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The Best of it We used to be a working town, our people good and proud. Swan's buzzer twice each day would sound, its dulcet tone out loud. The Forum filled with workers then, at lunch times they would stroll. In overalls and caps, these men, were Wallsend's life and soul. Once scores of mainly lasses, sat outside by Gordon Square. Where the smell of cleaning gases, from the laundry filled the air. They'd gather there to take a break and have a cheeky fag. As Sunlight vans would fetch and take, those endless laundry bags. And Victor too employed a few, there down beside The Winning.

A decent crew back then,who knew, the end, it was beginning. Strettle's, Stockhills, Graham's,the same, all closed,for all of time. As Angus, Monitor, NEEB, became, three more in this long line.

We'd pet shops, joke shops, clothes shops, and our caffs were chockablock. In pride of place stood our Co-op, beside the Forum Clock.

Five taxi ranks,and helpful banks, and shops that just sold bikes. We'd eat our fill at The Forum Grill, and Joe Rea's and such like. Into the record shops would drop, the youthful of the day.

The vibe in there was hard to top, as loud the music played.

Pubs always full, folk supped and pulled, and laughter filled the air. Wallsend back then was never dull, such wondrous yesteryears! Closed now our yards and factories, we had them by the score, These places distant memories, of those better times before. As I look back and now and reminisce, I can't help feeling sad. Those brilliant times I so so miss, the best of it we've had!


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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 22, 2015
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