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Hoods YOUNG men constantly wearing hoods Look suspicious as any normal person would Wearing a hood in winter you can defend Whilst wearing one in summer we cannot comprehend Just what have these folk got to hide, Maybe an identity or lack of self-pride All who wear I treat with a little suspicion, This to me was not a hard decision Am I alone in thinking this way Or is it because I'm getting old and grey If I have offended anyone I must apologise Writing such thoughts may not have been too wise!

A Friendly Manner SOME lack the ability to make themselves understood In fact it is quite poor not at all good Whispering or speaking to loud Can confuse all around Try to speak slowly and be more precise And do not repeat yourself twice Speak in a pleasant friendly manner Without a stutter or a stammer Do not talk down and listen to what they have to say And you may remain friends at the end of the day Treat and speak to people with respect And you may just achieve your object.


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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 26, 2015
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