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Going up Vege-labels Researchers at Stanford University have discovered that giving vegetables "seductive" names, such as sweet sizzlin' green beans, crispy shallots and caramelised carrots, encourages healthy eating. Rebranding makes them more appealing, apparently maybe this tactic should be more widely used to help out other unpopular stuff? New rhyming slang for piles: Harry Styles. Just a suggestion.

Pitch perfect Camping is all about being at one with nature, getting back to basics and taking a break from the modern world so a tent-finding app doesn't quite fit in with the ethos, but is now available anyway. Imagine how useful it will be to the 0.0001% of people still capable of operating apps at the end of the night at festivals.

Going down Her suit This one-piece is presumably meant to teach men not to gawp at women in swimwear, but is definitely only going to achieve the opposite. Also, it looks vile. The full gamut of pointlessness then. Yay.

AVOCADO ART The very latest waste of time Instagram trend - avocado art. So if you thought everything that could possibly be done with an avocado had definitely been done with an avocado by now, more fool you. And if you just made some avocado art, even bigger fool you.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 15, 2017
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