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POST PUZZLER: 50 for fun; Phil Brown's trivia quiz.

Byline: Phil Brown's

1 Which singer most popular in the mid-80s had her only chart-topping album with Promise?

2 In the US, the Mitchell Report has named more than 80 leading players alleged to have used performance-enhancing drugs in which sport?

3 Fiddler On The Roof, A Clockwork Orange and winner The French Connection were up for best picture Oscars for which year?

4 Which other leading composer transcribed all nine of Beethoven's numbered symphonies for the piano?

5 In which modern country is the historic city of Bukhara?

6 Which group had Top 10 singles hits in 1979 with Wanted and The Chosen Few?

7 In Xanadu, City Of Djinns and The Age Of Kali are books by which travel writer?

8 In which country has children's TV character Bob The Builder been given an extra digit on each hand, making five - because gangsters in that country cut off their little fingers to prove their loyalty?

9 Which racehorse trainer has just landed a Cheltenham double of Gold Cup and International Hurdle?

10 Mule Variations, Swordfishtrombones, Frank's Wild Years - albums from which artist?

11Which British adventurer became Rajah of Sarawak in 1841?

12 Which Victorian poet, developer of "sprung rhythm" and the idea of "inscape", studied theology at St Beuno's College near St Asaph?

13 What is the stage name of leading rapper/producer Andre Romell Young?

14The Roman town of Arausio eventually gave a name to which royal house important in European history?

15Which was the only country to be expelled by the League of Nations, in December 1939?

16 In 1848, US president James Polk authorised Romulus Saunders to offer Spain up to EUR100mto buy what?

17 In which city, following its move from Bracknell in 2004, can you find the headquarters of the Met Office?

18When Groucho Marx famously said he didn't want to be in any club that would have him as a member - from which club was he resigning?

19Which celebrity has filed for divorce from Rick Salomon citing "irreconcilable differences" after two months of her third marriage?

20Whose last-ever chat show was recently watched by 8.3m on ITV1?

21 A failure to detect which element in water plumes from the Saturnian moon Enceladus has cast doubt on a mission to look for signs of life there?

22In which country have complex electoral rules seen president Bakiyev's party win every single seat in parliament, although one opposition party got more than 9%of the vote?

23Who wrote the book on which forthcoming fantasy film Inkheart, with stars including Helen Mirren, Paul Bettany and Jim Broadbent, is based?

24 Which country's economy did the World Bank decide this week was "only" worth pounds 2.64 trillion?

25 What nickname was given to a series of World War 2 German bombings of historic British cities, the targets allegedly chosen from a widely-known guidebook?

26What, in terms of world geography, is the most significant thing about Peruvian peak Nevado Mismi?

27Calaverite is a compound of gold and which extremely rare element?

28 When Liverpool becomes European Capital of Culture in 2008, with which Norwegian place is it sharing the honour?

29 Which cult TV series had characters including the Man From Another Place and the Log Lady?

30What, in particular, do prokaryotic organisms lack?

31 On which large Atlantic island would you find the Avalon Peninsula?

32Which city is menaced by Aztec god Quetzalcoatl in the 1982 film Q?

33What word, by coincidence, links paired Latin American drums with an African forest antelope?

34 Which place is the county town of Rutland?

35 Which footballer has just been named FIFA world player of the year?

36Which island was colonised in 984AD by Vikings whose descendants eventually died out completely for stilldebated reasons in the 15th century?

37Which chateau in the Sauternes region was granted unique Premier Cru Superieur status for its sweet wine in the standard classification of 1855?

38 Brad Majors and Janet Weiss are engaged in which 1970s musical?

39 Which land (river-loving) mammal do most scientists see as the closest living relative of whales?

40 The E Street Band have recorded with many of the biggest names in rock music - but with which star are they most closely associated?

41What kind of creature is the African bateleur?

42 In which country is there a sheep station called Erewhon, after the satire by Samuel Butler - who had owned the nearby Mesopotamia sheep station?

43 In which comedy series has Kylie Minogue made a guest appearance as Epponnee Rae?

44Who plays the character of Donna Noble in Doctor Who?

45Sheffield has been so long associated with metalwork that the Reeve in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales wears a knife made there - true or false?

46 Which word is a James Bond novel and a name for a native of Wiltshire?

47 In which US state are the ski resorts of Aspen and Vail?

48In which country's currency do 100 agorot make one sheqel?

49Simeon I the Great was the first to take the title Tsar of which empire?

50 How many consecutive French Open titles has tennis star Rafael Nadal (pictured) won to date?


1 Sade; 2 Baseball; 3 In 1971; 4 Liszt; 5 Uzbekistan; 6 The Dooleys; 7 William Dalrymple; 8 Japan; 9 David Pipe; 10 Tom Waits; 11 James Brooke; 12 Gerard Manley Hopkins; 13 Dr Dre; 14 Orange; 15 The Soviet Union; 16 Cuba (Spain refused); 17 Exeter; 18 The Friars Club (an exclusive Hollywood organisation); 19 Pamela Anderson; 20 Michael Parkinson's; 21 Sodium (it should be there if the water is from old oceans); 22 Kyrgyzstan; 23 Cornelia Funke; 24 China's; 25 The Baedeker Raids; 26 It is the source of the river Amazon; 27 Tellurium; 28 Stavanger; 29 Twin Peaks; 30 Cell nuclei; 31 Newfoundland; 32 New York; 33 Bongo; 34 Oakham; 35 Kaka; 36 Greenland; 37 Chateau d'Yquem; 38 The Rocky Horror Show; 39 The hippopotamus; 40 Bruce Springsteen; 41 A bird (eagle); 42 New Zealand; 43 Kath & Kim; 44 Catherine Tate; 45 True; 46 Moonraker; 47 Colorado; 48 Israel's; 49 The Bulgarian; 50 Three.
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