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POET'S CORNER; THIS poem was sent in by...John Humphreys, from Shirley EXTENSION Billowing blue, a visual treat, destined to be fitting.

Billowing blue, a visual treat, The insecure protective sheet, Momentarily settling, reveals the rib cage of uncompleted roof.

Scaffolding, statue still stands poles apart, silent aloof, While exultant tiles, piles high, Await promotion to the sky. The wall of bricks, red in face, bears the heavy load, As passers-by admire from the enchanted road.

But, hollow-eyed, the stoic wall, fails to see The reflective windows, destined to be fitting company.

Prostrate planks, thickish, smart every inch, From feet of busy men, but do not flinch.

Others, propped against the cold, uninviting metal rods, Lounge around and eye the craftsmen supplying tea, Sweet and hot, way down on the ground.

White angelic guttering scans the heavens, Praying for baptismal rain, Which, carried away in the dark underground womb, Starts its life cycle once again.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Sep 22, 2013
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