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FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2016 PRINT/WEB/TABLET/MOBILE 70p 100s HIT BY MORE M62 MISERY Grim in HUNDREDS of drivers were caught up in M62 chaos near Huddersfield. The emergency services and Highways England officers were called to TWO crashes near Junction 23 at Outlane within the space of little more than 20 minutes yesterday afternoon.

| Emergency vehicles and cars on the hard shoulder near Junction 23 at Outlane on the M62 Turn to - Page 7 SYNGENTA SPRAYED A SYNGENTA with the after he The Leeds has expressed been fined costs after Some 3.5 chemical TWO crashes on the M62 at Outlane just minutes apart around 4pm on Thursday caused massive hold-ups. Both appeared to be multi-vehicle shunts. Here's what motorists had to say.

Full Story -WITH PARAQUAT Firm fined PS200k for accident which let 3.5 Gillian Augustine: Introduce a new test for motorway driving, including those who already have a licence.

Rebecca Britton: The M62 is getting absolutely ridiculous! It's idiots thinking they own the road and they are the only ones trying to get home from work. Come on people, we have all seen them, those who just

make your blood boil.

Mandy Taylor: If only people could manage to drive in a straight line with a safe distance between each other! I was stuck in the traffic and witnessed people actually trying to follow emergency services as they weaved through traffic. Absolute morons.

Michelle Kelly: People drive far too close to each other, total pea brains. They think because they are in a metal box they're invincible.

Chris Whitelow: Smart motorways are great, but not so smart people drive on them.

Les Gillespie: When are people going to learn to drive sensibly? Angela Marie: Is that a accident every day this week? Unbelievable.

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Mar 19, 2016
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