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Going up Missing pawson

A dog who was missing for two years has been reunited with his family after they spotted him on an adoption segment on their local TV news show. Dodger is a very lucky boy after all, 24 months is more than enough time for them to have realised being dog people was a mistake and have replaced him with a proper (ie feline) pet.

The final straw

Starbucks vowed to phase out plastic straws by 2020 now they've revealed how. They're going to use these "sippy cups for grown ups", which are great news for the future of our planet and all that, but more importantly, look like they'll be oddly comforting (cut to Starbucks being sued for kicking off an adult baby fetish in someone American any second now).

Going down The wrong and short of it

Stranger Things has mainly been own a force for good - without it, we might not know about Millie Bobby Brown - but no one's perfect. The show has also inspired these denim shorts, which you cannot fail to notice (unless you're Australian) are upside down. Geddit? No? Oh well, never mind, it's too late now anyway.

Con air If you want to waste [euro]you could set fire to it, eat it or buy an Ionic Purifier, which you plug into improve the quality of the air around you. And obviously, as we all know, better air means improved mood, energy and mental alertness. On the plus side, the next time you're grumpy you can legitimately take zero responsibility for because it's actually all the air's fault.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 12, 2018
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