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Byline: Kevin O'Sullivan

DODGING vast cargo ships as he attempted to swim from Europe to Asia, Rupert Everett declared: "It's better than dying during a facelift, I suppose." Depends on the facelift, eh Rupert?

But sadly, despite his thrusting breast stroke, Mr Everett gave up halfway across the famous Hellespont straits.

Thereby failing to emulate the feat of poetic thrill-seeker Lord Byron.

But the selfconsciously naughty actor was only too successful as he waded through the murky waters of his hero's colourful sex life. C4's curiously watchable The Scandalous Adventures of Lord Byron outlined cheeky Rupe's gay-centric take on what turned the great man on.

Many of his overlydetailed carnal observations were made in the bath. Dirty talk from a clean man.

At the British Consulate in Turkey, the mischievous star giggled: "I've always longed to do a striptease in an embassy." Why? With his renowned tendency to say the wrong thing, Everett sees himself as a Byronesque rake.

"Byron was all charm when he wanted to be," he said. "But utterly vile at other times."

Just like Rupert. Except for the charm bit.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2009
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