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PM digs a bigger hole; VOICE OF THE.

OUR nurses and teachers are victims of an incompetent, chaotic Tory Government which could not negotiate its way out of an unlocked door marked Exit in large letters.

Theresa May's U-turn on a U-turn reveals a Tory party in meltdown, and a Prime Minister unsure if she's going, or staying a little longer.

It is criminal to screw down the living standards of loyal public servants in vital jobs. Years of wage rises below inflation are a kick in the pay packets for people who deserve respect.

May is digging herself into a deeper hole because the public is fed up with seeing nurses being forced to rely on the charity of foodbanks simply to survive.

So the lifting of the 1% pay cap should be announced immediately.

Our weak and unable PM had to rely on the votes of bribed Northern Ireland MPs, bunged PS1billion by the Tories, to defeat Labour's bid to pay workers what they are worth. That is another nail in May's political coffin.

We expect much from the workers who save our lives, educate our children and deliver the services without which our country would collapse. May's failure to be fair is truly pathetic.

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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion; Leading articles
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 29, 2017
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