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POST PUZZLER: 50 for fun; Phil Brown's trivia quiz.

Byline: Phil Brown

1 Which tennis player has just won a diamond-encrusted racket for taking the Antwerp Diamond Open for the third time?

2 Which historic emblem was, according to legend, a flower given to Clovis, King of the Franks, by the Virgin Mary at his baptism?

3 The mouflon is a wild Mediterranean variety of which animal?

4 Which current rugby league Super League members play home games at the TwickenhamStoop?

5 These days Edamcheese is coated in red paraffin - but what used to be painted on it to give the distinctive colour?

6 In which city has runner Kenenisa Bekele just set a new indoor 2,000mworld record?

7 Which football club has just announced it has cut its losses to pounds 80.2m?

8 The pounds 467,000 proceeds from the sale of a single dress are to fund 15 education centres in India - which iconic actress' onscreen dress was it?

9 Which capital city was the Duke of Wellington defending with the famous Lines of Torres Vedras?

10 In which city has world-recordbreaking premature baby Amillia Taylor just left hospital, having been born at just under 22 weeks weighing 10 ounces?

11 The British Olympic Association's ambition is to rank Britain fourth in the medals table in London 2012 - but in which year did Britain last finish so high?

12 In which British island group has it just been announced that the world's biggest wave energy farmwill be built?

13 Which country has become the first to confirm it will ban incandescent light bulbs, phasing them out in favour of more efficient fluorescent ones by 2010?

14 Which bank this week announced 2006 profits of pounds 7.14bn?

15 The last expansion of the British Empire took place on September 18, 1955 when which island was formally annexed in the Queen's name by a landing party from HMS Vidal?

16 Radames and Amneris are among the leading characters in which grand opera?

17 In which country would you find the world's biggest sand-only desert, the famously inhospitable Taklamakan?

18 Dozmary Pool, a leading candidate in legend for the last resting place of Arthur's sword Excalibur, is in which upland region?

19 "Oscar Deutsch entertains our nation" became a logical slogan for which entertainment business founded by that man?

20 The Steep Approach To Garbadale, due out next week, is the latest novel from which popular Scottish author?

21 Which Latin American country is officially a Bolivarian Republic (NB it is not Bolivia!)?

22 Helena BonhamCarter film The Wings Of The Dove was based on a novel by whom?

23 In east African history, the Maji Maji War was a two-year rebellion against which colonial power?

24 Of what material are the curiosities called Prince Rupert's Drops made?

25 Nightclubbing, Island Life, Slave To The Rhythm - whose albums?

26 Who have just become the first brothers to win ATP tennis singles and doubles titles at the same event for 18 years?

27 With cricket's World Cup imminent, which team has just taken over from Australia at the top of the one-day rankings?

28 On which racecourse has the Scottish Grand National been run since 1966?

29 Ex-nun Katharina von Bora was the wife of which important historical figure?

30 Darius the Great ruled which ancient empire for 35 years?

31 The world's tallest cactus species can achieve heights of more than 100 feet - true or false?

32 A fossil of which well-known dinosaur previously only known from North America was found near Batalha in Portugal last year?

33 Which ruler later to be canonised and made the subject of a popular carol was murdered by his brother Boleslav in around 935AD?

34 The Ragtime Bear in 1949 was the first appearance of which long-lasting (human) cartoon character?

35 Which Welsh actress links TV series I, Claudius and film Dune?

36 Which classic children's book of 1908 set on Prince Edward Island in Canada has contributed greatly to the island's tourist economy?

37 Which town is the county town of Essex?

38 Which British singer-actress' greatuncles include 19th century writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose name gave us the word "masochism"?

39 The Scottish Earl of Carrick was crowned High King of Ireland (though only controlling Ulster) in 1315 - who was his much more famous brother?

40 Ultrahard fullerite, discovered in 2005, which can scratch diamonds, is made up of molecules each containing how many carbon atoms?

41 Which stadiumrocker's many singles hits include Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town and The Ghost Of Tom Joad?

42 In which part of the body would you find the cruciate ligaments?

43 Jenny Pipes of Leominster was the last person in England or Wales ever to undergo which ancient punishment for being a common scold, in 1809?

44 In France from the early 17th century until the 1789 revolution, what in particular linked Charlemagne, David, Caesar and Alexander?

45 Which flower is named for a boy loved by the god Apollo but accidentally killed by his discus?

46 Which year saw the appearance of the first Ordnance Survey map and the first UK national census?

47 Khanty-Mansiysk is a port lying near the confluence of which two of the world's major rivers?

48 In which continent does the weaselrelated predator called a zorille live?

49 Which playwright wrote The Lady's Not For Burning?

50 Supermodel Naomi Campbell (pictured) appeared aged seven in a video for the song Is This Love - by whom?


1 Amelie Mauresmo; 2 The fleur-de-lys; 3 Sheep; 4 Harlequins; 5 Vermilion; 6 Birmingham; 7 Chelsea; 8 Audrey Hepburn's (in Breakfast At Tiffany's); 9 Lisbon; 10 Miami; 11 In 1924; 12 Orkney; 13 Australia; 14 Barclays; 15 Rockall; 16 Aida; 17 China; 18 Bodmin Moor; 19 The Odeon cinema chain (from its initial letters); 20 Iain Banks; 21 Venezuela; 22 Henry James; 23 Germany (in what is now Tanzania); 24 Glass; 25 Grace Jones'; 26 Andy and Jamie Murray; 27 South Africa; 28 Ayr; 29 Martin Luther; 30 The Persian; 31 False (roughly 65 feet); 32 Stegosaurus; 33 Wenceslas (Vaclav); 34 Mr Magoo; 35 Sian Phillips; 36 Anne Of Green Gables; 37 Chelmsford; 38 Marianne Faithfull; 39 Robert the Bruce; 40 Sixty; 41 Bruce Springsteen's; 42 The knee; 43 The ducking stool; 44 The names assigned to playing card kings; 45 The hyacinth; 46 The year 1801; 47 The Ob and Irtysh; 48 Africa; 49 Christopher Fry; 50 Bob Marley.


How did supermodel Naomi Campbell first step into the limelight aged seven? - see question 50
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