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PML-N workers scoop up Nawaz Sharif's buffaloes at PM House auction.

ISLAMABAD -- After auctioning former premier Nawaz Sharif's extravagant vehicles, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led government auctioned off eight buffaloes on Thursday and all of them were bought by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers.

Dozens of buyers gathered for a buffalo auction in Islamabad, in the latest push for Prime Minister Imran Khan's highly publicised austerity drive.

But people at the auction complained that the animals weren't worth the price being quoted. Bidders also said that there were some people at the auction who intentionally raised the asking price of the buffaloes.

The buffaloes were sold within two hours and the highest price paid for a single animal was Rs385,000. A total of Rs2.3 million was made during the auction. Bidders were told they could only pay in cash.

Interestingly, the animals were all bought by PML-N workers who wanted to get their leader's property back. They said they will gift the buffaloes to Nawaz.

He kept eight buffaloes at PM House to meet his 'gastronomical needs'. Six caretakers and an inspection officer were also hired to look after the animals.

'The auction was not just good. It was very, very good,' said senator Javaid Iqbal, who oversaw the sale.

An auctioneer shouted prices to a crowd carrying stacks of rupees in the residence's backyard, where the shiny, black buffalos for sale were tied to nearby trees.

The animals were purchased in 2014 by the government of former premier Nawaz Sharif. Supporters of PMLN Supremo flocked to the auction and paid several times the market price for a three of the black beauties at least.

'I bought a buffalo for 300,000 rupees, which is three times higher than the market price. But I am happy because it s a memory tied to my leader Nawaz Sharif,' Malik Tayyib Nawaz told media.

The PTI govt continued its austerity drive and auctioned eight buffaloes kept at the PM House. The highest bid for a buffalo was PKR 385,000 and three of the cattle were bought by PML-N supporters.

This is how Buffalo auction became the fun affair of twitteratis for whole day while the PM House was auctioning the former Premier s Buffalos in line with their austerity drive.

However, others at the auction complained of the high prices. 'A common man like me cannot afford to buy them,' said another man, who travelled to the event with the hope of netting a buffalo but left empty handed.

And many took to the twitter just to mock the whole buffalo auction process in a wake of PM's austerity drive and termed it mere drama. PM Imran Khan in his early promises to the nation pledged to cut excessive government spending and build an Islamic welfare state in the impoverished South Asian nation

As part of the ongoing austerity drive, Pakistan has auctioned off dozens of luxury vehicles belonging to the prime minister's house and also launched a crowd-funding campaign to build a dam in the country's north.

In the first phase of Prime Minister Imran Khan's austerity drive 61 of 102 vehicles put up for auction at PM House were sold on September 17.

PM Khan vowed to practice austerity in his first address to the nation. He also emphasised the importance of cost cutting for governmental expenditures.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
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Date:Sep 28, 2018
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