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LUMIFLON[R] FEVE powder resins have been introduced by AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. The resins are designed to provide weatherability, corrosion resistance, and environmental benefits when used in exterior architectural coatings applications. LUMIFLON FEVE powder resins do not reguire a solvent and can be used in formulations to meet the AAMA 2605 specification for high-performance exterior architectural coatings. For additional information, go to


Ashland has introduced a white gelcoat engineered to help boat manufacturers improve the efficacy and usability of their products in demanding marine applications. Maxguard[TM] EZM marine white gelcoat is designed to provide easier application in complex molds. Additionally, the gelcoat achieves ultraviolet and blister resistance required by boat builders to deliver the finish desired by consumers. For more details, go to


X-Rite Incorporated and its subsidiary Pantone LLC have launched MetaVue VS3200. The first non-contact instrument for industrial applications combines color imaging with spectrophotometry. It is designed to be used for the lab or quality control operations and offers versatility and color accuracy for the measurement of liquids, powders, gels, or other small and odd shaped samples. The device features an adjustable aperture size, ranging from 2mm to 12mm, enabling measurement of a range of samples. For additional information, visit


Axalta Coating Systems has launched two apps designed to help customers complete tasks more quickly and accurately. Axalta's General Industrial Product System Selector app allows North American general industrial customer users to efficiently specify their project criteria by searching for products based on industry segment, item to be painted, the environment, substrate, surface condition, and even volatile organic compound levels. Axalta also released a digital color app for the Chinese market that is engineered to provide easy access to its formula database of more than four million colors. For further details, go to

MOISTURE BARRIER COATING Cortec[R] Corporation has developed a waterborne moisture barrier coating designed to give paper manufacturers the ability to create non-toxic, effective, environmentally friendly paper and corrugated-board alternatives to wax and polyethylene papers. By applying EcoShield[R] Barrier Coating onto their Kraft paper, recycled paper, and liner-board, manufacturers can produce fully recyclable and repulpable paper and boxes that resist moisture, oil, and grease, while protecting against leakage or packaging failure. Additional information can be obtained at


HMG Paints PVC range has added PVC17 to its portfolio. The products has been specially formulated to maximize throughput while minimizing environmental impact. The 1K vinyl acrylic topcoat offers adhesion and flexibility and has been specifically designed for direct application to plastic substrates such as vinyl curtains and windows and doors. It can also be used for applications like Plastisol architectural cladding, automotive interior trim, and PVC roofing. For more details, visit


DSM has added Skins[R] by DSM to its coating resins portfolio. Launched via the characters Rubbert Skins, Silky Skins and Vel-Veeto Skins, the resins offer feel opportunities for food and non-food packaging and let customers engage with products and their design in a new way. Rubbert[R] helps with grip and enhances the ergonomics of designs; Silky[R] silk varnish is engineered with low viscosity and is suited for flexographic printing or varnishing units; and Vel-Veeto[R] reproduces the feel of velvet. For more details, go to
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Date:Feb 1, 2018
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