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POW! Entertainment, Beverly Hills, Calif., had the foresight early on to form strategic alliances and develop mobile content to lock in a firm position in the burgeoning wireless marketplace, as reported by Inside Wallstreet Report. After nearly two years in development, POW!'s efforts have paid off in a very big way: Sprint, the nation's most powerful wireless network, has officially listed Stan Lee's POW! Mobile Channel as Sprint's Channel 70.

Stan Lee's POW! Mobile Channel can now be accessed by Sprint's Power Vision subscribers, right along with The Cartoon Network, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Fox Sports, Comedy Central, Hollywood Insider, Universal Pictures, Nickelodeon, MTV, ABC News Now, Hanna-Barbera, NFL Network, Saturday Morning TV, Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers Trailers, Sirius Music, Primetime TV, Sony Pictures Trailers, VH1, CNN toGo, and other Sprint channels. This makes POW! ENTERTAINMENT part of one of the world's largest mobile broadband networks.

The Sprint Power Vision platform is a great fit for POW!'s founder Stan Lee, the creative genius behind Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil and now Stan Lee's POW! Mobile Channel, which comes just in time for the holidays.

"Holiday travelers will see that it doesn't matter whether grandma has cable, or if you get stuck in the airport for hours. You'll always have access to hours of entertaining live and on-demand programming with Sprint TV on a Sprint Power Vision phone," said Alana Muller, director of product marketing for Sprint. The company also announced wireless partnership with "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," which is now available as Sprint's Channel 76.

Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment, Inc. announced in early 2005 that they formed a strategic partnership to develop a new mobile channel with mobile-streaming pioneer Vidiator(TM). Vidiator is a world leader in downloadable content delivery technologies for mobile streaming and has patents allowing mobile operators to offer premium multimedia applications. Through Vidiator's state-of-the-art mobile streaming technology, POW! gained the capability to seamlessly deliver its original "Stan Lee Presents" releases to major wireless carriers throughout the world.

"The streaming and 3-D technology, developed by Vidiator since 1998, has matured to the point that video and 3-D can be combined into innovative mobile multimedia content," said Connie Wong, Vidiator's CEO. "The 'Mobisodes' we have created with Stan Lee are the first of their kind in the mobile multimedia market. I am pleased beyond words to bring POW! Mobile content to the wireless world and to catapult mobile entertainment into a new era."

The US wireless market, according to reports from CITA-the Wireless Association(TM), has an estimated 224,347,047 wireless subscribers, and, in the first six months of 2006, revenues of $60.5 billion, up 8.6% over the first half of 2005. Additional data from the Wireless World Forum's "USA Mobile Market 2006" Statistical Handbook reveals that revenues from US Operators alone will grow by another $20 billion dollars in 2007.

Mobile Phones and PDAs are rapidly transforming into "pay-for-play" video streaming entertainment devices. There are now over two billion wireless subscribers worldwide experiencing this exciting transformation of their cell phones. The large entertainment conglomerates, including many of the major motion picture studios-deeply entrenched in traditional income streams- are just now waking up to the future and aggressively trying to position themselves for a portion of the wireless market share, as major wireless service providers armed with new video streaming technologies are now vying for entertainment content to deliver to their enormous subscriber base.

As a team, POW! and Vidiator have significant market share in this new niche, introducing projects that combine Vidiator's patented video streaming technologies and contemporary Stan Lee Original content, adapted for mobile applications. This type of content is exactly what companies like Sprint need to fill the huge demand for compelling mobile entertainment, giving them a substantial advantage over competitive carriers. The partnership creates a perfect and timely marriage at a time when mobile entertainment revenues begin to grow exponentially and demand for content accelerates to new levels.

"In Asia, most people walking down the street are now holding cell phones in front of them, looking at streaming videos," Stan Lee jokes. "They're bumping into things, which is great for the Band-Aid business!"

What the jovial and innovative Lee didn't mention is just how great this is for POW!'s business, as well. Based on the company's revenue-sharing distribution and licensing agreement, POW! will earn a percentage of sales from downloads of its programs. As a result, the company believes it will add significant revenues in 2007.

For a "must-see" glimpse of the entertaining preview of Stan Lee's POW! Mobile Channel, visit

About Vidiator

Vidiator is a leading provider of mobile TV, video, audio and 3D messaging technology for the delivery of live and on-demand TV, radio and 3G multimedia content to mobile devices. Since 2002, Vidiator has pioneered mobile multimedia technology research and development, specializing in streaming, encoding, transcoding, 3D messaging and mobile TV solutions. Operating with a multi-national team of industry leaders in all forms of global media, Vidiator develops applications that leverage the company's patented streaming, transcoding and 3D technologies. The company's end-to-end content management, subscription and hosting services allow for the global publishing and distribution of mobile content. Vidiator's multimedia content delivery platforms are deployed throughout the mobile marketplace in 20 countries and on four continents. Vidiator has offices in Bellevue, Wash. (headquarters), London, Hong Kong and Seoul, Korea.

For more information, visit

About POW! Entertainment Inc.

POW! (Purveyors of Wonder) Entertainment, Inc. was founded by world famous comic book and motion picture icon Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man*, X- Men*, The Hulk*, and Fantastic Four*, together with award winning producer Gill Champion and acclaimed expert in intellectual properties Arthur Lieberman esq., POW's principals have created, produced and licensed some of the most successful global character franchises of all time and generated billions of dollars in revenues. POW! has partnered with major studios, networks and industry leaders to perpetuate a whole new cast of contemporary Stan Lee Originals. POW! Entertainment is now publicly traded under the symbol (POWN).

For more information, visit or call 866/772-0118.
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