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PLX Technology Announces New Rapid Development Kit for GigaBridge Switch Fabric Controllers.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 29, 2001

CPCI GBP32RDK-33 Speeds Development, Helps Preserve Investment of

PCI Designs

PLX Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLXT) today announced the CPCI GBP32RDK-33, a rapid development kit (RDK) that provides a complete design environment and speeds time to market for CompactPCI systems based on the PLX(R) GigaBridge(TM) GBP32 adaptive switch fabric controller chip. The RDK provides a complete development environment for engineers to create scalable, high-availability communication systems -- including switches, routers, media gateways, wireless base station controllers, and enterprise storage systems -- that preserve manufacturers' investments in Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) and CompactPCI designs.

The CPCI GBP32RDK-33's two reference boards -- each with a GBP32 32-bit, 33MHz controller chip onboard -- and associated software tools, enable system designers and developers to evaluate and develop GBP controller-based CompactPCI cards in a chassis-to-chassis configuration. Such configurations expand CompactPCI and PCI systems, delivering scalability and high availability for communication systems.

The RDK allows developers to begin development on a two-node (two PCI bus segments) GigaBridge adaptive switch fabric, with the ability to scale up to 224 nodes. Developers may interconnect adjacent backplanes by installing GBP32-based CompactPCI adapters into a host system (as a peripheral device) and a target backplane segment (as a system controller).

Each reference board features a large prototyping region with commonly used footprints, allowing the developer to add custom circuitry to address specific design requirements. The two M-Link cables included in the RDK connect the CompactPCI adapters, forming a two-node GigaBridge adaptive switch fabric. The developer simply scales the nodes within the fabric by connecting additional PCI segments by means of adapters and cables.

Scalability, High Availability, Preservation of Investment

The PLX GigaBridge technology, featuring a dual-counter-rotating-ring architecture, delivers more than 50-gigabits-per-second switch-fabric performance in networking and communications systems. Available in 32- and 64-bit silicon, GigaBridge enables new and legacy PCI/CompactPCI communication systems to coexist, thus preserving hardware and software investments and creating truly scalable, high-availability systems.

Full Range of Hardware Design, Software Development Tools

The CPCI GBP32RDK-33 RDK includes:
-- Two CompactPCI reference boards:

-- PICMG 2.0 R3.0-compliant, 6U form factor

-- GBP32 32-bit, 33MHz controller onboard

-- Extensive prototyping area with numerous surface-mount footprints

-- Two M-Link cables to connect adjacent CompactPCI adapters

-- Two additional GigaBridge switch fabric controllers

-- GigaBridge Hardware Development Kit (HDK) CD-ROM with OrCAD schematics,
Gerber files, bill of materials, device symbols and documentation in PDF

-- GigaBridge Software Development Kit (SDK) on CD-ROM, with Windows(TM) NT
drivers, diagnostics, cluster manager application, application programming
interface (API) libraries, source code, users manual and programmer's reference

Availability and Pricing

The CPCI GBP32RDK-33 is currently sampling and will be available in production quantities in Q1 2002 for $4,995. To order, contact PLX Technology at 1.800.759.3735 or 1.408.774.9060 in the U.S. or Canada. Please see the PLX Web site - - for complete information and a list of worldwide distributors.

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