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Manchester JUST an ordinary evening in the merry month of May.

And although it was a school night,many kids came out to play. To see their favorite vocal artist down Manchester way.

Such a buzz was all around come curtain call.

It was to be the mother load of parties was this bash.

The lady gave her heart and soul and sang with such panache. The love was felt from every corner camera phones would flash.

As the gig fulfiled its promise and then some more.

The concert reached its climax as love filtered through the air.

Exceeding expectations of the gathered children there.

Still buzzing all filed slowly out, smiles without any cares.

But in just one single moment all that changed.

For one intent on terror lurked, with evil on his mind. A scummier little reprobate you'd be hardpressed to find.

Soon smiles that had been prevalent seemed oh so far behind.

And some alas would never smile again.

The fabric of our lives was torn and tattered at the seams.

Tears fell like summer rain and pain for all those shattered dreams. But Manchester has shown the world what being united means. As solidarity galvanised good folks. Our way has changed forever, now we'll have to up our game.

To root out all these radicals who seek to kill and maim.

We've lost the age of innocence, and that's such a crying shame. But we the British never shall be bowed.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 7, 2017
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