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PPFA launches new Web site, adds features. (in the news).

JACKSON, Mich. -- The Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) has rebuilt its Web site ( The new PPFA site is now available to members who are pressed for time and need quick answers in plain terms. According to Angella Livingston, the PPFA's Web site developer and manager of education, the site needed revision after the organization became affiliated with the Photo Marketing Association. "Ultimately, we had to rethink and rebuild the whole product," she said. "The members told us what they wanted, so we simply designed something around their areas of interest. The first week we went live, we received a lot more feedback. The Web site will be `a work in progress' and will continue to evolve as the members make suggestions."

The many players, programs and activities of the PPFA are highlighted in the trade section of the new site. These include officers, chapter leaders, staff contacts, membership information, conventions, newsletters, business resources, market research, the online message board Hitchhiker and more.

"The trade had to come first, so the Web site now reflects areas of interest to professional custom framers," said Livingston. "Our second priority will be to add portions back which assist consumers who venture onto our Web site. Saying why potential customers should entrust their art to the professionals who know and practice preservation framing may help produce actual customers."

One of the first consumer-focused sections is already live. `Find a Framer' offers a way for potential customers to find member framers in their area.

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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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