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POST PUZZELER: 50 for fun; Phil Brown's trivia quiz.

1 Which Premiership club saw two goalkeepers out injured from a single game on Saturday?

2 Which mostly-Muslim country will Pope Benedict XVI visit in November despite a row over a speech of his discussing Islam?

3 Which Jewish country singer and author of such novels as Armadillos And Old Lace is standing for Texas state governor with the slogan "Why the hell not"?

4 Pakistan's fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif have both failed an A test for which drug?

5 In horror sequel The Grudge 2, who has taken the lead played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Grudge?

6 The Spitzer space telescope has found big changes between day and night temperatures on a planet of which star?

7 Cecilia Stego Chilo has resigned from which European country's new cabinet after admitting she hadn't paid her TV licence fee for 16 years?

8 Which popular outdoor toy is often said to be named for a Connecticut bakery?

9 US and Russian scientists working at Dubna in Russia have announced the discovery of chemical element ununoctium - what number element is it?

10 Which freshwater lake in the British Isles has the largest surface area?

11 Which environmental group's campaign on trace toxins in food and umbilical cords are some scientists criticising as needless scaremongering?

12 Which legendary punk club in New York has just closed after a final concert by Patti Smith?

13 Which creatures use the bud resin propolis, sold as a health food?

14 Charities in which country are seeking a court injunction to stop pop star Madonna adopting a boy?

15 Which word for a tree means a fig in the Bible but a kind of maple in the British Isles (due to similar-looking leaves)?

16 Which globally popular group was founded by pupils at Charterhouse public school in 1967?

17 What is the usual name of the cider brandy produced around Caen?

18 Recife, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre are cities of more than a million people in which country?

19 In Epsom Derby history, what remains significant about Fifinella's 1916 win?

20 Which comic strip character invented in 1959 is estimated to have sold over a quarter of a billion copies across 30-odd adventures?

21 Which Roman emperor is supposed to have exclaimed "I have lost a day!" on realising he'd done nothing to help his subjects that day?

22 Which releases more energy - a lightning bolt or exploding a tonne of TNT?

23 Who played detective Virgil Tibbs in In The Heat Of The Night?

24 An extra tax for county councils to spend on technical education in 1890 was nicknamed for the commodity taxed at sixpence a gallon - what was the nickname?

25 John van Druten's play I Am A Camera became which 1972 Bob Fosse film, via a Broadway musical?

26 If the Solar System were shrunk so that the Sun was two feet across, which planet would be two inches across?

27 My Favourite Blonde, The Paleface, Monsieur Beaucaire - which actor?

28 Which British scientist won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1935 for his discovery of the neutron?

29 Of which hugely-powerful classical contralto singer did Sir Thomas Beecham say that on a clear day, she could be heard across the English Channel?

30 Which two-time Prime Minister made his country home at Hughenden?

31 Singers Elkie Brooks and Robert Palmer were both once in a band which shared its name with the nickname of a leading US Army general - what band?

32 Boogie Chillen and Boom Boom are probably the best-known songs from which blues legend?

33 The operetta Die Lustige Witwe is better known in the English-speaking world as...?

34 Around which English city did the machine-wrecking bands known as Luddites first emerge in 1811?

35 Which chess player has just become the game's first undisputed world champion for 13 years by winning a title reunification match against Veselin Topalov?

36 Which country this week became the third to top a population of 300 million?

37 The haruspices, who used entrails to foretell events, were important in early Rome but originally came from which other people?

38 Which well-known singer took on the role of Catwoman for the 1960s Batman television series?

39 In which year (10 either way) did Saladin win a crushing and decisive victory over the forces of the Third Crusade below the Horns of Hattin?

40 What kind of creature is the dangerously poisonous redback?

41 In which TV sitcom did a young Robert Lindsay attempt to overthrow Parliament with a Scorpion tank?

42 The Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg's family name was originally Greig, from a Scottish family which emigrated after Culloden - true or false?

43 The island of Bioko (formerly Fernando Poo) was once a Spanish possession with bases leased by the Royal Navy for anti-slavery patrols - of which country is it now part?

44 Which major city lies where the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers meet?

45 In what artistic field did American woman "Grandma" Moses (who lived to be 101) achieve fame?

46 The takahe and kakapo are rare birds from which country?

47 The Mariinsky (in Soviet times Kirov) Ballet, with a history going back to

1738, is based in which city?

48 Which top English football club was first (very briefly) called Dial Square?

49 Which chemical element, atomic number 100, was discovered in 1952 by scientists analysing the debris of the first hydrogen bomb test?

50 Actress, model and clothes designer Kelly Brook (pictured) is engaged to which actor?


1 Chelsea' 2 Turkey' 3 Kinky Friedman' 4 Nandrolone' 5 Arielle Kebbel' 6 Upsilon Andromedae' 7 Sweden's' 8 Frisbee (its pie plates were so used)' 9 Number 118' 10 Lough Neagh' 11 The WWF's' 12 CBGB's' 13 (Honey)bees' 14 Malawi' 15 Sycamore' 16 Genesis' 17 Calvados' 18 Brazil' 19 The most recent filly to win' 20 Asterix' 21 Titus' 22 The TNT (roughly, 5 billion joules to 3 billion)' 23 Sidney Poitier' 24 Whisky Money' 25 Cabaret' 26 Jupiter' 27 Bob Hope' 28 James Chadwick' 29 Dame Clara Butt' 30 Disraeli' 31 Vinegar Joe (General Joe Stilwell)' 32 John Lee Hooker' 33 The Merry Widow' 34 Nottingham' 35 Vladimir Kramnik' 36 The USA' 37 The Etruscans' 38 Eartha Kitt' 39 In 1187' 40 A spider (Australian)' 41 Citizen Smith' 42 True' 43 Equatorial Guinea' 44 Philadelphia' 45 Painting' 46 New Zealand' 47 St Petersburg' 48 Arsenal' 49 Fermium' 50 Billy Zane.


Who is the Hollywood actor engaged to Kelly Brook? See question 5
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