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Thatcher remembered I won't cry for you Maggie Thatcher Nor will the miners' families And the people you destroyed Whose jobs you removed During the starving eighties By selling national assets And essential public services You were a haughty egotist Cashing in on your gender With the old school clubs Too weak to fight back With the gentleman's instinct Although you were no lady Or even pure-bred Oxbridge. The vanity of the Falklands more personal than historical sinking ships and riding high flirting with Churchill's ghost with a fantasy connection which you dreamed of when serving bread and bacon wildly dreaming of the day when you would get even with the plum-mouth clients who bought their provisions in your dad's grocer's shop. So you were not for turning Thank god for your arrogance The democracy you ignored While performing as a dictator listening only to your inner voice with spurious words of empathy loading your personal speeches which hastened your downfall for we in the United Kingdom can remove strutting demigods politicians obsessed with power whose megalomania takes over and self destructs the perpetrator who thinks they will always win and become immortal in history Hitler did so why not you !

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 24, 2013
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