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PM-SKOT first source for tools.


In Jan 08, the Army directed that all units make Program Manager-Sets, Kits, Outfits and Tools (PM-SKOT) the first source for the tools they need to do their jobs.

Before this, commanders often purchased tools locally. Unfortunately, some of these tools were not up to the job and had to be replaced, sometimes again and again, due to breakage.

Tools purchased through PM-SKOT don't have this problem. They have been tested to high standards and their manufacturers stand behind them with warranties, usually for the life of the tool.

Units don't need to already have a SKOT to purchase a particular tool. All you need is to know what type of tool you need. PM-SKOT usually has several vendors to choose from.

If PM-SKOT can't provide that particular tool, they will issue you a waiver so that you can buy the tool locally. PM-SKOT tracks tools they've provided waivers for and, if the demand is high enough, they add the tool to the PM-SKOT list.

If a PM-SKOT tool fails, you can file a warranty claim at the PM-SKOT website:

Usually you will get a replacement tool in 5-7 business days.

If you're deployed to SWA, PM-SKOT has tool stores at Victory Base Camp and Camp Anaconda in Iraq and Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. At these stores, you can exchange a broken tool for a new one on the spot.


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