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PPL's dynamic exploration world - 1989-1992.

PPL and its joint venture partners initiated the geophysical activities in the last four years by commencing work in five exploration licenses where seismic surveys were conducted and three exploratory wells were drilled. Subsequently, in 1989 some of the prospective areas for oil and gas in Pakistan were divided into geographical blocks for exploration.

Of the 43 blocks offered by the Government of Pakistan, PPL has participated in 6 blocks with its joint venture partners during the last three years (1990-1992). In addition to this PPL and its joint venture partners have been granted Riwat Area (outside the block system). In the twelve blocks/areas, over 6500km seismic data has been acquired.

Never before in the history of oil and gas exploration in Pakistan has so much extensive geophysical activity been undertaken within a period of four years.

The seismic activities can be divided into following two groups:

1) Joint Venture between BONE/PEPL/OGDC/PPL:*1 *2 *3 Exploration by this group started in 5 areas and was carried out by respective operators in 1989-90 with seismic work as shown below:
 Up to
 Feb. 1990
Area Operator Line Km)
Kandra PEPL 100.7
Bakhshapur PEPL 31.5
Rojhan PEPL 188.15
Manjhu PEPL 100.35
Quadirpur OGDC 120.00
 TOTAL: 540.7

Besides a total of about 541 line km of seismic surveys in above joint venture areas during 1989-90, about 120 line km of seismic work was also undertaken for further detailing in Qadirpur area by OGDC in the middle of this year. As a result of this drillable prospects were identified in 3 areas, namely Kandra, Manjhu and Qadirpur areas.

Drilling Results

After drilling in above 3 out of total 5 areas gas was discovered in 2 areas namely Qadirpur and Kandra.

2) Joint Venture with other Companies: Exploration by PPL in joint ventures with other companies began in October, 1990 as detailed below:
Block/Areas J.V. Partners *4 *5
a) Blocks 20, 22, OMV/HARDY/
 25 and 26 OGDC/PPL *8
b) Riwat Area OMV/HARDY/
 OGDC/PPL *6 *7
c) Block-34 BG/TULLOW/
d) Block-35 OGDC/PPL

Over 6000 line km of seismic surveys have been carried out in PPL's above joint venture areas during 1991-92 as detailed below:
Areas Operators Year Km
Block-20 OMV 1991 1195
 " " 1992 314
Block-22 " 1991 855
Block -26 " 1991 861
Riwat Area " 1992 401
Block-25 PPL 1991 495
 " " 1992 695
Block-35 PPL 1991 620
 " " 1992 170
Block-34(+) BG 1992 427

+ Airborne gravity followed by ground gravity surveys were also undertaken to complement seismic survey control in Block-34.


The seismic, geological, gravity and other data acquired in above blocks are being interpreted and integrated to evaluate the areas and identify locations for drilling.

Kandhkot Gas Field

Kandhkot gas field is located on the West Bank of river Indus about 88 km. south west of Guddu Barage in Kandhkot sub-division. Its mine lease area spreads over 249 sq. km. The permanent Camp which houses the Dehydration Plant, Office Block and residential buildings is located about 12 km. from Kandhkot town on Kandhkot-Kashmore road.

So far twenty gas wells have been drilled at Kandhkot mine lease area which are producing about 75 MMcf of natural gas per day. The entire gas production is transmitted to WAPDA's Thermal Power Station, Guddu, through a pipeline. Thus Kandhkot gas field is playing a significant role in power generation and industrial progress of the country. The formal inauguration of the field was done by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Mohammad Khan Junejo on 20th October, 1987.
*1. BONE Burmah Oil Netherland
*2. PEPL Premier Exploration
 Pakistan Limited.
*3. OGDC Oil & Gas Development
*4. OMV An Austrian state owned
 Oil Company based in
*5. HARDY Hardy Oil & Gas
 Company of UK
*6. BG British Gas Company
 of UK
*7. TULLOW Tullow Oil of Netherland.
*8. GOP Government of Pakistan
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