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POST REVIEWS Nice Lighthouse, where's the rock?; Lighthouse Family NEC.

After the longest concert interval I have ever known (over 30 minutes) came the longest intro (over five minutes), so by the time Tunde Baiyewu and Paul Tucker finally arrived on stage they had some making up to do.

To cap it all their opening number was, rather ironically, called Restless. Oh dear, I thought the Lighthouse Family's easy on the ear lounge music was not going to make the transition to the big arena.

Happily, and not without considerable coaxing from the two front men, matters improved and it all ended too soon but on a High.

Basically, the concert was the million selling album Postcards from Heaven - obviously they have only named their tour Lost in Space to promote their new single - plus choice numbers from the earlier Ocean Drive including Lifted which has become somethin g of an anthem. What really helped the Family bring their music from lounge to life was the 60s backing band plus an energetic performance from three backing vocalists Lawrence, Priscilla and Lain.

And I have to admit I envied Priscilla being the sandwich between such two strapping soul men.

But Tunde with a voice like melting Crunchie bars (gooey but still retaining a hint of crispness) and Paul, a selonfessed bit of a lad, successfully led from the front.

And what home-loving lads they proved, as pictures of their beloved Newcastle were never far from the screen behind them.

This was not a night on the Tyne but it was fine by me.

However, since much of their music - polished and pleasant though it is - does tend to sound the same, the boys do need a few more up tempo numbers in their repertoire.

Anita Deshmukh
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:May 21, 1998
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