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PM and the road less traveled.

Being a soldier that learns from his or her mistakes can be costly. Sure, it's a good idea not to repeat a mistake, but it's an even better idea to have never made the mistake.

That's the philosophy that powers preventive maintenance. PM is fueled by the desire to prevent things from going wrong instead of learning a lesson when they do go wrong.

If you're a parent who is about to hand his 16-year-old daughter the keys to a car, you want her to know that the time to check the oil is before the red light goes on. You want her to know that the time to replace a tire is before the tread is gone. You want her to know these things so she is not stranded on the side of a seldom-traveled road in the dead of night.

As bad as that scenario is, soldiers travel that lonely road night and day with those who want to do them great harm lurking behind every bush and dune. PM does not eliminate the danger, but it does lessen it. It increases your odds for survival and victory. It brings the moon out on a dark night and it makes that lonely road a hit more friendly.
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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