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PM Davutoy-lu considered questionable 'interlocutor'.

ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu made some significant remarks as he spoke to reporters over the weekend. After discourse to ease the tense atmosphere both in the society and among political parties, Davutoy-lu said, "Now I am the interlocutor [for the opposition parties]." He added that the opposition should address him instead of President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an, in a reference to the Turkish Constitution, which orders the president to cut ties with any political parties. However, Davutoy-lu is widely considered to be a "caretaker prime minister," and to have been acting on the orders of Erdoy-an ever since he become prime minister in late August.

Taraf daily columnist Murat Belge wrote a piece on Tuesday titled "Is the interlocutor Davutoy-lu?" Referring to Davutoy-lu's speech in which he said he as prime minister is now the interlocutor, not Erdoy-an, who is the president now, Belge wrote that he agrees with Davutoy-lu on not including Erdoy-an in political arguments that occur every day. "Most of us think that this is the way it has to be. However, there is one person who disagrees; Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an!" Belge's column said. The columnist also stated that Erdoy-an has not stopped getting involved in politics even though he has become the president. Erdoy-an has pursued his usual offensive discourse against many groups since he was elected president on Aug. 10, Belge noted, adding that he likes to be a leader who monitors every detail closely. Hence, Davutoy-lu's "Now I am the interlocutor [for the opposition]," discourse seems highly unlikely to become the reality in practice, Belge added.

Ahmet Hakan, a columnist with the HE-rriyet daily, wrote a piece titled "How can Davutoy-lu become the interlocutor?" on Tuesday. According to Hakan, it seems difficult for Davutoy-lu to be considered "the only interlocutor," unless President Erdoy-an is no longer the leader whose decision on every issue is wondered about the most, unless the government's decisions are no longer Erdoy-an's orders but Davutoy-lu's and unless Erdoy-an stops acting as the interlocutor to those who should in fact address Davutoy-lu.

In another Tuesday column, Vatan daily's Okay GE[micro]nensin wrote that in every country, leaders and officials constantly place an emphasis on "unity." According to GE[micro]nensin, this includes an underlying message, which says, "You are exposed to danger unless you all stand together at the appointed spot." GE[micro]nensin pointed out that governments usually invent enemies outside or inside the country to threaten those refusing to stand together. GE[micro]nensin stated that the Turkish people have now realized the true meaning of the government's imposition of "unity," however, went further and became polarized and even enemies in every aspect of life. The columnist commented that this polarization is also based on the notion of unity. "Those in each pole must be in unity [amongst themselves] in order for polarization to occur," GE[micro]nensin said, adding that disunity within both poles will naturally end the polarization. GE[micro]nensin added that Turkey is currently polarized based on one simple criteria: being for or against Erdoy-an. According to GE[micro]nensin, Prime Minister Davutoy-lu meant to end this polarization by saying that he is "the interlocutor."

GE[pounds sterling]NAY HyLAL AYGE[pounds sterling]N (Cihan/Today's Zaman) CyHAN

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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Sep 17, 2014
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