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POLES APART; Lap dancer earns three times more than city nurse.


SUZY WHITE and Siobhan Kelly work the same number of hours each week.

Lap dancer Suzy earns pounds 1,000 while nurse Siobhan takes home just pounds 307.

They talk to PETRA MANN

SUZY WHITE considered becoming a nurse. But the promise of high earnings as a lap dancer changed her mind.

Suzy, 21, from St Helens, has been working at Liverpool's Angels bar for 16 months. She said: ``I thought about becoming a nurse. But when I thought about how little they earn for all the hard work they do, it just didn't seem worth it.

``Some of my friends are nurses and I don't know how they manage.

``They spend their whole time helping people but get paid a pittance. It's not right.''

Suzy, who works four days a week, 5pm-2am, says lap dancing is physically demanding.

She said: ``Lap dancing is a hard job. Like nurses we're on our feet all day and are tired at the end of a shift.

``But at least my wages mean I can pay off my debts, enjoy a good lifestyle and save a bit.''

Lap dancers can earn more money over busy weekends. The girls pay the bar a percentage, are self-employed and pay tax on their earnings.

Lap dancer Leanne Sumner, 22, from Widnes, says the money she earns allows her to plan her future.

Leanne has worked at Angels for a year and a half and said: ``I won't be able to lap dance forever so I've already started planning for afterwards.

``I'd like to become a P E teacher and will obviously have to go to college.

``These days it's really expensive if you don't get a grant.

``So I'll be able to start saving now for when I go to college - and if I have to, carry on lap dancing while I study.

``Loads of students do lap dancing. It's the only way they can get the money to study.''

AS a newly qualified grade D nurse, Siobhan Kelly, 23, can only dream of earning pounds 1,000 a week.

She studied a three-year diploma course at Liverpool's John Moores University.

Siobhan said: ``It's staggering to think lap dancers earn pounds 1,000 a week.

``Nurses like me would be happy with half that.

``We do loads of studying to get qualified and yet lap dancers just have to look good and dance.

``Good luck to them. ``It's just a shame nurses have to work a month to earn what lap dancers earn in a week.''

Originally from County Meath, Republic of Ireland, Siobhan works at the city's Royal Liverpool hospital as an acting staff nurse.

She earns pounds 16,000 a year for a 37 1 /2 hour week. She said: ``No matter how little I earn I can't honestly see myself giving up my job to be a lap dancer.

``I love being a nurse but I know I'll never be rich doing it.''


TALE OF TWO JOBS: Nurse Siobhan Kelly, above, and lap dancer Suzy White
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 27, 2002
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