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PLAY mobile, Poland, engaged Martin Dawes Analytics (MDA) in 2007 to provide Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, and Interconnect Billing and is using MDA's Lavastorm Analytic Software Platform to acquire and enrich voice and data event records. This enables PLAY to achieve both persistent and ad-hoc analytics for Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance, as well as interconnect traffic information and billing. Voice and data usage throughout PLAY's network also acquires enriched and stored within minutes of the transaction, and as a result the company has received significant on-going financial value from the market-leading MDA data analytic platform.

After the combined Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Interconnect Billing System was deployed, PLAY's BI team realized the opportunity to link usage data records to marketing, sales and activation data in order to provide broader business insight in near real time. This provides an audit on their data warehouse, allowing them to have greater confidence in their BI analysis. More importantly, it gives PLAY a view of its network every 30 minutes and provides an understanding of geographical traffic distribution down to individual base stations and of the calling pattern throughout the day. Because PLAY can see where customers are calling and buying, they can rapidly adjust to the traffic impact of emergencies such as a snowstorm. Additionally, PLAY is able to make fact-based adjustments to its operations in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks which are typical in the wireless industry. This capability, envisioned and designed by PLAY, has enabled uncommon business agility, further cementing PLAY as the most innovative and responsive provider in the market.

"We designed and implemented our analytic infrastructure to create a competitive advantage, by buying best-in-class software including the Lavastorm Analytic Platform, and by leveraging that software in as many creative ways as possible," stated Hans Cronberg, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of PLAY. "Our investment in MDA's powerful near-real-time data analytic platform allowed us to create an infrastructure that we could leverage as we built our business intelligence assets. We appreciate the power of their platform and their continued commitment to innovate with us as we grow our business. This capability contributes to our ability to maintain margins and grow revenue as we grow our subscribers to over 3 million by year-end."

PLAY's near real-time process analytic solution was created by directly integrating MDA's Lavastorm Analytic Platform with the mobile operator's BI environment. The solution takes advantage of four new Lavastorm Analytic Platform capabilities: advanced enrichment modules to enhance call data records (CDRs) with customer and operational data which makes them immediately usable in a BI environment; agile data aggregation that enables customers to design and execute any data combination easily and rapidly; CDR correlation that enables the reconciliation of CDRs flowing from different systems, and custom batch which sends results to the BI environment within minutes of the event.

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Date:Jan 1, 2010

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