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Lest We Forget IT'S about time that we elephants Gave the human beings some thought, They bump us off to nick our tusks When they really didn't ought. They somehow look intelligent But the homo's rather dim 'Cos he's dreadful short of sapiens And often acts on whim. They say our brother mammals In the Arctic are quite sparse. With those humans and their harpoon guns They get it in the neck. The otter, fox and badger Have to live upon their wits. Those huntin' shootin' fishin' types Well, they do get on your nerves. And up that mountain over there The gorilla's not got long.

My father says the human race Was frightened by King Kong.

And not content with putting holes, In us 'till we go flat, They've put one in the ozone layer - But at least they're on to that. Mind, they fight among themselves a lot The death rate's rather grim. You ask old John Bull Elephant His grandfather told him.

It's forever in the Guardian Or the Jungle Telegraph. If it wasn't quite so serious You'd really have to laugh. So I suggest a trunk call Or perhaps we'll take a bus To remind these thick-skinned Nellies We're all pachydermatous. Meanwhile we'll build a monument And there a plaque we'll set With names of all our fallen friends Lest we elephants forget.


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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 25, 2015
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