' stand at this years show. Drawing on its extensive experience in control and automation, Quin analysed the production line inside out and identified a significant bottleneck at the case packing stage where, up until now, slow manual intervention was the only way of packing multi-layer boxes. The Quin Casepacker is based on Quin's unique and innovative RTheta product handling technology; specifically developed to provide exceptional levels of performance even in the most demanding applications while avoiding the cost and complexity associated with robot-based solutions. Typically capable of 70 picks per minute with loads of up to 2kg, the system is scaleable to match the range of movements needed for individual applications. It is easy to integrate with other production line equipment and, thanks to a simple graphical interface, its operation can be easily modified and fine-tuned by the user. Throughout the show, Quin personnel will be available on the stand to demonstrate the significant benefits that the solution brings to the end-of-line, including the considerable cost savings and productivity gains to be made in specific applications. To further illustrate the versatility of RTheta, Quin is also featuring a conveyor feeder built around RTheta technology. This system shows how products can be picked up and accurately placed in conveyor pockets at rates of up to 100 picks per minute, eliminating the need for costly labour-intensive manual packaging solutions.

Stand 11121

Contact Quin on tel: 0118 977 1077 or visit


Martis Engineering

Martis Engineering will be using its attendance at the PPMA show to launch the Air-Tec Systems range of pneumatic conveyor equipment. Air-Tec Systems are typically used to transport granular and powdered products across a wide range of flows and distances in dense phases at controlled velocities. This means less equipment is required than with conventional systems. Importantly, fragile and abrasive material can be transported with minimal product and system damage or degradation, resulting in lower installation, operation and maintenance costs. Martis Engineering has been providing process solutions for materials handling applications since 1977 and, as Air-Tec Systems exclusive UK distributor, is able to offer a full system design, installation and commissioning capability. This includes all mechanical and electrical controls, PLC and SCADA software design and implementation, training and on-site support and service maintenance contracts. For further information on the Air-Tec Systems range of pneumatic conveyor equipment visit the Martis Engineering stand.

Stand 9648

Contact Martis Engineering on tel: 01553 762538 or visit


Astec Conveyors

Astec Conveyors will exhibit a range of specialist conveying units that has provided customers with cost effective solutions for handling small, lightweight products through to heavy duty pallet applications. Designed and manufactured in the UK, conveyor modules can be engineered in mild or food quality stainless steel, supplied with controls and automation enabling full integration with other production line equipment. A working conveying system will be displayed including driven roller accumulation conveyors, a side grip elevator and vertical spiral conveyor, providing versatile and smooth transfer of product between different floor levels. An On-line Vision System will also be demonstrated to identify untaped cases. The unit can be integrated into any end-of-line automated system to maintain quality and increase efficiency. Astec's Channeliser' can be used to automatically divert and route product, dividing or combining flow of product at speed, selected by weight, height, barcode, vision monitoring, etc. The versatile Channeliser can be used in many process and packaging applications including check-weighing, product detection, lidding and labelling. Offering one of the smallest footprint areas for elevating product up/down between floor levels, Astec spirals are available in painted mild steel or food quality stainless steel. These versatile conveyors will transport cartons, totes, fresh produce, sacks, shrinkwrapped product, bundles, single cans and bottles, etc; providing low cost, reliable conveying with minimum maintenance. Details of Astec's modular powered roller and belt conveyor range will also be displayed as well as heavy duty pallet handling equipment including roller and chain conveyors, transfer cars, turntables, stackers/destackers and energy efficient counter balanced pallet lifts.

Stand 11417 Contact Astec

Conveyors on tel. 01283 210333 or visit


Packaging Automation

One of the leaders in the design and manufacture of tray sealing and filling equipment, Packaging Automation, will launch the latest addition to its impressive machine range at this years' PPMA show. The low cost, high quality, pot filling and heat sealing Fastfill 40 joins the line-up in the company's exciting volumetric range. Targeted at producers within the convenience food sector, the "baby" of the Fastfill range is capable of a production speed of 33 packs per minute. It is manufactured in stainless steel with easy to remove parts so the highest hygiene levels can be maintained. Visitors to the stand will see how easily different pot sizes can be accommodated as the machine has been designed with quick release locator segments. The Fastfill 40 will seal pre-cut lids as well as film, and a date coder can be accommodated for both. It has the flexibility to be used with both dry and liquid products--and for those not ready to buy outright, the machine is available on hire. Also on prominent display will be another machine from the Fastfill range--the Fastfill 60. This high spec model incorporates an advanced control system with programmable recipe control, self: diagnostics, and real time adjustment of all operating parameters including fill weights, seal time and film feed. It is ideal for producers who want higher production speeds and the option of gas flushing for MAP packaging. Again hygiene standards and case of cleaning are key in the design of the Fastfill 60--the stainless steel machine bed mad open layout make it easy to reach all areas for cleaning, and any potential bug traps have been designed out. A multi positional touch sensitive control screen is incorporated. Alongside the Fastfill models Packaging Automation will also have two impressive tray sealing solutions.

Stand ll213

Contact Packaging Automation on tel: 01565 755000 or visit


Automac UK

Grupppo Fabbri has long been synonymous, throughout the world, for high quality over-wrapping machinery. Automac UK Limited, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gruppo Fabbri. is proud to announce the UK launch of the latest addition to their range of products--Atmopack[R]. Atmopack[R] rewrites the MAP rules providing a new look for modified atmosphere packaging by utilising a new machine system, in combination with an exclusive 100%+ stretchable barrier film Pebar[R]. The system considerably reduces the final packaging costs whilst retaining the highest safety and shelf-life levels typical of modified atmosphere packaging requirements. The automatic wrapping machine Atmopack[R] has been designed to provide high performance and flexibility and, due to its overall compact dimensions, permits operation even within restrictive working areas. The show oilers an ideal platform for the official launch of this important innovation.

Stand 12261

Contact Automac (UK) on tel: 01606 831113 or visit


Conveyer Systems

Conveyor Systems Limited (CSL) will exhibit a range of conveyors including the innovative spiral elevator, and demonstrate their 'handling solution' capabilities. From single conveying modules, through to turnkey projects with full control systems, CSL have designed, installed and commissioned innovative handling solutions for assembly, end-of-line and warehousing applications. To meet the needs of operations which are on different floor levels, CSL offer a simple robustly designed range of space saving, spiral elevators/lowerators providing smooth continuous flow and high throughput of product within a very small footprint. The versatile spiral conveyor can be operated in reverse and has the capability to handle various sizes and types of products at the same time. It can also be used to provide accumulation and buffer storage, playing an important role in an integrated conveying system. The continuous slatted belt construction conveys product from infeed to discharge as simply and effectively as a straight conveyor, and can easily be linked to CSL's new flexible conveying system. This versatile, energy efficient flexible slat band modular conveyor provides optimum handling solutions, as a wide range of product can be transported around curves, up inclines and straight sections. With only one motor driving long sections of conveyors, systems are simple to integrate and energy efficient. Available in slat band widths up to 600mm, with side frames in galvanised, powder coated or food quality stainless steel, the clean hygienic profile makes these conveyors ideally suited for food, drink, pharmaceutical and packaging applications. Details of CSL's new range of heavy duty pallet handling conveyors will be displayed. Using standard modules as a base, CSL can design a complete pallet handling system lot heavy duty applications in mild steel or, stainless steel for food quality applications even in arctic cold store conditions. CSL will also exhibit a range of powered roller conveyors in mild and stainless steel for handling cases, shrink-wrapped packs, tote bins, boxes, dollies, cages, etc.

Stand 11102

Contact Conveyer Systems on tel: 01283 552255 or visit


Planet Flowline

Planet Flowline will be having a 60m stand at the forthcoming PPMA Show in which they will display a range of machinery which illustrates their capability to supply equipment both for individual applications and for complete lines in the Food, Drink, Snack Food, Ready Meal and PET Bottle Manufacturing Industries. For the first time Planet Flowline will be displaying a Pilot Overpressure Autoclave from Surdry of Spain. The Unit will illustrate the special features of this new and competitive range of stainless steel sterilisers, which are available both in static, rotary and agitation mode and are primarily designed for use in the canning and ready meal industries. From Italy a new Tecnovac Cronos Tray Sealing Machine will be displayed. This hygienically designed new range of machines has proved to be very popular in the UK with major installations taking place in the last twelve months. Pride of place on the Stand will be a Planet Model 300 Triple Pass Snack Food Dryer which is manufactured in the UK. The machine displayed will be one of a range of very successful and extremely efficient stainless steel Dryers designed for the snack food industry, which have had great export success during 2005. Other items to be displayed on the stand will be a range of products which are manufactured using Planet Flowline's wide range of equipment together with illustrations of the latest installations throughout the World. Planet Flowline's staff look forward to welcoming visitors at The PPMA Show.

Stand 9911

Contact Planet Flowline on tel: 01178 341166 or visit


Aetna UK

September sees the welcome return of the PPMA Show after a two-year absence, bringing with it hopefully, a more focussed visitor with a specific interest and perhaps a budget to spend. Certainly the past 18 months has been a time of continued consolidation throughout the UK manufacturing base with relatively little investment. The processing and packaging machinery industry at large sees this as a new beginning and Aetna UK are no exception. Having consolidated their position as the market leader for the supply of pallet stretch wrapping systems, it is no surprise that their display will include the very latest Robopac semi auto pallet wrappers from entry level to sophistication for the more demanding applications. These systems continue to excite the quality conscious market at the most competitive prices. Sales of this range continue to rise at 20% per annum and the Aetna service and support teams continue to strengthen across the country. With customer numbers increasing so rapidly, necessary investment continues. New to the UK will be the Robopac Genesis Furuta pallet wrapping system which has been introduced for lower speeds of between 45 and 60 pallets tin hour with top sheet. This new system makes 'ring' wrapping available at a very affordable price and is available with two rotation speeds. It is robust and easy to operate and has a minimum footprint. With the Robopac Genesis already well established at the higher speed end of the market, this timely introduction brings 'ring' availability for lower speeds at a very competitive price. In addition, Aetna will also be showing for the first time a brand new side seal shrink wrapping system. Ideal for wrapping a range of smaller cartons, boxes or packages. As usual there will be other wrapping systems, both vertical and horizontal and there will also be a new polyethylene spiral wrapper called the Compactor. There will be plenty of highly experienced staff members on hand to advise on all aspects of film wrapping, whether it be shrink or stretch, low speeds or high. The Aetna team look forward to the PPMA with a degree of optimism expecting it to provide a boost to year-end activity and find orders for early 2006.

Stand 11410

Contact Aetna on tel: 01234 825050 or visit


Fortress Technology Europe

Metal Detector manufacturers Fortress Technology will be exhibiting the latest range of Metal Detection systems for both "in-process" and end-of-line inspection equipment developed to satisfy a wide range of applications. Included will be the CONTACT data collection package which runs over a "Wireless" Ethernet network system allowing immediate and historic data collection from an unlimited number of machines. This event logging and data collection system provides the user with an easy to install solution for quality assurance record keeping and the collection of valuable information to assist in preventative maintenance procedures. Setup details relating to current product information and calibration are recorded so any changes in set are quickly identified. As well as "live" detector performance reporting CONTACT provides the facility for automatic report scheduling to coinside with shift times as well as "on demand" printouts. CONTACT is also available in an RS485 and standard Ethernet configuration.

Stand 12-200

Contact Fortress Technology (Europe)

on tel: 01295 256266 or visit



Sunala will be demonstrating a range of coding solutions at this year's PPMA Show. Amongst the innovations on display is the Wolke m600 printer. Incorporating advanced HP technology and using water-based inks, the user-friendly system delivers clean and maintenance-free coding onto a wide range of substrates. In addition, Sunala and Travtec will be showing the

VP2020 Digital Label Printer for full colour in-house label printing on-demand and the latest version of its Basecoding Unit for the inkjet printing of data onto the base of bottles, cans and jars, which now offer full stainless steel construction and new quick adjustment features.

Other equipment on show will include the TR-750 Speedfeeder, which provides high speed feeding of flat cartons and blistercards for labelling, print and apply labelling and inkjet printing, and a Cap Pressing Unit for the on-line pressing of hand or machine applied overcaps and lids.

Stand 9310

Contact Sunala on tel: 01942 674440 or visit


Industrial Washing Machines

Industrial Washing Machines Ltd has used its long established experience of designing and manufacturing all types of tray washers, to develop a new compact design for their respected Crusader range of tray washers. Customers want a high quality continuous washing solution, designed for a smaller washing area, and of course, at an affordable cost. The Crusader T200 offers the perfect solution. This is a continuous, all stainless steel, conveyor driven, tray washing system that is designed to wash and rinse up to 200 plastic crates per hour. The standard model is extremely compact at only 2m. long and has a re-circulated high power hot water and detergent wash system. This is followed by the rinse section which uses mains led fresh water that is controlled by a solenoid. This opens the water valve only when the machine is operating and thereby prevents wasted water consumption.

The machine can be supplied with steam or electric heating--which is thermostatically controlled and with automatic 'low water level" protection as standard. All of IWM's traditional features are fitted, including IP65 stainless steel control panel, variable speed stainless steel conveyor and the latest IWM hygienic design features. Optional features include a one-man operation design, automatic detergent dosing system, stainless steel exhaust and a conveyor in-feed/out-feed option.

Stand 9558

Contact Industrial Washing Machines on tel: 0121 459 9511 or visit



Flexicon (Europe) Ltd. will be featuring their fully automated, multipoint, hopper loader system based on its range of flexible spiral conveyors. This is designed for metering bulk materials to multiple processing, moulding or packaging machinery, often over long distances when field-installed. Systems include sack emptying or bulk bag (FIBC) unloading stations, suitable for hygienic handling of free and semi-free-flowing powders and granules. Expandable, modular design enables low cost, custom building to individual application with optimum accuracy maintained under central PLC control.

Low friction, serf-centring screw conveyors eliminate material build-up and avoid the risk of blended particles separating during transfer. The absence of internal bearings, cyclone separators or other wearing components results in reliable, low maintenance operation and minimises possibility of cross contamination or product spillage. Fully complying with FDA and USDA regulations, as well as the EU Health and Safety directives, applications can include multi-ingredient blending, which is enhanced by the continuous rolling turbulence created within the conveyor tube. Multiple inlet and multiple delivery arrangements can be designed with automatically actuated valves, level sensors and loss-in-weight feeders for integration with plant-wide control systems. Conveyors can be routed up to 24m (80ft) horizontally with greater distance achieved by linking additional conveyors. Flexicon's spiral conveyor is a fully enclosed design in which a spiral rotates inside a tube. It gives a constant throughput while preventing dust from escaping and can be cleaned easily by reversing the direction of rotation.

Sack emptying stations can be equipped with a reverse-pulse filter cleaning system to provide continuous dust extraction. All material contact surfaces are available in stainless steel finish to meet food and pharmaceutical quality standards.

Contact Flexicon on tel: 01227 374710 or visit



HBM is showing it's recently developed FIT[R] (Fast Intelligent Transducer) series of single-point load cells by improving the mechanical design and integrated electronics to meet the needs of dynamic weighing, dosing and filling systems. FIT load cells are designed with a very efficient trigger function to meet the needs of checkweighers for event-controlled weighing while fully configurable I/Os give a high degree of control over the load cells' functionality. The digital signal processing has been improved with fast transient digital filters allowing highly accurate and rapid dynamic measurement. To meet the demands for sorting and grading products rapidly, FIT has two limit value switches including hysteresis. FIT also provides lull dosing control of coarse and fine feed valves and automatic optimization of dosing parameters. A graphics function in the software shows the behaviour of the dynamic weighing signal over time to optimize, for example, the dosing process. A laser-welded stainless steel housing, conforming to IP 66 standards, gives the FIT load cell excellent rigidity and allows the load cell be used in aggressive environments, such as in the food industry where solvents are frequently present. The ratio of minimum verification interval (OIML R60) to maximum capacity is 10,000 giving a very accurate load cell.

Stand 12466

Contact HBM on tel: 020 8515 6100 or visit


Ishida Europe

A number of new machines on display include Ishida's QX Tray Sealer with integrated checkweigher, the UK debut of the groundbreaking R Series multihead weigher and the company's new Atlas bagmaker, which will also be shown as part of an ITPS (Integrated Total Packing System) for snacks. The incorporation of an Ishida DACS checkweigher in the QX775 Tray Sealer enables pack weights to be checked prior to sealing, thereby minimising packaging and product waste, and providing valuable production data that can be fed back to equipment further up the line.

Offering high speeds (up to 100 packs per minute) and ease of product changeover, the QX775 is ideal for busy and pressurised food manufacturing environments where retailer demands have led to reduced lead times and shorter production runs for an ever increasing number of products and pack formats. It also features Ishida's unique inside cut technology, which enables each tray to be top sealed without any film overlapping the tray rim to enhance pack appearance and reduce film consumption by at least 5%. Ishida says the R Series has taken multihead weighing technology to another level. The new machines include more weigh heads per calculation, calculating 16 times as many weight combinations and selecting three suitable candidate combinations for each weighment instead of one--in one fifth of the time taken previously. The extra combinations and selections mean that, despite being much taster, the new R-Series is significantly more accurate and efficient. Even in average weight mode, the accuracy increase delivers a 0.5% increase in yield compared with Ishida's previous best machines. Against less accurate weighers, the yield increase could amount to several percentage points. This enables the weigher to deliver more finished packs from the same amount of product.

The Atlas bagmaker has been designed by Ishida to meet the requirements of high speed, high pressure snack food packing lines. The bagmaker can be combined with a new R Series multihead weigher, Ishida seal tester and checkweigher to provide a fully integrated packing system for snacks. This new ITPS will also be demonstrated at the exhibition.

Stand 12231

Contact Ishida Europe on tel: 0121 607 7700 or visit



Rynex Material Handling Solutions are proud to announce a partnership with Kuka Robots, to offer specialised automated Robotic packaging and processing machine lines for the food industry. The unique hygienic configuration, with easy to clean sterile surfaces, make these solutions the first choice in all branches of the food industry. No other industry sector combines such a wide variety of products, packaging types or handling variants as the food industry, which is where the versatility and flexibility of these Robotic solutions can be exploited to the full. Examples of Robots that can be supplied and which are stainless steel, washdown with a protective suit, or Artic which can be used in environments with temperatures down to -30c.

Typical applications are cutting or packaging of meat, stirring, turning or processing dairy products, or handling frozen foods, de-palletising, warehousing and order picking. These systems are designed to work with greater speed, precision and productivity than conventional methods, combined with higher quality. The high flexibility of the range means that the solution can be optimally integrated into existing manufacturing operations. This is further simplified by the use of integrated sensors and measuring systems enabling the simple implementation of complex processes.

Stand 12150

Contact Rynex on tel: 01698 818 585 or visit


Weber Marking Systems

Weber Marking Systems will be showing a new version of its exclusive Legitronic[R] Labelling Software that adds Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) smart label encoding capabilities to its traditional label design and printing functionality.

The enhanced Legitronic[R] Labelling Software is an intuitive software package that combines advanced editing and other key features to maximise the efficiency of labelling formatting, editing, printing and RFID encoding for virtually any application. It is compatible with thermal-transfer, direct-thermal and laser label printers and RFID printer-encoders, as well as with standard Windows[R]-based printers. Other innovations include the new Model 2600 Series Label Printer-Applicator, a lightweight, in-line unit that delivers high quality label printing with simultaneous application for fast, consistent pressure sensitive labelling, capable of printing 203- or 300-dpi text. bar codes and graphic images at speeds up to 12" per second. RFID solutions include the Weber 5200rfid smart label printer-applicator, which features an integrated system that can print, encode, verify and apply pressure-sensitive REID smart labels to cartons and pallet loads in one operation.

As labels are printed, digital information is instantly encoded onto thin, ultrahigh frequency (UHF) tags that are embedded in the smart label material. The encoded information is verified immediately by the system and the smart label is then applied to the top or side of a carton or pallet load as required. For simple application of RFID labels, Weber offers the Alpha RFID that can apply smart labels up to 4.72" wide and 6" long at high speed, maintaining an application accuracy of [+ or -] 0.04".

As a smart label is unwound from its supply roll. an RFID reader transmits digital information to the UHF tag. The information is verified immediately by the system and, if the tag is non-compliant, the applicator automatically disengages and the faulty smart label is rewound onto the take-up roll for subsequent removal.

Stand 9220

Contact Weber Marketing Systems on tel: 0187 5611111 or visit


Limpet Tapes

End of line packaging equipment specialists Limpet Tapes will be showing the latest development of the revolutionary Lock 'n' Pop pallet stabilisation system for applications using plastic sacks. Lock 'n' Pop has had continued success especially in the food and beverage industries. By unitising without using wraps, straps, hot glues or cold adhesives. Lock 'n' Pop can significantly increase pallet stability whilst reducing packaging waste and, in some instances. eliminating it altogether. FDA approved, it is suit able for use on a wide range of materials and will allow partial pallet de-stacking without affecting the stability of the remaining load.

Limpet will also be demonstrating the high definition Merlin ink jet printer which offers unsurpassed coding quality for outer cases & boxes. This will be complemented by the low cost, high performance Midjet range. Also on the Stand will be Limpet's comprehensive range of semi and fully automatic case tapers designed to make case sealing simpler and more reliable than ever. The machines offer simplicity of operation and are ruggedly constructed for high performance with minimum maintenance. Complementing these will be the new range of high performance automatic stretch-wrappers.

Stand 9537

Contact Limpet Tapes on tel: 01296 339200 or visit


Kappa Machine Systems

Kappa Machine Systems, Bristol, designers and manufacturers of case packing equipment, are pleased to have been appointed the agent for the Jaehammi automatic case erector.

It incorporates a unique method of erecting the case without the use of vacuum cups, thereby increasing line efficiencies whilst reducing maintenance and spares costs. Handling all types of corrugated board grades, from very light single wall to heavy double wall cases, it is also ideal for erecting cases with perforated display features, as demanded by more and more retailers. The machine is extremely compact and in-line, requiring very little floor space and offering excellent operator access. Size changes are completed in less than ten minutes. It features a low-level powerfed magazine that can be extended for additional capacity, and will operate at speeds of up to 25 cases per minute. It can also be supplied to run with either tape or hot melt adhesive. Available in three frame sizes, it can erect cases ranging from 250 x 200 x 120mm to 850 x 650 x 600mm.

Stand 9430

Contact Kappa Machine Systems on tel: 0454 328660 or visit



Famatec (UK) will be exhibiting at the PPMA for the first time to show off some of the most advanced innovative materials handling machinery manufactured today by the one of the only companies in Europe to be accredited with ISO 9001 for the design and manufacture of pneumatic manipulators for materials handling. Famatec (UK) was launched in the UK in 2004 and has seen major success with a string of recent orders for pneumatic work handlers from a wide range of companies including, food, pharmaceuticals and other sectors.

With a range of column and overhead mounted units, offering lift capacities up to 600 kg, the Famatec handling manipulator has many unique features, and a host of safety features that make it one of the most sought after machines in the market place for offering fast, efficient operator friendly and cost effective equipment for materials handling.

Stand 9202

Contact Famatec on tel: 01256460706 or visit


Sandiacre / Rose Forgrove

Sandiacre Packaging Machinery and Rose Forgrove, both members of the Molins Packaging Machinery Group, will be demonstrating stainless steel versions of their bagging and flow wrapping equipment. Designed for use in food processing plants as well as medical and other hygienic environments, there will be two stainless steel, vertical form, fill, seal bagging machines being demonstrated by Sandiacre. One will be an intermittent motion TG320-LE, capable of producing bags up to 320mm wide. At the exhibition it will be shown with an auger feed system filling a granular product into block bottom bags. The second machine will be the latest continuous motion bagger from Sandiacre, the TG250-RC, which will be fed by a high-speed multi-head weigher. This bagging machine is capable of producing bags up to 250mm wide at speeds up to 200 bags a minute and sets new standards for the industry, incorporating features such as quick changeover, product in jaw detection and automatic self-centring transport belts. From Rose Forgrove there will be the top-of-the-range horizontal flow wrapper, the Integra HS, which is capable of producing up to 200 packs a minute and can handle all types of heat sealable monolayer films and laminates. Thanks to a long dwell time, the Integra produces a high quality, reliable seal that is ideal for hermetic and modified atmosphere applications. With all other parts manufactured from stainless steel or food grade plastics, it is ideal tot use in food, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Stand 10316

Contact Sandiacre on tel: 0115 967 8787 or visit


Ytron-Quadro (UK)

Ytron-Quadro (UK), will be exhibiting a number of small scale units from the Comil range of size reduction and Quadro-Vac vacuum transfer units from Quadro, liquid mixing, powder incorporation systems and homogenising units from Ytron and powder sampling devices from Labocontrole. Of great interest to the food and beverage industry will be the Ytron Z in-line homogeniser. One of the largest European juice manufacturers, Eckes-Granini Germany and Ytron Process Technology have developed an alternative method of homogenising Fruit Juice Concentrates using the Ytron-Z. In the conventional process, the fruit juice concentrate is processed on a high pressure homogeniser at around 100 bar. The object of this process is to optimise the sensory properties of the juice as well as to reduce the tendency to settle out in the final juice by applying a defined reduction of the particle size. The conventional process is expensive with high capital investment costs and energy consumption, as well as periodic maintenance. YTRONising is a newly developed low cost homogenisation method suitable for juice, pre-mixes and concentrates between 12[degrees] Brix and 60[degrees] Brix.

Stand 9010

Contact Ytron-Quadro on tel: 01494 792898 or visit



Videojet Technologies will be holding an on-stand demonstration to show the importance of reliability, performance and uptime peace of mind at this year's PPMA event--as it exhibits its newly launched Marsh 110 and 3100 large character ink-jet printers and P3400[TM] label printer applicator to the packaging sector. The new products will feature alongside Videojet's full portfolio of marking and coding technologies--including inkjet, laser, TTO, large character marking and RFID. Prospective customers will also have a unique opportunity to question Videojet's experts and match their marking and coding problems to Videojet's latest solutions. The Marsh 1100 and 3100 printers deliver the next technological leap in reliable online printing onto corrugated cases and trays. Able to print 17mm high (Marsh 1100) or 70mm high (Marsh 3100), these printers are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art printing technology and rely on a basic concept: to deliver the best performance and sustainable print quality with minimum maintenance and downtime. The unique and patented automatic self-cleaning and self-maintaining system ensures a perfect and repeatable print quality in every kind of environment. The Marsh 1100 and 3100 represent a dependable means to substantially reduce packaging operating costs, eliminate the cost of labels by printing cases on line, and even eliminate the cost of preprinted cases by reducing inventory cost from low cost 'generic' cases printed online. The P340[TM] features premium-quality thermal transfer printing for high-resolution bar codes and text for shipping labels, which can be fixed anywhere on a shipping carton or case. The P3400[TM] label printer applicator requires fewer label changes, offers increased uptime and uses a thermal transfer printing technique. It also features a modular design for a seamless combination of the base system, a print engine, and one of eight standard application modules. The versatility of a modular design minimises changeover downtime due to its easy-change electronics and air module. Ethernet connectivity, with a host PC, makes the P3400[TM] simple to set up and control through a familiar HTML Web page interface.

Stand 9141

Contact Videojet Technologies on tel: 0870 2405543 or visit



Cremer UK specialise in product counting machines manufactured in Holland and the model range has been extensively developed to enable an accurate count of both large and small quantities of almost any non-interlocking product at speeds to match the customers requirements. This can mean counts of one or a few products at speeds up to 100 drops/minute into the carton, bag, case, jar or bucket conveyor being indexed below it. For applications where the food is in direct contact we have developed easy cleaning and dismantling as well as extensive sealing to enable hose-down. The range of products that can be counted, rather than weighed, in the frozen or part frozen food, bakery and confectionery packaging industry is extensive. Cremer have supplied counters for dried, coated and frozen meat pieces, meat balls, croquettes, bread and similar products and also dried dates, olives, onions and potatoes. They have also supplied counters for confectionery, particularly for assortments and creme filled chocolate eggs. The handling and contact of all products are minimal, which means that when dealing with fragile items the likelihood of an incidents is lower than that many other weighers. At the show we will be demonstrating a CF1220 which is widely used in the vitamin/food supplement and pharmaceutical industries and launching the new Flex Packer.

Stand 12041

Contact Cremer on tel: 01276 35053 / 07766 017696 or visit


AEW Delford Systems

AEW Delford Systems, one of the UK's leading manufactures of weighing, grading, labelling, packaging, slicing and portion control equipment, has extended its range of label applicators. Two new systems--the LS40 and C3--will be on show for the first time in the UK. Designed for the application of promotional and product description labels, the LS40 is a simple, low cost system suitable for all packaging applications. Robustly built in stainless steel, the system is available in a choice of configurations to suit individual production line requirements, including mounting on a floor stand, on an existing conveyer or with integral conveyer. The LS40 can accommodate labels up to 100mm x 150 mm at a nominal speed of 150 packs per minute, with quick release fittings ensuring fast, efficient label change. Larger labels can also be used with a simple web upgrade. The C3 Panel Labeller offers wrap around labelling, enabling a self adhesive label to be positioned around three sides of a tray or container. To ensure 100% adhesion, the pack is driven through the machine by powered side belts and a brush assembly. The stand alone unit can apply pre-printed labels or variable printed labels with the addition of a thermal transfer printer. Optional label formatting software is also available. For products requiring catch weigh labelling, the C3 Applicator can be interfaced with an integral Delford weighing unit that transfers variable information to the thermal printer.

Stand 12235

Contact AEW Delford Systems on tel: 01255 241000 or visit


Marden Edwards

Visitors to the Marden Edwards stand will be presented with a wide choice of options for wrapping products of all types, ranging from a simple L sealer and a shrink tunnel to a high speed automatic overwrapper capable of handling products at speeds up to 200 per minute. Two machines are being launched at the show, the entirely new TM85 back seal overwrapper and an economy version of the well proven B100 overwrapper, the B 100 Popular. This new TM85 has a host of features which make it ideal for producing an excellent wrap on a range of carton sizes, including a fully adjustable lateral seal position to enable the seal to be placed where required, for example to match an existing seal. Capable of handling cartons as small as 45 x 40 x 15mm up to a maximum of 300 x 200 x 85 mm, the TM85 can operate at speeds up to 60 cartons a minute and is intended for applications where a top quality wrap is required such as confectionery packaging. The B 100 Popular provides manufacturers with a low cost entry into the world of high quality, end-fold overwrapping. It shares many features with the standard BI00 such as positive in-line mechanical film draw and low level spindle for ease of loading. It can also handle a wide range of carton sizes and is easy to use and maintain and, thanks to less sophisticated electronics, control systems and restrictions on available options, it has been possible to reduce the price, making it accessible to a wider audience. The TS75 Trailing Edge overwrapper recently shown at Interpack will also be on display. This unit features balcony construction for ease of access to all moving parts and the trailing edge system provides excellent presentation as the faces of the carton are left free from seams. An updated version of the AS60 Sleeve Wrapper as well as a restyled Wraps 703 L sealer and Shrink Tunnel will complete the line up.

Stand 12440

Contact Marden Edwards on tel: 01202 861200 or visit


S+S Inspection The new Raycon range of X-ray

product inspection systems from S+S Inspection to be launched at the PPMA show, combine the latest X-ray scanning technology with advanced image processing to detect both metallic and non-metallic product contamination and identify missing, broken or under weight product. Two models are currently available: the Raycon-S for products up to 240mm wide and the Raycon-M for products up to 380mm.

The Raycon inspection system provides a high level of quality assurance by detecting not only metallic contaminants but also a wide range of non-metallic materials including glass, ceramics, stones, rubber, bone and some plastics. Foil and metallic packaging, such as foil containers used for ready-meals, do not affect the inspection process and salt and moisture content of the product do not compromise the inspection process. The advanced image processing and display enables out-of-specification product to be easily identified. Typically incorrect fills, missing or broken items and malformed product can be detected, as well as mis-shapen packs and flavour clumps. The Raycon system will be available for immediate delivery and can be combined with the S+S modular design conveyor systems to provide a flexible product inspection solution precisely tailored to specific products and manufacturing environments which meets the most demanding quality assurance needs of the packaging industry. The new Raycon X-ray product inspection system, available to suit conveyor widths of 240mm and 360mm, detects a wide range of product contamination plus identification of mis-shapen packs, incorrect fills, missing and broken items and flavour clumps. Inspection is unaffected by metallic and foil packaging or salts and moisture in the product. The 15 inch flat-screen display together with the sophisticated, Windows based image processing software provides an easy to understand display. The size and clarity of the display minimises operator fatigue and increases productivity.

Stand number 12441

Contact S+S Inspection on tel: 01489 889824 or visit


The Autarky Group

The Autarky Group provides effective and reliable factory automation solutions to support a wide range of production and manufacturing applications. Utilising their in-house design, control and fabrication skills, together with their experience in product handling, Autarky has successfully supplied solutions to the Pharmacutical, Food and Confectionery, and other markets. Autarky will be exhibiting the recently launched SL range of modular conveyors. The SL conveyors have been well received by the market due to the benefits the conveyors have delivered to their users. These include low noise generation at high speeds, reduced maintenance needs, built in safety features and exceptional value. The Autarky stand will have a working puck handling system showing the SL's attributes with other exhibits showing the modular component parts and how easy they are to assemble.

Stand 12035

Contact The Autarky Group on tel: 01342 311388 or visit


Sugatsune Kogyo

Sugatsune, Japan's largest producer of architectural and furniture hardware, will be exhibiting its high quality 'Lamp' brand products for the first time at the PPMA show on stand 9150 at this year's event.

Sugatsune's 3000-strong range includes soft opening/closing and assisted lift door stays and hinges; numerous conventional hinges, including concealed types: flush and conventional handles; latching systems; mechanical and magnetic catches: fasteners: casters; adjustable feet; drawer slides: locks; brackets and shelving systems.

The company's principal products are manufactured under its high quality 'Lamp' brand and are available in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel for use in food processing, or aggressive operating environments. In addition, considerable attention has been paid to aesthetics in order to ensure the optimum combination of fit, form and function. Accordingly, Sugatsune products are equally suitable for fitting out multi-million pound yachts as they are for food pharmaceutical manufacturing or clean room applications: where their resistance to contamination is underpinned by the ability to withstand repeated wash down conditions. The company's attention to detail also brings an added dimension of sophistication to its products. Sugatsune, for example, pioneered the development of modern soft close dampers through its patented 'Lapcon' technology.

Stand 9150

Contact Sugatsune Kogyo on tel: 01491 842912 or visit:



Urschel offers a full line of high capacity slicers and dicers, all of Urschel designs are simple to use, built to last and backed by a solid service philosophy. We individually assemble each machine we manufacture. The customers are assured of a reliable line of equipment that provides clean and gentle cutting action, easy clean-up and proven money saving efficiency. Urschel machines are used in a wide range of Food Processing and Production requirements related to industries such as:- bakery, babyfood, cheese and dairy, ethnic foods, fresh produce, fruit and beverage, meat and poultry, ready meals, sandwich fillings and vegetable preparation.

On display will be 6 machines being representative of the company's complete range of slicers, dicers, strip-cutters, milling equipment and shredders of which four will be operational for demonstration purposes. Urschel Model Diversacut 2110[R] (operational) Urschel Model CC Slicer/Shredder (operational), Urschel Model Translicer 2000[R] Cutter (operational), Urschel Model G-A Dicer (operational), Urschel Model Comitrol[R] Processor 1700, and Urschel Model M3.

Stand number 12318

Contact Urschel on tel: 0116 263 4321 or visit


Loma Systems

Loma Systems, one of the leading global manufacturers of checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray systems and temperature monitoring systems, is inviting visitors to this year's PPMA stand to take a closer look at its comprehensive range of end-of-line inspection solutions. The Select Range of inspection systems was specifically designed to reflect the price pressures that many of today's manufacturers face and has proved invaluable in the processing and packaging industry. In the past, budget restrictions meant that companies had to sacrifice quality and accuracy when implementing checkweighers and metal detection systems. Loma has responded to these issues by providing a range of standardised systems that meets the criteria of accurate inspection and durability, all within a budget that even the most cost conscious manufacturer can afford. Add this to the fact that the systems are supported with Loma's award-winning customer service to minimise downtime on production lines, and companies no longer have to make sacrifices when making that all important manufacturing investment. Loma Scientific's 'Celsius' temperature measurement system will also be a focal point on the stand, building on its successful entry into the Global market in 2004. Celsius is a unique concept in the temperature testing of chilled and frozen foods and uses non-invasive, highly accurate technology to measure the average equilibrium temperature of products. This results in products no longer having to be thrown away as they would be if tested using a traditional thermal probe and also helps to generate phenomenal cost savings with average paybacks in just a few months. It is essential that pharmaceutical manufacturers receive highly accurate metal detection to help meet stringent legislation governing the industry. Loma's X3 Rapid provides unrivalled levels of contaminant detection. Its compact size makes this X-Ray system the ideal solution for production lines where space is limited. Fully automatic, it offers complete inspection at any speed and can detect a range of foreign bodies including metal, calcified bone, glass, dense plastic and stone along with the ability to check pack weights.

Stand 12325

Contact Loma Systems on tel: 01252 893300 or visit



Festo will be launching an innovative single-axis electrical positioning system on the UK automation market. Primarily intended for handling applications, the system uniquely comprises of a guide assembly with a fully integrated linear servo motor and displacement encoder, together with a programmable positioning controller incorporating all the power electronics. The motor technology is patented and is capable of very high positioning speeds and accuracy. The system is easy to integrate--it is mechanically fully compatible with the complete range of Festo Plug and Work[R] handling and positioning system components-and provides a highly cost-effective, ready-to-run solution for precision positioning applications. Visitors to PPMA should have no trouble locating the Festo stand. Just inside the entrance, a fluidic muscle actuated, animatronic character will welcome visitors and introduce them to the new products on display. In addition to the handling axis, Festo will also be previewing the latest developments in intelligent valve terminals incorporating fieldbus-based diagnostic facilities.

Stand 9110

Contact Festo on tel: 01252 775000 or visit


Linx Printing Technologies

Linx Printing Technologies, producer of Continuous Ink Jet and laser coding equipment, is extending its Linx SL range with the launch of its new Linx 500SL at the show. One of the fastest lasers on the market, the Linx 500SL provides class-leading performance in print speed and quality, making it an ideal choice for high speed/high volume production lines in the food, beverage, brewing and extrusion industries. Another recent launch is the Linx Clear security ink 3160 that fluoresces red under ultraviolet light. The ink has been developed for discreet coding applications like anti-counterfeiting and internal traceability. The ink includes a unique red colorant making it difficult to copy and suitable tot printing onto plastic, paper, metal and glass. The Linx 500SL provides manufacturers with the ultimate choice in high-powered lasers suitable for a wide range of substrates, message formats and line speeds. The Linx 500SL and Linx 300SL are capable of producing high-quality text, graphics and bar codes on a range of materials used for packaging and other purposes. The Linx 300SL is a compact air-cooled system, while the Linx 500SL is an air / water-cooled system designed for harsh production environments. The advantages of the range are that the Linx 500SL is ideal for printing on substrates that are traditionally difficult to mark, such as rubber and certain plastics. Capable of speeds up to 740m/minute and protected against hostile production environments with its IP65 rating, the Linx 500SL is primed for future coding and speed enhancements, making it a printer that meets the needs of today as well as tomorrow. The Linx 300SL boasts a range of features including full alphanumeric, graphics and barcode printing capabilities, it can also print in any orientation. A single box solution with a detachable user interface, it is more compact and lighter weight than other industrial laser coders in its class and delivers greater print performance.

Stand 10010

Contact Linx Printing Technologies on tel: 01480 302100 or visit



Cermex will feature information from their 'End of line packaging machinery', including: case erectors and gluers, case and tray packers, robot packers and palletisers, wraparound machines and shrinkwrap machines. Cermex continues to show expertise in the market place and now has over 7000 machines in operation worldwide, demonstrating a capability to meet the latest demands of the market such as: shelf ready packaging, display pallets, quick easy size changes without the need for tools, complete 'Turnkey' packaging lines, greater flexibility and print registered film on the shrinkwrappets. Handling a wide range of products such as flowraps and pouches, cartons, jars, bottles, cans, into many styles of outer packaging including shrinkwraps supported or unsupported, trays or cases. Trays and lids for shelf reading packaging are also available. Transit displays are also managed on many of the Cermex machines. This equipment has already provided flexibility, for example in casepacking bottles and cartons on the same machines in the spirit industry, and now offering machines that can pack cases with a mix of cartons and bottles in each case. Specifically on the shrinkwrappers, automatic reel change is available saving time and space, with no need for accumulation conveyers to store product during reel changes. From technology to service, Cermex benefits customers enabling them to choose from a wide range of machines using the latest technology, including servo drives, PC control and modern connection for remote control technical assistance.

Stand 12355

Contact Cennex on tel: 01480 455919 or visit

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