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PPC is unit's job, now.

Mechanics, replacing the M1A2 SEP tank's prime power controller (PPC), NSN 5895-01-451-2020, has always been done by direct support. After all, the procedures are listed on Page 7-13 of TM 9-2350-388-34-1-2.

TACOM says that's no longer true. This is now a unit maintenance task and will be added to Chap 7 of TM 9-2350-388-20-1-4.

In addition to removing and installing the PPC, here are two "tricks of the trade" that will help keep the PPC on the job: 1. If the old PPC is beyond repair and a new one must be ordered, eyeball the old PPC mounting plate and screws closely. You'll need to decide if the old plate and screws can be reused with the new PPC.

Many times the mounting plate and screws are rusted to the old PPC. If that's the case, don't try to reuse them. Order a new plate, NSN 5340-01-456-9847, and screws, NSN 5305-01-382-6007, to mount the new PPC.

If you can't remove the old PPC from its mounting plate, don't be tempted to swap out the old PPC chassis sub-assembly for the new chassis sub-assembly. Order the new mounting hardware instead.

2. When you get a repaired PPC back from direct support, make sure it has been resealed properly. The PPC should be resealed with a new O-ring gasket, NSN 5331-01-456-9837, and adhesive, NSN 8040-01-331-7127.
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