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PMC-Sierra demonstrates micro Multi-Service Provisioning Platform capabilities with new evaluation system.

PMC-Sierra, Inc. has announced the availability of the PM2337 ADM 622 Evaluation Platform--a highly integrated system that allows ODMs and OEMs to rapidly prototype a compact micro Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (micro MSPP) using PMC-Sierra's ADM 622 device. PMC-Sierra's ADM 622 Evaluation Platform:

--Collapses a multi shelf system to a single card in a "pizzabox" form factor

--Supports both legacy PDH and Ethernet services at OC-12/STM-4-capacity

--Supports enhanced Ethernet multiplexing with 802.3ah EthernetOAM

--Features a user-friendly interface, Web-based configurationtool and a comprehensive user manual to simplify softwaredevelopment to accelerate time-to-market

With the recent industry trend by the major Tier 1 telecom OEMs to outsource designs, a number of design service companies have leveraged the ADM 622 system to engage in the bidding process and showcase a compact access Multi-Service Provisioning Platform. The time-to-market advantage provided by PMC-Sierra's evaluation platform has in turn enabled OEM vendors to quickly respond to RFIs in both SONET and SDH markets by demonstrating a working prototype.

The ADM 622 evaluation system is powered by PMC-Sierra's 64-bit MIPS-Powered processor running LINUX OS. Requiring only a remote computer connected to the system, the easy to use Web-based configuration tool and comprehensive user guide and configuration manual has empowered PMCSierra's worldwide partners to expedite their software development (see figures 1&2). The Web-based GUI allows the user to select various modes of operation available in the ADM 622 device and output the complete list of device register accesses, which can then be easily integrated into the customers' software environment.

"Our aim in developing the ADM 622 evaluation system, together with a complete schematic design backed by a strong portfolio of support documentation, has been to create a user-friendly design reuse ecosystem for our customers," said Babak Samimi, product marketing manager, Communication Products Division at PMC-Sierra. "With a complete schematic design and strong portfolio of support documentation, customers can realize noticeable savings in R&D costs while securing a faster path to revenue with their own product designs."

PMC-Sierra's ADM 622 Evaluation Platform is a complete, stand-alone system solution that includes an evaluation board, cables, board schematics, Web-based configuration interface, configuration guide and a user manual. The platform features dual per port programmable OC-3/12 SONET or STM-1/4 SDH optical interfaces and can add/drop three independent EC-1/DS3/E3, 28xT1/21xE1 (interfaced to PMC-Sierra's PM4329 HDLIU 32 device), 8x10/100 and/or an independent 1xGE port. The evaluation platform contains the following PMC-Sierra devices:

--PM5337 ADM 622--a single chip fully integrated OC-12/STM-4MSPP

--PM4329 HDLIU 32--High density T1/E1/J1 LIU

--PM8354 QUADPHY 1G--GE SERDES device

--RM7065 Microprocessor and Controller--MIPS-Powered-microprocessor

The ADM 622 Evaluation Platform is based on the PM5337 ADM 622 device--a single-chip MSPP cost-optimized for OC-3/ STM-1 and OC-12/STM-4 applications. The device's advanced data features and high integration are ideal for compact networking equipment deployed in remote terminals or customer premises equipment where service density does not justify deployment of larger, more expensive MSPPs. The ADM 622 device integrates SONET/SDH framers and pointer processors, PDH mappers, expansion interfaces, and a cross-connect. It also supports an EoS interface with integrated Ethernet multiplexing functions eliminating the need for external switching elements, further reducing the cost of deploying access equipment. These key features enable network equipment OEMs to provide the important features carriers are looking for in delivering reliable transport of client services through the carriers' existing infrastructure by providing a rich mix of client interfaces for legacy PDH and next-generation Ethernet services.

The PM2337 ADM 622 Evaluation Platform is housed in a 1UI "pizza box" form factor and is available upon request. A comprehensive support package, including design documentation as well as application notes, is available.
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Comment:PMC-Sierra demonstrates micro Multi-Service Provisioning Platform capabilities with new evaluation system.
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Apr 25, 2005
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