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PLMA says store brands show 35% savings.

* A new pricing study that compared a summer shopping basket of store brands versus national brands shows that consumers can save more than 35% off their grocery bill, on average, by opting for a retailer's brands.

The research, conducted by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA), looked at a range of basic food and nonfood items that an average family might put on the shopping list during the summer season.


The study results indicate that consumers who choose the retailer's brand for products on the list rather than the national brand could save, on average, $44.04 off their total market basket--a savings of 35.7%. When buying national brands, the total bill came to $123.23 on average over six separate trips, while the same purchases for the retailer's brands cost $79.19.

Savings, on average, for non-foods categories, were led by laundry detergent (the store brand version cost 79% less). Facial tissue (50% less), paper towels (34% less) and aluminum foil (33% less) followed.

Store brands during the past decade have experienced unprecedented growth and consumer acceptance according to industry statistics, gaining 40% in supermarket sales alone, according to PLMA. The products today account for nearly one in four grocery products sold.

In a recent survey of consumer's attitudes toward store brands conducted for PLMA by GfK/Roper, more than half of the respondents described themselves as frequent store brand shoppers, while eight out of 10 said that they believe the store brand products they buy are either equal to or better than the national brands.

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Date:Sep 1, 2011
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