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Remember, Remember REMEMBER Remember the 5th of November!

While placing your tatties on smouldering embers, That upon this day back in 1605, The wise old King James and his Men...almost died!

For down on the Westminster damp cellar floor, Lay gunpowder trails stopped short at the door, While barrel on barrel of powder was stacked, Propped up and primed, hungry for a match, And there in the shadowed doorway in the dark, Was Guy Fawkes from York, stood set with a spark, But right at the death all their dealings were spoiled, A note to the King and their scheming was foiled!

Fawkes four accomplices? Chased down and cornered, And as for their sentence? Hanged, drawn and quartered! Now while you all drink and get warm by the flames, Remember the story of Guy and King James!

For there is no good enough genuine reason.

One should forget this one great plan of treason, And while the flames glow and the air's getting hot, Toast to King James ... and the Gunpowder Plot!


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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 6, 2014
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