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POEM OF THE DAY; That Infamous Ladies' Clutter Bag!

MY clutter bag was bursting full. It was stuffed with rubbish galore! It hadn't had a sort out in many months, So, tipping the contents onto the floor!

OMG! There was: ear phones, mobile phone, charger, Stockings or tights for that sudden ladder.

A spare pair of my frilly knickers, In case i couldn't contain my bladder A tin of deodorant, tampons, and carrier bags Now women never have too many of these!

A packet of mansize paper hankies, "Achoo!" For that unexpected sneeze.

Elastoplasts', for when you cut yourself, Spare money to visit the chippy. A manicure set for trimming your nails, And........ Not forgetting your favourite lippy One day whilst out with my daughter, she said, "Mum, you have a whisker sticking out of your chin!" Blushing i dived into my clutter bag, relieved That I'd put a spare pair of tweezers in!

Tape measure, key-rings, paracetamols, brolly, Magazines, cigarettes and a lighter. Unsurprising, with all of these items inside, The bag's getting heavier, plus zips getting tighter Pens, diary and glasses to read, Packets of latte', if you fancy a drink.

Pill box, sewing kit, lucky gem stone, mirror, Everything but the kitchen sink! So that's where my strawberry durex has been!

In a small zipped compartment, and, still in date!

After all, when having a night out on the town, It's advised not to tempt providence or fate!

And to think that I've had, all of this clutter!

Stuffed inside this small fashionable, idyllic place! Yes, all these items, I've used one time or another? So best put them all back well just in case!


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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 16, 2017
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