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| More house sellers holding firm on asking prices. The number of house sellers who have slashed money off their original asking price is at a record low for the summer months as confidence flows back into the market, a property website has reported.

Less than one third (32%) of sellers whose homes are on the market were found by Zoopla to have cut their asking price, marking the lowest proportion it has seen for the summer quarter since the website's records began three years ago.

Zoopla said its latest findings are a further indication that sellers are becoming more confident about standing firm to get what they want. This time last year, 37% of house sellers had shaved money off their asking price to attract a buyer.

| Bungee jumping is less daunting for some than switching current accounts.

One in eight people would find doing a bungee jump or parachuting out of a plane less daunting than switching their current account provider.

The findings from Santander come ahead of a new customer guarantee being introduced from September 16 which will cut the length of time it takes to switch current accounts and will also mean that outgoing and incoming payments are automatically moved over. Santander, which is among the providers signed up to the agreement, found 12% of consumers feel that bungee jumping and hurtling through the sky on a parachute is less intimidating than trying to change current accounts. | People plunder savings to pay for home improvements.

Cautious home owners are waiting until they have enough money saved up before sprucing up their house, research has found. Using savings was by far the most popular way of funding a home improvement project, according to a survey of 2,000 people for AA Financial Services.

For those who are planning to carry out a project around the home, redecorating was the most popular upgrade planned, followed by putting in a new kitchen.

| Financial dictionary: inflation.

Inflation is the rise in the price of goods and services we buy, which is something that has been hitting households hard recently at a time when wages are still sluggish.

The annual rate of inflation shows the difference in the cost of living compared with a year earlier. The change in the rate of inflation is based on a basket of goods, which is regularly updated to reflect the items we are buying.


| One in eight would rather do a bungee jump than switch their current account
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 24, 2013
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