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PMC-Sierra announces SAS expander family for server storage applications.

PMC-Sierra, Inc. (NASDAQ:PMCS) has announced the PM8383 SXP 12x3G and PM8381 SXP 6x3G, 12 and 6 port Edge Expanders, optimized for Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) enterprise-class server applications. The SXP12x3G and SXP 6x3G products provide feature-rich and low-cost implementations of the SAS 3Gb/s SCSI standard. These devices provide SAS storage systems with a high performance interconnect to seamlessly interface one or more host controllers to SAS or Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).

"Our SAS expanders leverage PMC-Sierra's industry proven multi-gigabit serial and switching expertise to deliver excellent signal integrity, high performance and low system cost," said Mark Stibitz, vice president and general manager of PMC-Sierra's Enterprise Storage Division. "PMC-Sierra is working closely with the industry leaders to help enable the widespread deployment of SAS-based enterprise storage systems."

Early validation of PMC-Sierra's SAS solutions with industry standard SAS host controllers and SAS/SATA hard disk drives is key to providing a proven end-to-end system solution. At the recent SAS and SATA Plugfests, PMC-Sierra successfully demonstrated interoperability of its expander functionality and PM8380 QuadSMX 3G Mux with multiple SAS and SATA controllers and HDDs.

"Seagate has demonstrated the interoperability of our Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA hard drives with PMC-Sierra's SAS expanders," said Gary Gentry, Seagate vice president, Strategic Marketing and Product Planning. "SAS expanders enable cost-effective tiered storage solutions designed to manage databases on response and availability requirements."

"Wide component interoperability is vital to driving the adoption of new technologies," said Paul Vogt, ASIC Business Line Director in Adaptec's Storage Solutions Group. "Adaptec has always ensured the interoperability of its controllers with a broad range of components and disk drives and will do so with its Serial Attached SCSI adapter, an 8-port solution that delivers industry-leading data transfer rates and storage configuration flexibility. We are testing our Serial Attached SCSI products with PMC-Sierra's to ensure full interoperability."

Industry Standard Device Provides Robust Signal Integrity and Optimized Solution

Manufactured in low cost 0.18um CMOS technology, the SXP 12x3G and SXP 6x3G devices are optimized for low power, high performance, small footprint and advanced signal integrity. PMC-Sierra's SAS expanders include the following features:

--12 or 6 bi-directional ports supporting both 3.0 Gbit/s and 1.5 Gbit/s operation

--Excellent high speed signal integrity with programmablepre-emphasis, equalization and output swing

--Auto-negotiation of data rate and signal swing

--User-programmable general purpose I/O (GPIO / Serial-GPIO)ports

--Internal pattern generator/checker and extensive per linkloopback paths

--Any PHY-to-Any PHY switching architecture

--Flexible wide port support

--Direct and subtractive routing

--SMP initiator and target support

SAS Expander Pricing, Availability and Customer Support

The PM8383 SXP 12x3G and PM8381 SXP 6x3G devices have a power of 4.5W and 2.8W and are packaged in a 228-pin CABGA and 144-pin TQFP respectively. The SXP 12x3G and SXP 6x3G devices are priced at $21.50 and $12.25 in 10KU quantities.

PMC-Sierra offers cost-optimized products featuring best-in-class signal integrity, flexibility and diagnostics for increased system performance and management. The company provides 1G, 2G and 4G Fibre Channel disk array and system interconnect products for SAN/NAS storage and switch fabric applications. PMC-Sierra also provides 3G interconnect products for SAS and SATA storage systems.
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Comment:PMC-Sierra announces SAS expander family for server storage applications.
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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