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PM for your new ITAS.


If you remember nothing else, remember the ITAS batteries need recharging weekly. The four silver zinc batteries can't be recharged if they're stored too long and not recharged like it says in the PMCS of TM 9-1425-923-12. The batteries are very expensive.

On Monday (or whatever day you do PMCS), plug in the battery power source (BPS) first thing and let them charge all day. Eight hours is usually long enough.


When you're not firing, unlock and rotate the handgrips to the upright stowed position. If the handgrips are left down, they're vulnerable to bumps and knocks that break buttons or even the handgrip shaft. The shaft can't be repaired by your 27E repairman. Before you pick up the traversing unit (TU), always stow the handgrips first. Reach under the handgrips to the body of the TU to pick it up. Never use the handgrips as a handle.

On the Road

If you're moving faster than 5 MPH with the ITAS mounted on the HMWWV--that's almost anytime you're moving--lock the TU in azimuth and elevation positions. Otherwise, hard jolts can damage the sight and that's an expensive fix. Don't use the handgrips as handholds during movement and keep your head away from the sight. A good bump could cause you to break a handgrip or bang your head against the sight. Hold onto the HMWWV's roof, not the ITAS.

Protect It

If the sight is not mounted, it should be stored in its case. If you leave it lying unprotected on the ground or in the HMWWV, you can count on it being damaged. Never throw equipment into a HMWWV that's got an ITAS. One good shot to the sight can ruin it.

Battery Power Source (BPS)

Don't stack stuff on or around the BPS. First of all, the BPS needs plenty of air or it overheats. Second, piling stuff on the BPS can break the J1 cable connector or power switch.
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