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PM's 'hypocrisy' on multicultural issues; Mail bag letters also appear online at Mailbag.

IT is reprehensible that PMDavid Cameron should pick a security conference on the day of the EDL march in Luton to condemn multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is precisely that, different cultures living side by side, at times overlapping, at times intermixing and maintaining their own identity, which is what we enjoy in Huddersfield. In calling for the demise of multiculturalism he panders to the most negative and at times dangerous elements of the human psyche.

How does he expect Muslims to integrate? Does he demand that they go to church on a Sunday and get drunk on a Friday night? Does he not realise that the majority Muslim community harbour no sectarian or extreme intention but merely wish to get on with their lives, lives that still hold dear the values of hard work and family life that have been lost to large sections of the white community? Do those Muslims who work or go to college not interact with the wider community and is not a tendency to ignorance and insularity not common to many communities, both immigrant and indigenous? Contrary to Mr Cameron's assertion there is no one British identity. The culture of a northern working class estate is markedly different from the middle England commuter belt of the city of London. This is the way of the world: diversity.

Mr Cameron's comments represent nothing more than an attempt to distract people from the crimes of his government, to reinforce the image of the 'other', the enemy without and within as a smokescreen to the damage that is been done by the political elite to the very fabric of our society and to millions of lives irrespective of origin, colour or religion.

His comments are of the worst hypocrisy, considering that it has been British foreign policy in the Middle East and Afghanistan that has stoked the fires of extremism, as we warned they would. It is his policies now that run the risk of creating a lost generation devoid of opportunities or hope.

We are all different and all the same united by our love for our children and fear of the future with more in common than different. To attempt to portray all Muslims as terrorists is as insane as suggesting that the bulk of English people live up to the stereotype of drunkenness and football hooliganism.

The complexities of multiculturalism are difficult for some who want simple answers and not to have to fathom such detail, yet in those complexities lay a rich warp and weft of society that emblazons the tapestry of life with a brighter hue.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 9, 2011
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