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PM dancing with the devil.


DAVID Cameron, a man whose orange-tanned face is apt to turn livid when anyone has the temerity to challenge him, for clearly he is of a class born to rule unquestioned, faced some discomfort when Phillip Schofield presented him with a list of alleged paedophiles on ITV1 last week.

Smarmy Schofield was guilty of tawdry behaviour - a shoddy piece of "journalism" that warranted the harsh criticism directed towards it.

For pity's sake, the internet is about as reliable as a politician's promises.

A brief stroll through the fetid world of cyberspace will reveal that it contains more than its fair share of nut-jobs, bullies, fantasists and sickos.

But let's not be too quick to sympathise with the Prime Minister.

He agreed to go on a cheap, trashy television show in the hope of gaining some cheap, trashy publicity.

Mr Cameron should not, therefore, be at all surprised that he fell prey to a cheap, trashy stunt.

Those who dance with the devil shouldn't expect anything less than a jab in the eye with a pitchfork.

'Smarmy': Schofield.

Only pity is that this brouhaha has deflected attention away from the main issue - uncovering the truth over child abuse allegations, bringing to justice those responsible and ensuring safeguards are in place to prevent such sickening exploitation in the future.

Instead of gallivanting on daytime telly in the hope of proving himself an ordinary bloke who just happens to be a wealthy Old Etonian, the Prime Minister might be better advised to address urgent matters of state.

CONFESSION time. I've never seen a James Bond or Star Wars film nor the Sound of Music.

Which, according to one of the office's Yoda lookalikes, makes me a freak.

Maybe. But cars with seats that eject, flying saucers and precocious Austrian brats clad in lederhosen stomping over mountains do little to lighten a heart that hangs heavy because of the futility of existence.

Whereas My Fair Lady - now there's a movie to delight, not least because of the incomparably beautiful Audrey Herpburn, the urbane Rex Harrison and utterly British Wilfrid Hyde-White.

Speaking of whom, I watched him in The Third Man recently. A magnificent performance in a magnificent movie.

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'Smarmy': Schofield.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 13, 2012
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