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Podium Data has launched Podium 2.0, a disruptive data lake management platform that solves the top challenges of enterprise data management. Podium 2.0 accelerates time to answer from months to minutes with secure access to trusted data and reduces costs by millions by displacing legacy data management platforms, including ETL tools. This practical, proven software platform is the first to extend the low cost and power of big data technologies like Hadoop to a broad base of companies, enabling them to readily and cost-effectively leverage their data for unprecedented business advantage.

Harnessing big data can elevate company performance to entirely new levels, yet most companies struggle with the fundamental task of accessing trusted data in a timely manner, said Paul Barth, CEO, Podium Data. This is because most products today are focused on the wrong problem. They're caught up in the hype of speed and analytics with no regard to data quality. Podium set out to solve this critical issue by developing an automated software platform that gives the enterprise self-service access to trusted, quality data at speeds and a price point never before imaginable. By leveraging the power and economics of Hadoop, we've made it practical to democratize trusted data for the benefit of the enterprise and possible for companies of all sizes and budgets to harness big data.

Podium 2.0 disrupts the data management ecosystem by displacing an expensive web of redundant data stores, ETL processes and dozens of specialized products with a single, pre-integrated platform. Simplifying today's complex data management environment saves companies millions of dollars in hardware, software, maintenance and development costs.

Podium's Fortune 500 production customers in the media, financial services and pharmaceutical industries are migrating off of expensive ETL and database platforms, with many reporting a 75% savings in data management costs and reducing time-to-answer from months to minutes. One customer migrated all of its analytics data from a large data warehouse appliance to a Podium managed data lake, and expanded its data sources by 10 times. The new system was in production in only three months, and annual costs are a fraction of the legacy data warehouse and ETL environment - - even with the dramatic increase in data volume and performance.

Analysts typically spend 80% of their time finding, preparing and cleansing data and often they're working with data that's incomplete, inaccurate or not current, leading to misleading results. Using Podium's automated data quality and profiling, analysts of all levels can quickly identify the best data for their needs, allowing them to focus on value-added analysis and business insights.

Podium 2.0's intuitive GUI interface enables analysts for the first time to readily shop for data and then customize it on the fly with simple point and click functionality. Podium captures this custom logic so it can be reused and automated, providing self-serve flexibility within a governed environment. Users of all skill levels can find, understand and prepare data, as well as easily document their insights for collaboration and ongoing organizational learning. No Hadoop programming skills required.

Podium also solves the issue of confidence in the quality and security of the data a concern spanning security, compliance and risk officers, business users and IT executives. Podium addresses data confidence end-to-end, from automated load processes that validate, profile and encrypt sensitive data fields, to granular controls on user access to data. Podium 2.0 provides the controls companies need to govern data access, enforce standards and protect sensitive data on Hadoop.

About Podium Data

Podium Data is the disruptive force defining the new way to manage, prepare and deliver enterprise data. The company offers the first data lake software platform, a comprehensive end-to-end solution that manages enterprise data from initial capture through delivery of business- ready data. Extending the efficiencies of Hadoop economics, the platform gives analysts fast, self-service, governed access to trusted data from disparate sources. IT elevates its value contribution by unleashing data to business users who now have information on demand. Podium displaces costly and ineffective ETL products, processes and resources, cutting data management costs down by millions and accelerating time to answer from months to minutes. Production customers are leveraging Podium for a variety of business functions, including risk management, customer service, marketing, compliance and product management.

For more information, visit or call 978/975-1414.
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Date:Dec 1, 2015

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