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You Were Charlie YOU were Charlie, dear artists deceased Taking stand against This politically correct big brother society They'd do Orwell proud, we look up to the sky To see if we can connect to those who, Spoke so loud, Made Asterix and Obelix cry...

That was no Jihad, it just seems so wrong That so few could tarnish A part of an already fragmented society Islam, Christianity and Judaism too You worship the same God - stop the fighting Through Millenia it seems that all we see, Are religious wars, forgetting the message of Peace That praise be upon them, the prophets and martyrs sought So amongst all this hate could you spare a thought Not only for those who are gone but those left behind To deal with the consequences of the broken minds, Behind such Heinous crimes Of the few who take it upon themselves to drive a wedge Through strained and waning friendships So I hope we all learn, take a pledge, To remember We are strongest together for the Evil few may not end it So as I pen this remember that united, together, We are Charlie ...


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 19, 2015
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