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PM lessons of excavating.

Operators, even a workhorse like your interim high mobility engineer excavator needs some TLC to keep it moving dirt and sand.

Follow the operator info in TM 5-2420-230 10 and use these PM tips to keep your excavator mission-ready.

Mirror No Handhold

Operators and mechanics, the excavator's mirror bracket on the side of the cab is not a handhold for climbing into and out of the cab. The bracket is not strong enough to support your weight. A busted mirror bracket means you can't look into the mirror to see what's behind you while driving or operating the vehicle.

Instead, use the handhold attached to the side of the cab door.

Don't Sit Here

A tree stump makes a good spot for sitting. But the plastic lenders on the excavator do not. Two things can happen when you sit on a fender. First, your weight could cause it to crack or break. Second, a break means you could fall off the fender and hurt yourself.

Give the lenders a break so they don't break while doing checks and services, or when cleaning the excavator. Stay off 'em!

Watch Your Step

The air dryer canister does its job when left untouched, especially by a soldier's boot.

The problem is, some well-meaning operator steps on the canister while doing checks and services. All that weight breaks the canister's bracket--not good!

So-o-o-o, give the air dry canister a break ... and don't break it. Keep your boot off the canister.
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