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PM for a healthy bolt.


Dear Editor,

Through our work supporting units here at Ft Lewis, we've come up with a couple of bolt tips to keep your M16 rifle and M4/M4A1 carbine firing reliably.

Carefully check for cracks around the bolt lugs. We've run into several cases of a bolt lug actually shearing off. That, of course, ends firing. So when you clean your rifle or carbine, you need to carefully check around the lugs for hairline cracks. But first thoroughly clean around the lugs or you won't be able to spot the cracks. The two lugs beside the extractor are the most likely to develop cracks. Also check the bolt cam pin and both sides of the pin hole for cracks.


If you spot any cracks, it's time for a new bolt.

Use an old chamber brush to clean inside the bolt carrier. Carbon really builds up inside the carrier. If you don't clean out the carbon, the bolt has trouble seating, which causes misfires.


The best way to clean out that carbon is with an old chamber brush. Don't use a new brush, because this will ruin the brush for chamber cleaning.

Put a few drops of CLP inside the carrier. Connect the old brush to your cleaning rod and twist the brush up and down in the carrier until all the carbon is gone.

What you don't want to do is use a sharp object like the firing pin or a hanger to scratch out the carbon. That scratches the inside of the carrier, which leads to an even worse carbon buildup. Plus it blunts the tip of the firing pin.

Aubrey Nabb

Jacob Moore

SGT Edward Groudin

Ft Lewis, WA

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Author:Nabb, Aubrey; Moore, Jacob
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Date:Sep 1, 2010
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