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Ode To Spring AS the day was just beginning, I heard a skylark singing, A-singing on the wing, The first few bars of spring. Well the wilderness awakes from Winter sleep, As the woodland creatures stir From hibernation, Badgers leave their sets in Trepidation, Foraging for food their cubs to keep And the lambs are a-frisky in The fields, And the fawns are a-frolicking On the fells, All the leaves are a-budding on The trees, I'll lie among the buttercups and Bluebells, Chasing names down long lost Lovers' lanes of Queen Anne Lace, Or purple lilac bough'd avenues I lose all trace of time and space I lose all trace of life's great race.. And the trees never give away Their age, 'Tis written plain in rings of grain Within, From a limb a robin redbreast Sings, Sweet sorrow for the turning Of a page..

Now the day is nearly ending, A nightjar's jarring song ascends The air, A nightingale takes over, Then it's over for another year And summer's here PAUL STEPHENSON, South Shields

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 16, 2018
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