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POEM OF THE DAY; An April Morn.

An April morn to treasure, so calm so clear and still. A stroll about the Rising Sun would more than fit the bill. I stepped out kind of early, for to tread my favourite place. With a springing in my step, and with a smile upon my face. Below my feet the cinder path, crunched every step I took. And Spring in all her pomp, was there whichever way I looked. The Chiff Chaffs were in full voice, as were the skylarks too.

The soundtrack of my boyhood, to my ears so sweet and true. A Mistle Thrush bolt upright struts, he's king of his domain.

A high pitch from the hedgerow, tells me Jenny's there again.

I locked eyes with a Long Tailed Tit, high in a Hawthorne bush. No noise at all was uttered, to encroach such perfect hush. A Jay maintained his distance and he didn't hang around. He hopped right through the thicket, never uttering as sound. In contrast as I turned to leave , the sweetest call of all.

Came from the gay old Blackbird, his song had me so enthralled. Yes an April morn to treasure , so calm so clear and still.

A stroll about this perfect place just more than fits the bill.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 23, 2019
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